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Polka Pop Review – Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water

Zero calories and zero sugar! Polka Pop is India’s first naturally flavored sparkling water.

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The Sparkling Water from Polka Pop make for a fun and refreshing summer beverage. There is a lot you can do with this bottle of flavored sparkling water. The best part? These are zero calorie and do not have any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Pop. Fizz. Clink!

Sparkling water sounds very fancy. Doesn’t it? Extremely popular in the West, it’s not something we encounter in India on an everyday basis, even in Metropolitans.

Sparkling water is a relatively low-cal alternative to otherwise sugar-loaded carbonated sodas. Some even enjoy this as a mixer with alcohol or to make a low-calorie mocktail. So just like you, we were curious to see how a naturally flavored sparkling water would taste.

Polka Pop is an Indian sparkling water brand headquartered in Chennai. We ordered all four flavors of Polka Pop Sparkling Water – Cranberry, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Peach as a part of our new Curated By Mishry series. Here is all that you need to know about Polka Pop’s range of sparkling water.

Curated by Mishry

Polka Pop – Everything You Need To Know

polka pop variants

Here is all that you need to know about Polka Pop including the brand’s journey, operation, products offered and much more.


The founder and CEO of Polka Pop is Gaurav Khemka.

Polka Pop’s Journey

In the words of the brand “Our product has been conceptualized, formulated and manufactured all in India! We came across the beauty of sparkling water while travelling, and we were fascinated by this simple, yet refreshingly delicious product! We were baffled by the fact that sparkling water was a hit among the health conscious community, and it got us wondering. 

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So began our journey. We dug deep and uncovered the mysteries that lie under the bubbles of sparkling water. We started experimenting and quickly fell in love with the product and knew we had to bring it back to India. What started as a spark of curiosity is now a company hoping to introduce a way of life and uplift the Sparkling Water Movement in India!”

Brand Mission & Vision

“Polka Pop is India’s First 100% Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water that contains Zero Sugar, Zero Calories and Zero Sweeteners of any kind. THE refreshing, bubbly lifestyle choice you’ve been waiting for. We support your resolve to be more mindful of what you consume, with all of the fizzy fun and none of the guilt. Polka Pop is Vegan and Keto friendly.

A fun and fizzy alternative to water, Polka Pop also pairs perfectly with your food and is a delectable guilt-free mixer for sparkling cocktails and mocktails.”

Products Covered

Polka Pop has a range of naturally flavored sparkling water. They come in four flavors – 

  • Peach
  • Orange
  • Cranberry
  • Lemon Lime


Polka Pop delivers throughout the country. These can be purchased directly from their website as well as various e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart and LBB. These are also available on Google Pay and Phone Pay. They are also available in several stores in Chennai

Polka Pop Products – Our Recommendations

What we ordered – Polka Pop offers four flavors of sparkling water and we ordered a single unit of all of them.

How much did we pay for it? We paid Rs 330/- for our total order. The break up is as follows – 

Each 350 ml bottle is priced at Rs 60/-, which rounded up to Rs 240 for a pack of four. The shipping charges are Rs 90/- for Delhi NCR. 

Packaging – The sparkling water is packed in PET bottles, but the brand claims that they are ‘centred around protecting the environment’. How is that possible, you’re wondering? 

The brand says “We have taken a conscious decision to use PET as it is highly recycled in India. Contrary to belief, glass is not as easily recycled in our country and is often used to make products appear more expensive.” As per their website they do not use shrink wrap to tie together bundles of bottles to avoid excessive packaging waste. Neither do they use double cardboard boxes. They use just one cardboard box which is sturdy, reusable and recyclable.

Shelf life – They have a shelf life of 4 months from the date of manufacturing.

polka pop sparkling water contents
Polka Pop variants we tried. From left to right - Orange, Cranberry, Peach and Lemon Lime.

Before we begin the taste test of individual flavors, here are a few points that were common with all four flavors.

  • They are all colorless and clear.
  • They are all 350 ml bottles.
  • All the variants do not contain any artificial sweeteners.
  • They are all extremely fizzy, like they should be. Even when we consumed them after 2-3 days, the fizz did not vanish. It remained close to a freshly opened bottle.
  • All of these can be had as is. If you are using them as mixers, individual recipe suggestions are given below.

1. Polka Pop – Lemon Lime

polka pop sparkling water lemon lime contents
Polka Pop Lemon Lime has a fresh citrusy flavor.
closer look at polka pop sparkling water lemon lime
Closer look at the Polka Pop Lemon Lime Sparkling Water.

Ingredients include Carbonated water, Natural lemon and lime flavors, Sodium Benzoate. It contains added flavor (lemon and lime) and a permitted class II preservative (INS 211). 

Polka Pop’s Lemon Lime comes in a PET bottle with a lime green wrapper. Lemons and lime are both citrusy and give this sparkling water a delicious sweet-zingy flavor.

What can you make with this flavor of sparkling water? Add it to your margherita, mojitos, or have it straight with a wedge of lemon and some mint.

2. Polka Pop – Peach

polka pop sparkling water peach contents
This variant has a lovely peach flavor making it a versatile mixer for most cocktails.
closer look at polka pop sparkling water peach
Closer look at the Polka Pop Peach Sparkling Water.

The peach flavor was one of our favorites! Innately, peaches are a very sweet smelling, redolent fruit. They lend that quality to every drink or dessert they are added to.  Polka Pop’s Peach Sparkling Water smells sweeter than it tastes. 

Even though there are no added sugars or artificial sweeteners, it has a natural peach sweetness which we loved.

Ingredients include Carbonated water, Natural peach flavor, Sodium Benzoate. It contains added flavor (peach) and a permitted class II preservative (INS 211). 

What can you use it for? May we suggest a peach bellini? You can add it to a spirit of your choice with some thyme or fresh basil and lots of crushed ice to make a delicious summer cooler.

3. Polka Pop – Cranberry

closer look at polka pop sparkling water cranberry contents
A fun flavor! The cranberry sparkling water is just what you need to make a low calorie weekend cocktail.
closer look at polka pop sparkling water cranberry contents
Closer look at the Cranberry flavor Sparkling Water by Polka Pop.

The flavor you expect from a cranberry juice reflects well in this flavor of Polka Pop Sparkling Water. Cranberries lend a sweet-tart flavor to this fizzy beverage. Once again the flavor is very natural and doesn’t seem artificial.

Ingredients include Carbonated water, Natural cranberry flavor, Sodium Benzoate. It contains added flavor (cranberry) and a permitted class II preservative (INS 211).

What can you make with this flavor of sparkling water? Vodka and cranberry juice are a classic combination that can be turned low-cal, thanks to this flavored sparkling water. All the flavor and no sugar!

4. Polka Pop – Orange

polka pop sparkling water orange contents
The orange variant adds a fizzy punch to your mundane drinks.
closer look at polka pop sparkling water orange
Closer look at the Polka Pop Orange flavor Sparkling Water.

While the orange flavor is very natural, it had a slight bitterness which we didn’t particularly enjoy. Other than that, this does add a fresh fizziness to an otherwise boring beverage alongside your meal. 

Ingredients include Carbonated water, Natural orange flavor, Sodium Benzoate. It contains added flavor (orange) and a permitted class II preservative (INS 211).

What can you use it for? Make a fun Vodka Spritzer or add it to a glass of freshly squeezed juice of blood orange or malta.

Polka Pop – Contact Details

Email Id – admin@duhkaar.com

Website – https://polkapop.in/

Social Media Links – Instagram | Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Polka Pop.

Are Polka Pop products keto friendly?

Yes. Polka Pop Sparkling Water is vegan and keto friendly. 

Where is Polka Pop available? 

You can buy Polka Pop via various portals including their website, Amazon, Flipkart, Phone Pay, Google Pay and selected stores in Chennai. They ship throughout India.

Does the sparkling water by Polka Pop contain any sugar?

No. There is no sugar or artificial sweetener in any of the variants of Polka Pop. These are sugar free and zero calorie beverages. 

How many flavors of sparkling water does Polka Pop have?

Polka Pop offers four flavors of sparkling water – Lemon lime, Peach, Cranberry and Orange.

Final Verdict – Polka Pop Sparkling Water

Fresh, fizzy and zero sugar! Polka Pop’s range of Sparkling Water are zero calorie beverages that are best enjoyed chilled. You can add a wedge of lime and some mint to enhance the flavor even further. Even when had as is, these fizzy drinks are very refreshing on a hot summer afternoon.

Checking on the intake of calories, especially while consuming alcohol is a wise move. We often end up consuming a lot of sugar in the form of juices and sodas as a mixer. So if you’re looking for a zero calorie mixer for your alcohol, this is a great option. 

The brand page mentions a few interesting ways to use the sparkling water – From classic recipes like Cosmo, Bellini and Margarita to some off-beat ones like Chocolate Volcano and Berry Crush.

Have you tried sparkling water before? If yes, which brand have you tried and is it available in India? Let us know in the comment section below.

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