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pillsbury choco chip pancake mix review

Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix Review: A Breakfast Rich In Chocolate

Pillsbury Choco-Chip Pancake Mix offers the ease of preparing instant pancakes and has a delicious chocolate flavor. Will you give these a try?

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Pillsbury Choco-Chip Pancake Mix provides ease of cooking and gets you that perfect soft pancakes without any efforts. The delectable taste of the melted choco-chips was an added plus!

Pancakes make for a sure-shot sweet breakfast treat. A plate of fluffy pancakes generously drizzled with maple syrup and topped with fresh fruits is a wholesome meal in itself. 

However, we often find it a task to prepare pancakes from scratch, looking at our busy lifestyles. What is the next best option then to prepare quick pancakes? A pack of instant pancake mix! Easy and quick to prepare, these pancake mixes require quick addition of water and you’re good to go. 

We have reviewed a wide range of pancake mixes before testing their taste and texture.  We were quite excited to try the new range of pancake mixes offered by Pillsbury. These pancake mixes are available in two variants – Choco Chip and Funfetti. The Choco-Chip variant is the one that we selected for our review process.

In our Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix Review, let us find out how our overall experience of trying these turned out.

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Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix – Everything You Need To Know

pillsbury choco chip pancake mix
This pancake mix comes in an attractive packaging!

From the packaging to the flavor to the appearance, here is all that you need to know about the Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix.   

1. Packaging

The packaging of this pancake mix looks attractive. It comes in a blue and yellow color box pack. The nutrition information is mentioned behind the back of the package. 

The pancake mix is placed in a transparent pouch pack inside the box.  

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2. Main Ingredients

A traditional pancake includes eggs as the main ingredient. Pillsbury’s pancake mix does not include any eggs and hence is an ideal option for vegetarian people. 

The main ingredients used in this pancake mix includes – Refined wheat flour (Maida), sugar, dark compound choco chips (10%) (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm), cocoa, emulsifier (INS 491, INS 322), dextrose, natural vanilla flavor), edible vegetable oil (palm), soy flour, cocoa powder (4%), and baking powder.   

3. Taste

Pancakes are eaten as a sweet breakfast option. The Pillsbury Choco-Chip pancake mix tasted delicious despite the sweetness  being minimally present. 

If you like your pancakes to be sweeter, you can add in your favorite toppings such as whipped cream, maple syrup, fresh fruits, honey or even chocolate syrup. 

The chocolate flavor did not taste bitter. Additionally, the pieces of chocolate chips melted as we cooked the batter and tasted delicious. These added to the yumminess of the pancake.  

4. Texture

This is the most critical aspect when it comes to reviewing any pancake mix. Ideally, pancakes are meant to have a fluffy, light, and soft texture. We were apprehensive to know how the texture of these pancakes would turn out since this is an eggless pancake mix.

Upon review, we give the Pillsbury Choco-Chip pancake mix a big thumbs up for its texture. These pancakes were easy to cook and the hot pancakes turned out to have that perfectly airy and light texture. 

The pancakes had a soft bite and did not feel chewy. It retained the soft and fluffy texture despite turning cold. We liked that!

5. Appearance

We checked for the appearance at two stages: post-cooking and opening the pack. The pancake mix had a light brown color appearance on opening the pack. Post-cooking, the pancakes turned out to have a dark brown color. 

6. Aroma

During the cooking process of the pancakes, the aroma of the chocolate flavor released was quite prominent. 

7. Nutritional Facts

The following is the nutritional information per 100 gm : 

Parameters  Nutritional Information
Energy 392 kcal
Protein 9.3 gm
Carbohydrate 68.3 gm
Total Sugars 23.8 gm
Total Fat 9.3 gm 

8. Price

The 165 gm pack is available for a price of INR 99.

Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix – Detailed Review

Here’s a table highlighting the ingredients, price, calories and net quantity of the Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix. 


Parameters  Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix 
Main Ingredients 
  • Refined wheat flour 
  • Sugar 
  • Dark compound chocolate chips (10%)
  • Edible vegetable oil (palm)
  • Soy flour
  • Cocoa powder (4%)
Price INR 99
Calories  94 kcal (per 24 gm serving)
Net Quantity  165 gm 
Shelf Life 9 months 


Pillsbury released its range of 2-minute pancake mix which offers a convenient way to prepare pancakes at home. There are two variants available in this range – Funfetti and Choco-Chip. For our review, we selected the 165 gm pack of the Choco-Chip variant that comes for INR 99. 

The Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix was easy and quick to cook. It requires the bare minimum addition of water and mixing it well with the batter.

You can get around 6 to 8 medium-sized pancakes from the 165 gm pack. All the instructions mentioned on the box were followed in the same way to prepare these pancakes.

Since we were testing, we did not use the entire contents. We took about 65 gm of the pancake powder to prepare the batter and mixed it in around 65 ml of water. The batter mixed well and was lump-free. 

We took a non-stick pan, heated and greased it using olive oil. After greasing the pan, we poured around 1/4th cup of batter and allowed it to cook on one side till we noticed any bubbles forming. This took approximately a minute. We flipped the pancakes and cooked for another one minute on the other side.

The process of cooking this pancake was super quick. With approximately 65 gm mix, we were able to get two medium-sized pancakes. Despite the absence of eggs, these pancakes had an airy texture. We loved it! 

Though the sweetness was minimal, they tasted delicious. The chocolatey aroma and the melted small pockets of choco chips gave an authentic chocolate pancake feel! Yummy!

pillsbury choco chip pancake mix packaging
The pancake mix after removing from the pack
pillsbury choco chip pancake mix in a bowl
We used 65 gm of the pancake mix for our review process
pillsbury choco chip pancake mix after mixing with water
The pancake placed on the non-stick tawa for cooking
pillsbury choco chip pancake on a tray
The choco chip pancake after the cooking process
closer look at pillsbury choco chip pancake on a tray
The Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix has a fluffy texture


  • These pancakes are prepared using three simple steps 
  • The 165 gm pack can easily get around 6 to 8 pancakes. 
  • It is an eggless pancake mix 
  • MRP of the 165 gm pack is INR 99
  • It contains no preservatives and no added colors 
  • This pancake mix is free from trans fat


  • The texture of this pancake is super airy and light 
  • The chocolate flavor was not bitter tasting 
  • The melted choco chips were delicious 
  • It is quick to prepare

Best Suited For

This pancake mix is a good option to buy for those looking for a convenient way to prepare pancakes. If you dislike arranging the numerous ingredients required to prepare pancakes from scratch, the Pillsbury Choco-Chip pancake mix is a good option to go for! 

For anyone who loves chocolate pancakes, we recommend you to try this pancake mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Pillsbury Choco Chip Pancake Mix

1. Is choco chip pancake healthy to consume?

Occasional consumption of ready-to-eat pancake mix might be a fun treat. This pancake mix contains refined wheat flour and sugar; hence, it might not be the healthiest option to opt for regular consumption. 

2. Do pancakes lead to diabetes?

Consumption of pancakes alone is not the only cause that will lead to diabetes. Diabetes is caused due to multiple factors such as genetics, obesity, inactive lifestyle, and stress. 

3. Does this pancake mix contain any preservatives?

No, this pancake mix does not contain any preservatives. 

4. How to store the pancake mix after unpacking?

While the pack mentions storing the product in a cool and dry place, it does not mention how to store any leftover mix. We would suggest that it is best to transfer the mix in an airtight container and then store it accordingly. The idea is not to expose it to any moisture content and be kept in a cool place. 

5. What toppings go with this Choco chip pancake?

You can top these Choco-chip pancakes with chocolate syrup, maple syrup, banana, berries, or even whipped cream.

6. How many pancakes can be prepared from this Pillsbury Choco Chip pancake mix approximately?

The 165 gm pack of chocolate chips can easily get you around 6 to 8 medium pancakes.

Final Words

pillsbury choco chip pancake review
This pancake mix is quick to prepare

Convenient to cook, fluffy in texture, and an excellent taste! The Pillsbury Choco-Chip Pancake mix was a hit in our review test. There is no need to assemble multiple ingredients; simply add water, mix in the batter, and get hot pancakes ready in a couple of minutes. 

This pancake mix is definitely worth your money and worth trying!

Have you tried the Pillsbury Choco-Chip Pancake mix yet? Drop in your comments and let us know how your experience turned out.

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