Festive Décor For Navratri

Festive Décor For Navratri

A little touch of pretty during the festive season makes us feel a lot better and our homes beautiful. Here’s a list of home decor items you can buy online this Navratri.

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Navratri is the time to add a touch of beauty to our homes, and objects such as the genda phool toran, various handicrafts, pooja chowk and kalash diya, among others, become much sought-after decor pieces.

We have created a list that includes some of the best decorating items for this Navratri. Happy decorating!

Best Decorating Items for Navratri Available Online

1. Satyam Kraft (genda phool toran)

This is a toran made with artificial marigold (genda phool) that can be used to decorate homes during Navratri as well as well weddings and other festivities. This pack comes with 10 torans.


2. Ekam Art Sun Protection Rajasthani Umbrella Handicraft Navratri Decoration Items

These decorative embroidered umbrellas are made from cotton and add a lovely touch to any home decor. Handcrafted by village artists of Rajasthan, each set comes with five embroidered umbrellas.


3. Sri Devi Pearls and Fashions Brass Varamahalakshmi Amman Faces

These decor pieces come painted with faces of the goddesses Durga and Laxmi. These are 8 inches in size and comes in a set of nine. Each piece has a thread attached with can be used to tie it to anything you like.

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sri devi

4. Kerwa Subh Kalash Diya Decorative Item

These are decorative fairy lights designed to resemble a kalash or a metal pot. Perfect for decorating your home this festive season, these lights add a touch of ethnic beauty to any space.


What makes these decor items ideal is that they are not designed only for Navratri. Be there a wedding in the family or any special occasion, you can bring them out to make your home sparkle.

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