Melt In The Mouth: Use Almond Butter To Make Your Days Yummier

Melt In The Mouth: Use Almond Butter To Make Your Days Yummier

If you love your butter, switch over to almond butter. Not only is it delicious but also packed with loads of nutrients.

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Even since nut butters began to gain popularity in India, almond butter has been leading the pack and with good reason to. After all, rarely do we find something that not only satisfies our cravings but also doesn’t make us feel guilty for having it.

Ideal for vegans and those with lactose intolerance, almond butter comes with loads of benefits and of course lots of flavor. It comes with vitamins E and B2, copper, magnesium and has monounsaturated fats, protein and fiber. Let’s go shopping for some of the best almond butter.

Best Brands Of Almond Butter Available Online

1. The Butternut Co. Almond Butter

the butter nut

This is a 200 gm jar of unsweetened almond butter, made completely from fresh almonds. Rich in protein and dairy-free, almond butter can be used to enrich your daily breakfast as it goes well with bread, milk, cookies, oatmeal and salad.

2. Jus’ Amazin Almond Butter

juz amazing

This is a 200 gm jar of almond butter made from the finest quality almonds and has no chemicals or artificial flavors. The butter is soy, gluten, and lactose-free. Add this butter to your breakfast and snacks as a spread on bread or in oatmeal and increase your nutrition intake.

3. Pintola All Natural Almond Butter


Rich in fiber and protein, this is a 200 gm jar of almond butter made from roasted almonds. This product is suitable for anyone who is off dairy but loves a dollop of butter every now and then.

4. FITJARS All Natural Almond Butter


This is a delicious 200 gm jar of chocolate-flavored almond butter. It contains premium quality roasted almonds and dark chocolate with no preservatives or sugar. This tasty combination is a good source of dietary fiber and fat and can be eaten with rice cakes, bread, oats etc.

5. Nouriza 100% Natural Almond Butter


This is a 200 gm jar of natural and unsweetened almond butter made of roasted Californian almonds. Oil separation may be visible on top of the jar but it is a sign of the product being natural and authentic. Stir it well before using it.

If you thought the only way to eat almond butter is to spread it on top of bread, you’d be wrong. You can use this delicious butter and make dairy-free ice cream, add it with yogurt or cream cheese to make a dip, add it in your smoothies and shakes and even stir it into your favorite breakfast cereal.

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