Just Dough It: If You Bake Cookies, You Need These Lovely Cookie Cutters

Just Dough It: If You Bake Cookies, You Need These Lovely Cookie Cutters

Customize your cookies into your desired shapes with the help of these little and very cute cookie cutters.

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A cookie cutter is a tool primarily designed to shape cookies or biscuits from dough. From simple squares, circles and stars to more elaborate designs such as teddy bears, the world of cookie cutters is indeed wonderful.

Be it a birthday party or an anniversary, different cutters let you leave a heartfelt message on cookies or cakes for your loved ones. These cutters are usually made of copper, tin, stainless steel or plastic. These cutters are also great for making bread, biscuits and chocolates in desired sizes and shape. Here is our selection of some of the best cookie cutters available online.

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Best Cookie Cutters Available Online

1. Grizzly Cookie Cutter


Grizzly’s assortment of cookie cutters comprises various shapes and sizes. This 12-piece set encompasses four distinct shapes. Crafted from premium-quality materials, these cutters are built to withstand years of use. Unlock your creativity by crafting a variety of cookies in different shapes with this versatile tool.

2. Cake Boss Decorating Tools Cookie Cutter

cake boss

The set includes all the 26 letters of the English alphabet for shaping fondant and cookies. Packed in a tin box, these cutters are made of stainless steel and are also easy for children to use. It is advisable to wash these cutters by hand.

3. Wilton Holiday Shapes Metal Christmas Cookie Cutter Set


These sturdy cutters always retain their shape and cut cookie dough smoothly. The package contains 18 cutters with interesting shapes including a girl, a boy, an angel, ornaments, a Santa hat, Xmas tree, star, etc. Each cutter measures at 3 inches.

4. SYGA Cookie Cutter


This one is suitable for making cookies and making patterns on other pastries. Made of stainless steel, the package contains 12 pieces of cutters in silver color with hearts, circles, stars, and flowers for shapes.

5. Inditradition Cookie Cutter Set


This set is suitable for making decorative patterns on pastries, fondant cakes, sugar paste, chocolates, and fruit bouquets. These cutters are made of stainless steel material and 100% food grade, rust-free, and easy to clean.

Baking cookies is a fun activity, especially when you have kids around. You can always involve them in the baking process and having fun cookie cutters around makes it interesting for them. With these cookie cutters, let your cookie speak and come alive in some amazing shapes.

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