Best Gifts For This Navratri

Best Gifts For This Navratri

Share joy and love this Navratri with a gesture of appreciation. Check out list of gifts you can buy for your loved ones this festive season.

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Festivals are incomplete without gifts. Whether you are planning gifts for your loved ones, colleagues or just looking for something to add to your own home, it can always be confusing, especially if you’re not absolutely sure what they might like.

Fortunately, the internet is packed with ideas. Here are some of the best ideas that will help you to pass the ‘gift test’ this Navratri.

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5 Best Gifts For This Navratri

1. eCraftIndia Ganesh Deepak with Bell Brass Wall Hanging

This is a beautiful brass wall-hanging of Lord Ganesha with bells and diya holders. This product is made from the finest quality material and has exquisite detailing. The wall hanging should not be washed but cleaned with a cotton cloth for better durability.

ecraft india

2. Trust Point Stainless Steel Handmade Meenakari Pooja Thali

Trust Point offers a stainless steel beautiful thali with colorful meenakari art on it. The thali is large enough to accommodate all your puja essentials. It is a convenient and useful gifting option, especially for festivals.


3. ONVAY Brass Peacock Design Hanging Diya 

This gorgeous hanging brass oil lamp is adorned with a peacock and also has bells along with the metal diya holders. This traditional gifting item is perfect for adding a festive vibe to any home. The chain is 14 inches long and has a hook at the end of it.


4. Bombay Haat Set of 5 Candle Holder

This is a set of five tealight candle or diya holders and they come in vibrant colors. Made from ghungroo metal by artisans in Rajasthan, these beautiful decorative pieces will make any space come alive.

bombay haat

5. UAPAN Metalcraft Brass Hanging Bell 

A rather thoughtful gift to give to someone this Navratri, this is a set of two wall hangings with bells attached. Each hanging has ‘om‘ and the swastika embossed on it.


Be it a small token of appreciation or a large item, gifts should always be given with love. So this Navratri, put some thought into what you’re going to buy before you buy them. Hope our list helps.

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