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nestle milkmaid vs amul mithai mate condensed milk

Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Mate – Which is the Tastiest Condensed Milk

Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Mate – Which brand won our review of the best condensed milk? Let’s find out!

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Who else remembers slyly scooping out a spoonful of thick condensed milk while no one was looking? Nostalgia hit us like a big fat truck when we opened the cans of condensed milk.

What is sweetened condensed milk and what is it used for? Sweetened condensed milk is cow’s milk from which all the water has been removed and then sweetened, canned, and sealed. Sweetened condensed milk is widely used in desserts as a thickener and sweetening agent.

We pit two popularly available brands of sweetened condensed milk – Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Made Condensed Milk. We rated them individually on each parameter and these are our findings.

Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Mate Condensed Milk: Quick Comparison

Let’s dive into the review comparing Nestle Milkmaid and Amul Mithai Mate condensed milk.


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
Factors Nestle Milkmaid Amul Mithai Mate
Price Rs 129/- Rs 106/-
Calories 302 Kcal (per 100 gm) 335 Kcal (per 100 gm)
Shelf Life 9 months 12 months
Amazon Rating 4.6/5 4.5/5
Overall Mishry Rating 4.5 4
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Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Mate Condensed Milk: An In-depth Comparison

For our review, we divided our testing phase into three broad sections – 

Phase 1  – Dry inspection

This phase included inspection of the nutrition label, color, thickness, aroma, and freshness. 

Phase 2 – Raw tasting

We tasted them right out of the can as well. This helped us gauge the flavor and sweetness of the condensed milk.

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Phase 3 – Mishry Secret Sauce

We tested both the brands of condensed milk for their intended use, which is to make desserts. We used the exact same measurements of full cream milk, roasted vermicelli, and condensed milk for our seviyaan kheer. We only added 2 tablespoons of condensed milk in a bowl of kheer as that helped us compare the usage aspect in terms of sweetness and thickness. 

We did not add flavorings like saffron or cardamom. Neither did we add nuts. The tasting was done blind. This helped us check both of them for sweetness, thickness, and cooking ability.

Our Nestle Milkmaid and Amul Mithai Mate Condensed Milk comparison is based on nine broad parameters.

1. Packaging

nestle milkmaid vs amul mithai mate condensed milk packaging
Nestle Milkmaid packaging Vs Amul Mithai Mate packaging

Nestle Milkmaid comes in a blue can. The lid on top is easy to open. It has a metal pull-back lid which is not resealable. 

Amul Mithai Mate comes in a pink and cream can. It has a double lid. Apart from the metal pull-back lid, this also has a plastic lid which can be put on top after you are done using the condensed milk. This helps you reseal the can without any hassle. 

Winner – Amul Mithai Mate

2. Color

nestle milkmaid vs amul mithai mate condensed milk appearance
Comparing the color of Nestle Milkmaid and Amul Mithai Mate.

The color of condensed milk can range from off-white, light yellow to a pale cream color. Do note that as condensed milk ages, the color may get darker and the texture thicker. Unless the product is expired, it is still safe to use.

Nestle Milkmaid’s color is a little darker in comparison to the Amul Mithai Mate. Milkmaid has a light caramel-cream color while Mithai Mate is off-white.

Both of them were chosen as winners because the color did not make any stark difference to our end result, the seviyan kheer.

Winner – Tie

3. Texture-Thickness

nestle milkmaid vs amul mithai mate consistency
We compared the thickness of Nestle Milkmaid and Amul Mithai Mate.

Condensed milk is typically added to thicken the dessert – especially milk-based ones. A thicker consistency would therefore be preferable. 

Nestle Milkmaid has a much thicker consistency in comparison to Amul’s Mithai Mate. The folds of condensed milk that Milkmaid formed were much thicker.

Winner – Nestle Milkmaid

4. Flavor

nestle milkmaid taste test
We tested the sweetness of Nestle Milkmaid by dry tasting and using it to make seviyan kheer.
amul mithai mate taste test
Our bowl of seviyan kheer made using Amul Mithai Mate.

When we say flavor we cover two broad terms – the milkiness of the condensed milk and the sweetness. 

When we tasted the condensed milk as it is, Nestle Milkmaid was found to be much sweeter in comparison to Amul Mithai Mate. While both the contenders have a milky taste, Nestle’s Milkmaid inches ahead a little bit because of its fresh milky flavor.  

When we turned these into a kheer using the same amount of condensed milk, the difference in the flavors was indistinguishable. The primary differentiator was the level of sweetness.  Nestle’s Milkmaid made sweeter kheer, with the same amount of condensed milk. 

Winner – Nestle Milkmaid

5. Aroma

What type of aroma did the condensed milk have? Milky, fresh or stale and stinky? Both our contenders did not have any foul smell. Upon opening the cans, both of them had a fresh, milky aroma

Winner – Tie

6. List Of Ingredients

nestle milkmaid ingredients
Closer look at the ingredients used in Nestle Milkmaid.
amul mithai mate ingredients
Closer look at the ingredients used in Amul Mithai Mate.

For any review, the list of ingredients play a crucial role in deciding the winner. Is the ingredient list clean? Does it have any preservatives? Any additives like artificial colors and flavors?

Ingredients of Nestlè Milkmaid – Milk solids and sugar

Ingredients of Amul Mithai Mate – Sugar and milk solids

While both of them have the same set of ingredients, the composition varies a little. FSSAI mandates mentioning all the ingredients on the back of the pack based on the amount (% of total ingredients) used. Further, the ingredients listed should be mentioned in descending order, which means that the ingredient which is added in the largest amount should be written first and so on.

Winner – Nestle Milkmaid

7. Shelf Life

nestle milkmaid best before details
The shelf life of Nestle Milkmaid is 9 months.
amul mithai mate best before details
The shelf life of Amul Mithai Mate is 12 months.

The shelf life of Nestle Milkmaid is 9 months from the date of manufacturing. Amul Mithai Mate has a shelf life of 12 months. Both brands advise storing this in a cool and dry place. Seal and refrigerate once opened.

Winner – Amul Mithai Mate

8. Price

nestle milkmaid vs amul mithai mate condensed milk label
Comparing prices give us a better insight into how value for money the product is.

A lower price does not mean that it’s a better product and neither does a higher price guarantee better quality. Having said that, price plays an important role in any review as comparing prices gives us a better insight into how value for money the product is.

Price of Nestle Milkmaid (400 gms) – Rs 129/-

Price of Amul Mithai Mate (400 gms) – Rs 106/-

Amul is priced 23 Rupees lower than Nestlè but it takes more quantity of Amul’s condensed milk to sweeten a bowl of dessert. So does it end up being cheaper? Nestle’s Milkmaid uses a lesser quantity and gives sweeter results.

Winner – Nestle Milkmaid

9. Nutritional Information

nestle milkmaid nutritional labe
Calories, sugar and more - Nutritional label of Nestle Milkmaid
amul mithai mate nutritional information
Nutritional label of Amul Mithai Mate
Nutrition Information Amul Mithai Mate Nestle Milkmaid
Energy 335 Kcal (per 100 gm)

Energy from fat is 81 Kcal

302 Kcal (per 100 gm)
Fat Total fat – 9 gm

Saturated fat  – 6.2 gm

Trans Fat  – 0.4 gm

Total fat – 3.9 gm

Saturated fat – 2.4 gm

Carbohydrates and sugar Total Carbs – 55.5 gm

Added sugar – 43 gm

Carbs 58.3 gm

  • Sugar 58.3
  • Sugar (Sucrose) 43.4
Protein 8 gm 8.5 gm
Calcium 355 mg
Sodium Sodium 139.8 mg

More from Nestle – As per information on the pack ‘This pack contains the equivalent of 1.05 Ltr of double toned milk with sugar added.’

We liked that Nestle also gives the nutritional information per serve as well (15 gms, 1 Tbsp).

More from Amul – As per information on the pack ‘This pack contains the equivalent of 1 Ltr of toned milk with sugar added.’

Both brands mention not to use this as a substitute for breast milk. Both brands have a recipe mentioned on the back of the pack.

Nestle’s Milkmaid has lower calories and fat content in comparison to Amul, while also giving better results during cooking.

Winner – Nestle Milkmaid

Nestle Milkmaid Vs Amul Mithai Mate – Which is the Best Condensed Milk?

Why did we choose Nestle Milkmaid as our Top Pick?

Sweeter & thicker!

Amul Mithai Mate swooped the packaging parameter and tied it with Nestlè on aroma and color. But Nestle Milkmaid trumped Amul in flavor, sweetness, thickness, ingredients, and nutrition label. Nestle Milkmaid is a better option if you’re planning to use condensed milk to cook for a larger audience or family. It will be used in lesser quantities as it is sweeter and requires to be added in lesser amounts, owing to a thicker consistency. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nestle Milkmaid vs Amul Mithai Mate.

As per our review process, Nestle Milkmaid is the better condensed milk. It is thicker and sweeter.

There is no need for refrigeration when unopened. Just store them in a cool, dry place. Once opened, refrigeration is a must.

No. Whipping cream and condensed milk cannot be replaced with each other.

Condensed milk can be used in various recipes like rice kheer, seviyan kheer, makhana kheer, coconut laddoos, chocolate walnut fudge, baked goods and many other desserts.

Some also use condensed milk to make a quick Dulce de Leche and as a sweetener for coffee.

Condensed milk is calorie dense and has a high amount of sugar. It is not recommended to consume it regularly.

Final Verdict – Which Is The Better Condensed Milk?

We took two major brands of condensed milk and compared them for various parameters including price, packaging, list of ingredients, thickness, flavor, freshness, aroma and more. 

After testing them in our review lab in three phases, we chose Nestle Milkmaid as our Top Pick. Comparatively, it is sweeter, thicker and lower in calories.

Which recipes do you use condensed milk for? Let us know in the comment section below.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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