Clean Hands: Table Napkins That You Must Own

Clean Hands: Table Napkins That You Must Own

Table napkins keep your hands clean and save your clothes from staining while eating. And they also make your dinner table setting look lovely.

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Folding serviettes or table napkins, as it’s commonly called, is an art. Typically folded and placed on the left side of the table, one can do so much more with these napkins when it comes to displaying them. Apart from being used as a wipe for the fingers and mouth during a meal, these napkins can even add to the decor of your table setting.

Table napkins come in a plethora of colors, shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Often sold as part of a table linen set, you can also choose to make things fun by doing a bit of a mix and match. Here’s a list of some of the best quality table napkins available online.

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Best Table Napkins Available Online

1. Lineaffairs Cotton Table Napkin


This is a set of six white cotton table napkins that measure at 12 x 12 inches. They are wrinkle-free and washing machine-friendly. Being white in color, they go with all types of crockery and table linen.

2. Miyanbazaz Textiles Dinner Table Napkins


This is a set of six table napkins with beautiful floral multicolored patterns on them. It is made from 100% cotton and measures at 18 x 18 inches. These go really well with solid colored table covers and placemats.

3. Switchon Solid Mahroon Table Napkins


This is a set of six plain maroon-colored table napkins measuring at 18 x 18 inches. These napkins are made from polyester fabric and are super easy to wash. The dark color of the napkin is a plus point as the stubborn stains will not show till you toss them in the washing machine.

4. Raghuraj Dining Table Napkins


This is a set of six napkins of 16 x 16 inches. These napkins are made from 100% cotton material and are red in color with beautiful candles embroidered on the corners. Ideal for special occasions, you can pair them with printed table linen or even tartan ones.

5. Swayam Libra Printed Dinner Napkin


This is a set of six off-white dinner napkins with pink flowers printed on them. They are 16 x 16 inches in size and are made of 100% cotton.

Napkins have been in use since ancient Rome. One of the earliest references to table napkins in English dates back to 1384–85. Table decorations and manners were of course a pretty big deal even back in the day.

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