The Best Chef Knife In India: A Detailed Comparison And Evaluation (Feb 2024)

The Best Chef Knife In India: A Detailed Comparison And Evaluation (Feb 2024)

This article contains all the details regarding the best chef knife in India. The Top 5 cooking knife brands are listed here. You can compare them and buy the best one. This article will help all the chef knife buyers.

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A kitchen is incomplete without a sharp and handy kitchen knife because anyone who cooks regularly knows how time-consuming chopping and cutting can get. Which is why you deserve nothing less than the best chef knife and knife sets. A blunt knife can make things very frustrating and wane your interest in cooking. And this list can definitely help you find the best chef knife India. So compare the brands, their features, and what they can do for you to buy the best kitchen knife in India.

Best Knives In India For Your Kitchen

Buying the best kitchen knife can be a complicated task if you have no idea what exactly you are looking for in a knife. A list of the best knife brands in India is given here that make the best kitchen knife in India.

1. AmazonBasics Premium Stainless Steel Knife with Block

This knife is ideal for professional and novice chefs. It is a valuable set of knives that make your cooking easier. Some regard it as the best chef knife set India. You get nine pieces of knives in this set for dicing, slicing, and chopping perfectly.

This chef knife set includes: one 8-inch chef’s knife, one 7-inch Santoku knife, one 8-inch slicing knife, one 8-inch bread knife, one 6-inch boning knife, one 5-inch utility knife, one 3.5-inch paring knife, and one 8-inch sharpener.


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amazonbasics knife set

Product Features:

  • Washing them is very easy. You just have to use a bit of warm water and some detergent to rinse them gently.
  • These are pre-sharpened high-quality stainless-steel knives.
  • They have precision-honed blades, triple-rivet, full-tang, and ergonomic handles. All these enhance its sharpness and make the knives handy.
  • You also get a blade sharpener to maintain the sharpness of these blades.
  • They are perfectly weighted to maintain the balance while you are cutting or whipping up your dish.
  • You also get a block with it.

2. Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife

Those who are obsessed with sharp knives that allow them to showcase their chopping skills will love this one. This knife has an ergonomically designed handle which ensures a secure and comfortable experience. You also get a great grip from these triple-riveted handles. These are regarded as one of the best professional chef knives.


victorinox paring knives

Product Features

  • The length of its blade is 27.6 cm.
  • High-quality stainless steel is used to make this knife.
  • These knives are great for cutting steak due to their nylon shank and edginess.
  • They are available in black colour which makes them look classy.
  • You get three pieces of this knife with a set.
  • They are perfectly weighted.
  • You get triple-riveted and ergonomically designed handles with it.
  • They are very secure and comfortable to use.
  • Each handle of these knives features full tang.

3. Victorinox Classic Round Tip Wavy Tomato Knife

If you are looking for the best kitchen knives India, then you need to check out this one. This is a super fine knife that aids you in slicing and chopping different vegetables neatly. Craving and peeling hard-skinned fruits are also easy with this knife. It has a very sharp and wavy edge which helps in slicing different vegetables effectively. This tomato knife is quite long which makes the cutting and segmenting process faster.



victorinox wavy tomato knife

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Product Features

  • This is a multipurpose knife
  • It is made of supreme grade stainless steel.
  • It is also totally rustproof so you can leave it even in a moist condition.
  • It has extraordinary resilience so you can use it for a long time.
  • The blade of this knife is heated at the temperature of 121 degree Celsius. So it is completely sterile. Thus the food you cut using this knife remains germ-free.
  • Handling the knife is very easy because of its firm grip and ergonomically designed handle.

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Premium High-Carbon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

This knife is preferred by both expert and novice chefs. It has features like durability, great grip, and perfect sharpness. These features make it the best chef knife set India. Stainless-steel is used here to make these knives stain-proof. These high-carbon blades made of stainless steel have razor-sharp edges. So, you get a reliable and accurate cutting result. You can always sharpen the blade to get a better effect. It also has ergonomically designed, triple-riveted Plastic over-molded handles. They give you a secure and stable grip so that you can fully control your movements. All the triple-riveted handles are attached to the stainless steel blade which makes the knives very secure.


solimo carbon steel knives

Product Features

  • This is a premium quality cooking knife.
  • It is the best quality knife. It goes through several quality checks and the best quality materials are used to make this knife.
  • This is a value product.
  • High-carbon steel is used to make its blades. They are very sharp.
  • Triple-riveted plastic over molded handles is used here.
  • You get a stable, comfortable, and secure grip with it.
  • It is the ideal knife for chopping, slicing, and mincing meat and vegetables.
  • You get two major knives with this set, chef’s knife and a paring knife.
  • The blade of Chef’s knife is 8 inches long and the handle is 5 inches.

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5. Pigeon Stainless Steel Kitchen Knives

This set has three superior quality knives that are made for our daily use. It has high-quality stainless steel and hollow ground edges. They are very durable and you can use them for various purposes. You get three major types of knives in this set. There is one large chef knife of 8 inch, a unity knife of five inches, and a paring knife of 3.5 inches. So, this is among the best Indian knife brands for slicing, cutting, and shredding requirements.


pigeon knife set stainless steel

Product Features

  • It has an aesthetic appeal.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • You get soft-grip handles that are contoured.
  • It has a great grip that aids you in cutting.
  • Its hollow-ground edges help you to cut meat, vegetables, and fruits.
  • They have an elegant and smart look which enhances the look of your kitchen.
  • It has a stainless-steel blade with razor-sharp edges.
  • The blades are rust-proof.
  • They are great in chopping fruits and vegetables with a hard surface.
  • You can use it for different needs.

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Qualities Of The Best Chef’s Knife

There are plenty of brands in India that produce some of the best quality kitchen knives. These are some qualities that the best chef knife in India must have:

1. Sharpness

A chef knife India must be sharp so that you can chop ingredients easily. But you should also avoid knives that are too sharp as you can cut yourself on one. The required amount of sharpness should be present in a good chef’s knife.

2. Swiftness

The knife should be swift. When we are in a hurry, we do not get much time to cut vegetables and other food items. To make the cooking process faster, the swiftness of a knife is essential.

3. Durability

It must be durable. When you are investing in a good knife, you expect it to last for a long time. Durability is another quality of a good chef’s knife.

4. Handy

The knife should not be too heavy or too light. It has to be of the right weight so you can chop your ingredients effortlessly.

5. Firm Grip

A knife must have a good grip. Different knife handles are used to enhance its grip. The best knives will have the strongest grip.

6. Balanced weight

While we chop or slice something using a knife, we need balance, or else we can cut ourselves. The best knife brand will produce perfectly balanced knives.

So, these are some of the qualities of a good chef’s knife produced by the best knife brands.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some interesting FAQs on the Best Chef Knives in India :

Yes. Some of the above brands including – Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife are dishwasher safe.

A few recommendations of the best chef knife in India are – Cartini stainless steel knife, Victorinox swiss classic Santoku and Bagonia Ceramic chef’s knife.

Yes. Chef’s knives can be used for cutting meat.

AGARO offers one of the best Indian knives.


So, these are the best Indian knife brands.

Knives are necessary for every kitchen. With them, you can enjoy cooking more. You get perfectly sliced food items that increase the taste of your dish. These are the branded knives India. All of them are equally handy and functional. The choice of knife basically depends on your purpose and kitchen requirements. So, consider all your needs and buy the best kitchen knives India.

Our Top Picks include – Victorinox, AmazonBasics, and Solimo.

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