How About A Bowl Of Delicious Chickpea Today?

How About A Bowl Of Delicious Chickpea Today?

Chickpea is that one legume that is not only versatile in the ways you can cook it but also extremely delicious.

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One of the earliest legumes to have ever been harvested, the chickpea is high in protein and eaten in different ways, from curries to adding them into salads. It is also ground into flour to make various dishes such as the falafel. The chickpea also has a low Glycemic index and in general good for your health. Here are some of the best variants of chickpea available online.

5 Top Brands Offering Chickpeas Online

1. Natureland Organics Kabuli Chana 


This is a 500 gm bag of kabuli chana, also known as white chickpea, which is sourced from Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Processed organically, this product is good for your heart and your taste buds. The pack retains the freshness of the legume and does not contain any added chemicals or artificial colors.

2. 24 Mantra Organic White Chick Peas

kabuli chana

This is a 1 kg pack of white chickpea. Grown without synthetic pesticides or genetically modified organisms, the brand ensures a hygienic production of chickpea. Chickpea can be used to make a wholesome meal and can also be served in breakfast or as snacks.

3. Tata Sampann Unpolished Kabuli Chana

tata sampann

Tata Sampann’s unpolished kabuli chana is available in a 500 gm pack. What sets it apart is that it undergoes no artificial polishing with water, oil, or leather. Its unpolished nature ensures the retention of the chana’s inherent goodness.

4. Our Organik Tree Chickpeas

our organic tree

This is a well-packed 450 gm bag of kabuli chana/chickpea. It is packed and processed organically at a unit that also processes peanuts, tea nuts, soy, sesame, and wheat. The chickpea is sourced from farms that grow the legume using traditional farming methods.

5. Swabhiman33 Black Chana


Swabhiman33 offers a 2 kg biodegradable pack of black chickpea. Rich in vitamins and minerals, this product is grown by tribal farmers and ensures safety and hygiene. Detailed product description and source of the chickpea are also available on the manufacturer’s website.

Chickpea belongs to the legume family Fabaceae and is known by different names in different parts of the world. The most known types are kabuli and desi. While kabuli is lighter in color and softer in tone, desi chickpea is slightly smaller, darker in color, and rough in texture.

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