Navratri Candles For A Festive Glow

Navratri Candles For A Festive Glow

Grab some of the prettiest diyas and candle-holders this festive season. Not only do they make for a wonderful gift, they also add a lot of brightness to your own home.

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When it comes to celebrating festivals, India knows how to do it in style. And no festival is complete without lights. Be it diyas, lanterns or candles, lights form a major part of our festive shopping list, whether we are buying them as a gift or for our own homes.

Let’s talk about candles. Gone are the days when they used to come in simple forms. Today, you can buy candles in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. And what’s even better is the massive range of candle-holders you can buy. From being hand-painted to embellished with all sorts of decorations, these make beautiful gifts. So this Navratri, spread some light and give your loved ones a box of gorgeous candle-holders.

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Top Navratri Candles To Pick From

1. Nikansh Creations Metal Diya Holder


This beautiful set of two candle-holders is made of metal and has a lot of detail in the design. They are lightweight and add an elegant touch to any home.

2. Natali Candle Holder


This is a set of two pillar-shaped designer candle-holders that comes with two tealight candles. Made from marble, these beautifully designed ethic stands can be placed anywhere in the house, be it on the sideboard or your dining table.

3. Shakyamuni Brass Kuber Diya Candle


This is a set of four diya/candle-holders made of brass. Designed like a diya, the traditional pattern makes it visually appealing and a lovely gift during the festival season.

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4. Nikansh Moti Bijni Tealight Candle Holder

nikansh 2

This metal decorative tealight candle-holder is shaped like a wreath and makes for a beautiful gift. Prop it up on your coffee table or somewhere visible and see the way it transforms the decor of the room.

Most candle-holders require a little care to make them last. If they’re made of metal, find an appropriate metal polisher. Wooden or stone holders should be cleaned with a soft cloth and kept away when not in use.

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