The Tart Factor: Tamarind Pastes For Just The Right Amount of Sourness In Your Food

The Tart Factor: Tamarind Pastes For Just The Right Amount of Sourness In Your Food

Some dishes need souring agents to taste better and our very own imli (tamarind) takes care of it perfectly.

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The giddy sourness of tamarind is often hard to resist. While some people can easily sit and chew on the fruit, others prefer to add into food and/or pickles and dips. In fact, Indian cuisine has loads of dishes that require the use of tamarind. Which is why tamarind paste is one of he handiest ingredients you can have in your kitchen.

Very often, tamarind is softened into a paste before being added to recipes. Since tamarind is high in tartaric acid, one can add it in relevant dishes to obtain the right sweet-sour balance. Tamarind paste is typically used in Indians dishes like vindaloosambarrasampuliogarepani puri, chutneys, sauces, etc. Here we bring you some of the best tamarind paste that you can buy online.

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Best Tamarind Paste To Buy Online

1. Dabur Hommade Tamarind Paste


The Dabur Hommade tamarind paste, weighing 200 grams. It is thick, grainy, and devoid of added colors. Furthermore, it lacks skin and seeds, and there are no additions of salt or sugar.

2. Tamicon 400 Grams Tamarind Concentrate


This 400-gm tub of tamarind concentrate is free from any artificial flavoring or colors and is 100% suitable to be used in food.

3. Mother’s Recipe Tamarind Paste

mothers recipe

This pack of tamarind paste from Mother’s Recipe also doesn’t contain any preservatives. It comes in a 200-gm pouch.

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4. Vasana Tamarind Paste


The brand claims that this tamarind paste contains pure tamarind and salt, and is a 100% vegetarian product. The shelf life of this pack is nine months. It is advisable to keep this in a cool and dry place.

5. Urban Platter Pure Malabar Tamarind Concentrated Paste

urban platter paste

This tamarind paste is made from pure tamarind sourced from the Malabar region. It is a thick concentrate that is packed in a beautiful jar and weighs 400 gms.

Tamarind can act as a coolant, especially in hot and humid climates. You can in fact make lovely beverages and mocktails with tamarind. In the Caribbean Islands, where tamarind trees can be found in large numbers, tamarind balls are considered to be a regular dessert.

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