Drink Up: Coconut Water Powder Mixes For Instant Refreshment

Drink Up: Coconut Water Powder Mixes For Instant Refreshment

Keep yourself hydrated and refreshed anytime. Just get one of these coconut water powder packs.

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Any guesses as to what can easily be called a ‘stressful process’? First, you go to the market, fetch a coconut, bring it back home because you don’t want it immediately and then when you break it, after much work, you get half a glass of water. Fortunately, you don’t need to do that anymore.

Made with natural ingredients, coconut water powder blends give you a refreshing drink that’s as nutritional as its liquid counterpart. And to make the drink more exciting, you can make shakes, smoothies, mocktails, cocktails, jelly, pudding, souffle, and can add soda or milk to create appetizing beverages. Here is a list of flavorful coconut water powder brands that you can choose.

5 Best Brands of Coconut Water Powder Available Online

1. NATURUP Tender Coconut Water Powder Mix


You get 20 sachets of coconut water powder – that’s a lot of various beverages you can make with this. This product contains no preservatives, no artificial color or flavor, and no cholesterol. With the pack, you get a free reusable PP tumbler.

2. Shreejal Coconut Water mix 


This is an economical pack of 40 sachets of coconut water powder, with each weighing 11 gms. With one sachet, you can make 220-ml drink of coconut water.

3. Mountain Glen Cocogo Coconut Water Mix

mountain glen

It’s an instant drink mix of coconut water powder of 10 sachets of 10 gms each. This pack is 100% natural, and for better shelf life, store it in a cool, dry place.

4. COCO AQUA Tender Coconut water powder

coco aqua

Refresh and rejuvenate yourself with a drink of coconut water made with this powder mix. With this mixture of coconut water powder, you get 10 pouches. It contains no caffeine, no food coloring, and is fat and cholesterol-free.

5. Richday Coconut Water Powder 


It’s a 500-gm pack of coconut water powder that contains no preservatives and gives you high purity, intense aroma, and great taste. You can also use it in different sweets and puddings, oatmeal, and yogurt.

Coconut water powder is made by evaporating and freeze-drying coconut water. Once it turns into a powder form it can be added to plain water or other liquids to make it liquid again. Coconut water powder contains potassium, It contains magnesium, calcium, sodium, and is an antioxidant. A glass of chilled coconut water can hydrate you instantly, especially after a lengthy workout. A word of caution though, coconut water powder contains a lot of potassium, so if you have kidney disorders, it might be advisable to consult your doctor first.

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