Best Diyas For The 9 Days Of Navratri

Best Diyas For The 9 Days Of Navratri

Light up your home this Navratri with beautiful diyas. Here’s a list of some of the prettiest diyas you can buy online.

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If you take your Navratri seriously, then you also must take lighting up your home with diyas seriously. Whether you are using them for your pujas or just as something to add extra light to your homes during festivals, a set of good diyas is must.

One can find a wide variety of diyas in the market. While some can be used only once, others last much longer. Here we’ve put together a list of diyas that you might find useful during Navratri.

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Best Diya Available to Buy Online

1. Borosil Akhand Diya

Covered with glass, the Borosil Akhand Diya lets the diya inside it last longer. The clarity of the glass also makes the light from the diya a lot brighter. Made from brass, it does not overheat and is easy to clean and refill.

2. BS NATURAL Navratri Mitti Kalash with Deepak

This diya is made of clay (mitti) and is 100% handmade. Plus they are totally eco-friendly. The set comes with a diya and a kalash, ideal for Navratri pujas at home or any commercial establishment.

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3. PANSHUL FAB & TEX Decorative Matki Diyas

Handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with the finest quality of clay, this matki diya is suitable for many occasions. These diyas are environment-friendly, smokeless and are reusable. This set comes with 10 diyas.

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4. Bhimonee Table Diya

This table diya looks aesthetically pleasing and is handcrafted by skilled Indian artist. You can place this diya in your pooja room as decor for an elegant appearance. This will also work as an excellent gift option for Diwali, wedding and other special occasions.


5. AWANI TRENDS Handicraft Matki Diyas

Awani traders matki diyas comes in a set of 8 pieces with multicolor options. These diyas are handmade and pre-filled with wax which makes them quite convenient to use and burn. Furthermore, these are handpainted and depict an unique work of art.


There’s nothing quite pretty as a home done up with lights, especially during festivals. These lights brighten up every corner of your home and add a lovely warm vibe to the space. However, you also need to make sure the diyas you buy are safe and of good quality.

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