Live The Old Times: Bring A Jar Of Murabba Home

Live The Old Times: Bring A Jar Of Murabba Home

Enjoy the sweet and tangy flavors of murabbas with your meals or even after.

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Murabba is a sweet preserve that can be made with different kinds fruits. Depending on what you use, it can also be a source of various nutrients. Typically made to enjoy fruits when they are no longer in season, murabbas are some of the most tastiest condiments one can find in an Indian kitchen.

The most popular murabba is the one made with amla or Indian gooseberry. But the mango murabba comes a close second. One can also make it with apples, carrots, harar (haritaki or Indian hogplum) and even bel (Bengal quince). Here’s a list of various types of murabbas that you can buy and add to your meals to make them tastier.

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5 Best Brands of Murabba To Pick From

1. Sun Grow Homemade Organic Amla Murabba 

sungrow amla

This 1-kg jar of amla murabba is healthy and delicious. especially with the added flavors of cardamom and honey. It has no artificial flavors or color.

2. Add me Sweet Bel Murabba

add me

This is a sweet bel murabba pack that weighs 750 gms and comes in a vacuumed pack that retains the freshness and taste of the preserve. It doesn’t contain any added sugar.

3. Sun Grow Homemade Organic Carrot Murabba

sun grow carrot

It’s a 1-kg pack of carrot murabba that is made out of carrots and are healthy and tasty at the same time. This murabba makes a superb after-meal sweet to keep in the house. It contains no added artificial flavors or color.

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4. Sun Grow Organic Apple Murabba

sun grow apple

It’s an organic apple murabba with honey, weighs 1 kg, and has no added artificial flavor or color. It makes for a great gift.

5. CACTUS SPICES Homemade Bans/Bamboo Murabba

cactus spices

Now this might be an acquired taste but the bamboo murabba is worth a try. Made with honey, this jar of murabba weighs 900 gms and contains no artificial colors, flavors, or additives. Enjoy this sweet murabba with your meal.

The word murabba comes from the Arabic language. It’s also known as murrabajatmurrabomorobba, among others. Here we have listed the best ones you can find online. Go grab yours at the earliest.

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