Kabab Chini, A Spice That Will Enhance Your Food With Flavor And Aroma

Kabab Chini, A Spice That Will Enhance Your Food With Flavor And Aroma

Kabab chini has a peppery, bitter, pungent flavor that make dishes spicier. It’s also called allspice because it often tastes like a combination of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

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Kabab chini or allspice (also known as piper cubeba) has a special place in a few Indian cuisines and is often used to add flavor to meats, vegetable dishes, soups and even sauces.

Kabab chini is usually crushed first before adding to any type of dish. Owing to its incredible aromatic nature, it combines well with cheese and vegetables. Here, we’ve curated a list of brands that sell kabab chini that you can buy online. Take a look.

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Top Brands Selling Kabab Chini Online

1. YUVIKA Shital Chini – Kabab Chini

The special thing about this kabab chini is that it’s free from all sorts of preservatives and added colors. It comes in a nice-looking pouch that weighs 50 gms. However, it’s also available in other quantities.


2. Seeds and Hands Kabab Cheeni

This pack of kabab chini is directly sourced from Wayanad, Kerala. It has a fresh, sharp, and woody flavor. This aesthetically-packaged product weighs 100 gms.

seeds & hands

3. looms & weaves – Allspice (Whole) 

This allspice comes from northern Kerala and is processed from organic berries that are grown without any pesticides. The final product too is without any additives or preservatives. It comes in a pretty 100-gm jar, and it’s advisable to store this in a cool and dry place.

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loomes and weaves

4. Urban Platter Whole Cubeb Pepper

This FSSAI-approved kabab chini from Urban platter is made from Indonesian allspice berries. It comes in a well-fitted jar that weighs 150 gms.

urban platter whole pepper

5. Saby Food Kebab Chini

The kabab chini by Saby Food is of premium quality. It comes in a small bottle and weighs 50 gms.


Kabab chini is largely grown in Java and Sumatra and therefore sometimes also referred as Java Pepper. It has also got an interesting name “shitalchini” as it feels cool when placed on the tongue.

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