Nom Nom: Ketogenic Cookies That Make Munching Fun

Nom Nom: Ketogenic Cookies That Make Munching Fun

Relish the taste of these Keto cookies without the guilt pangs.

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Love trying out different kinds of cookies every now and then? Let’s introduce you to Keto cookies. These are not just low in carbs but are equally tasty. Made from natural ingredients, most of these cookies are also free from any additives.

The absence of any maida (refined flour) or sugar content in some of these Keto cookies is a blessing. It means you can eat them regularly. Take a look at some of the best Keto cookies you can buy online.

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Best Keto Cookies Available Online

1. Ketofy – Keto Cookies

This packet of cookies weighs 400 gm and each cookie weighs 6 gms, which can be further broken down to 0.5 gms net carb, 2.2 gms high fat, and moderate protein of 0.8 gms. No artificial flavor or chemicals have been added in these cookies.

ketofu keto

2. Lo! Low Carb Delights – Keto Coconut Cookies

As these cookies are made without any maida and sugar, they are high in fiber and low in carb. Each cookie carries only 0.5 gms of carb, which you can’t really tell since they taste quite delicious, thanks to all the coconut.

lo foods cookies

3. Ketofy – Coconut Keto Cookies

This pack of coconut cookies from Ketofy offers as low as 0.5 gms per cookie. These cookies are made from 100% natural ingredients that include coconuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds etc.

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ketofy coconut cookies

4. NutroActive Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies

NutroActive Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies are made with ingredients such as hazelnut flour and cocoa powder and has no maida. NutroActive Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies contains just 8% net carb or 0.5 gms per cookie of 8 gms each.


5. Ketofy – Almond Fudge Keto Cookies

Each almond fudge cookie from this pack weighs 6 gms and offers 0.55 gms of low carbs, 4 gms of high fat and moderate protein of 1.2 gms, along with other vitamins. Here the cookies contain no added sugar or color.

almond fudge cookies

What makes Keto cookies special is that you can carry them with you when you’re out of the house. These not only help to satiate hunger pangs but you don’t have to risk binge eating on fast food.

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