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fruits that start with letter z

For A Zappy Start: Fruits That Start With Z

The feeling of tardiness can often come in the way of our goals but not if you are equipped with the right things to eat.

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To revive our immune health, it is very important that we eat different types of fruits. Consuming fruits on a regular basis plunged various types of essential minerals into our body which makes our body function efficiently and without tearing off.

Fruits Beginning With Z

Read this list to increase your knowledge in the fruits category, at least for the fruits that start with Z.

1. Zucchini


The first fruit in the list of fruits that start with Z is Zucchini Fruit. It looks very much like cucumber but has a darker shade of green over its skin. This fruit that starts with Z is also known as Courgette. This fruit is treated as a vegetable. Its scientific name is Cucurbita pepo.

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2. Zigzag Vine

zigzag vine fruits
Zigzag Vine [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The second fruit that starts with Z is Zigzag Vine. It is also known as Melodorum leichhardtii, native to Australia. This has a pungent taste like that of an orange. Its scientific name is Melodorum leichhardtii.

3. Zhe

zhe fruits
Zhe Fruits [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The third fruit in the list of fruits starting with Z is Zhe Fruit. Its scientific name is Maclura tricuspidata. This fruit is similar to mulberry and grows up to six meters in height. It has a pleasant taste. This was another fruit from the list of fruits that start with Z.

4. Zinfandel

Zinfandel Fruit [Image Credit: Wikipedia]
Let’s look at another fruit from the list of fruits beginning with Z. The fourth fruit from the list of fruits of letter F is Zinfandel. It is also known as Primitivo.

This is a variety of grape that is black-skinned and is grown in a variety in California vineyards. It is used to make different types of wine. This was another fruit starting with Z. 

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5. Ziziphus Mauritiana

ziziphis mauritiana fruit
Ziziphis Mauritiana Fruit [ Image Credit: Wikipedia ]
The last fruit from the list of fruits that start with Z is Ziziphis Mauritiana. It is also known as Chinese date or Indian Plum. This is a tropical fruit with white flesh and thin skin. The fruit has juicy flesh with a pleasant aroma.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most asked FAQs about the fruits that commence with the letter Z.

1. Which of the fruits starting with the letter Z are rarest?

Indian Zigzag vine, scientifically also known as Fissistigma Verrucosum, is the rarest among all the other fruits that start with Z and is endemic to Northeast India. Another species of it, the zigzag vine (scientifically known as Uvaria Leichhardtii ) is native to a few Australian states.

2. Which of these fruits are exotic?

The fruit which is exotic and starts with the letter Z is Zucchini.

3. Which of the fruits that begin with the letter Z are common in India?

These fruits that start with the letter Z and are commonly available in India are:

  • Ziziphus Mauritiana also known as Indian Plum
  • Zucchini

Final Words

These were some fruits starting with Z. This glossary will help you immensely by presenting a variety on your dining table and by promoting health.

This was all about the list of fruits that start with Z.

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