Masala Teabags You Will Love To Brew Over And Over
loose tea leaves vs tea bags

Masala Teabags You Will Love To Brew Over And Over

Loose leaf tea is great but at times, a little convenience is all we need. That’s when tea bags come to the rescue.

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Tea is not just tea. It’s filled with memories and stories. And then there’s the quintessential masala chai. Infused with spices of different kinds, this tea isn’t always had for flavor, but also for giving us a shot of energy or even to soothe a troubled throat. It even works as an instant warmer. If fact, if we ever had a popularity contest, chances are that the masala tea would win hands down.

No matter how obsessed one is with the masala tea, it’s not always possible to make time to put together that perfect cuppa, which is precisely why you need to keep a box of masala teabags handy. It takes a lot less time to make and delivers pretty good flavor at the same time. Have a look at a list of tea brands that give you the kind of masala tea you might enjoy.

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Best Masala Tea Bags To Pick From

1. Tetley Masala Tea


This 100 gm pack comes with 50 bags of fresh and fragrant black tea. Spiced with ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper, and saffron, this tea is what you need to perk you up every morning. And it takes less than five minutes to make.

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2. Taj Mahal Tea Bag 

taj mahal

The famous Taj Mahal pack comes in a white blue packaging and contains 200 tea bags. The tea is tasted and graded at the Brooke Bond tea excellence centre, which ensures that the tea you drink is just right. The double chamber tea bags help to retain aroma and flavor.

3. Chaayos Tea Bags


Packed with ginger, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves, this tea does push its boundaries a little when it comes to the mix of spices. The flavor is quite unique but easy to like. The box includes 50 teabags.

4. Teabox Assam Masala Chai


This pack offers natural nitrogen-flushed teabags that are sealed at source within 48 hours from harvest, keeping the freshness alive. It has a perfect balance of spices such as cardamom, clove, ginger, black pepper, and cinnamon to give you the taste of street-style masala chai at home.

5. Octavius Indian Masala Ready Tea 


This classic black tea box has 50 bags that pack in the goodness of Indian spices including cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper, and cinnamon. It can be easily prepared on the go by dipping the bag in 180 ml hot water. The woody whiff of the brew keeps you vibrant throughout the day.

Let’s be honest, most of us cannot even function without that one cup of tea in the morning. And while we may have the time to brew in peace on a holiday, it’s the weekdays when we need something that takes less time to put together. Masala teabags are a blessing for a tea-loving nation such as ours. They are economical and flavorful and puts you on your feet almost instantly.

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