Patanjali Frozen French Fries Review

Patanjali Frozen French Fries Review

Patanjali French Fries? Yes, you read it right. Here is what we found in our review.

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4 / 5
4 / 5


These fries by Patanjali cooked really well. All of them were uniform in shape, and came out to be super crispy. What is even better is that they are not hollow from inside and give a good bite.

Are you excited? Cause’ we surely are! Patanjali has been associated with everything desi and Ayurvedic for so long that we did not expect a bag of frozen French Fries coming from them! So, when we came across a packet of Patanjali Frozen French Fries we couldn’t wait to try this new product. We set our oil-filled woks and reviewed them for their appearance, taste, and crunch. Here is all you need to know. How did they fare? Let’s find out how tasty are the Patanjali Frozen French Fries.

Facts About Patanjali French Fries

*As per information on the pack

  • Best before 18 months from date of manufacturing.
  • 100 grams of these fries provide 155 Kcal of energy.
  • Ingredients include – Potato, Rice bran oil

#FirstImpression Of Patanjali French Fries

Price and packaging – Patanjali French Fries come in an orange-white packaging. A bag of 400 grams of fries is priced at Rs 75/-.

How we made it – We made them using the instructions given on the pack. We thawed them for 15 minutes and then deep-fried them using vegetable oil. The fries cooked evenly and had a uniform color throughout the batch.

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Appearance – The Patanjali French Fries are uniformly cut. The potatoes are long and the pieces are intact. There are very few broken pieces, which is always appreciated.

Taste and texture – We loved how evenly the Patanjali fries cooked. The amber-colored fries were a treat to look at. The aspect which we LOVED the most was how crunchy these fries are. The Patanjali Frozen French Fries had high crunch levels and the potato flavor was still intact.

We noticed that even after they were a little cold, they did not lose out on the crunch.

Patanjali Frozen French Fries
Patanjali Frozen French Fries – Tasty and crunchy.

We do not consider calories for such products because no one eats fries for the number of calories it provides! It’s a form of comfort food and a greasy-yummy accompaniment that is loved throughout the world.

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When we reviewed three brands of fries (ITC, McCain and Safal) to find the yummiest frozen french fries, we noticed that some cooked unevenly while some were hollow on the inside. Here, this wasn’t the case. The Patanjali Frozen French Fries tasted nice, cooked evenly, were not hollow from inside, and had a lovely crunch. There is no seasoning and you will have to add salt or chaat masala according to your liking. You can use these as a base to make chilli cheese fries or gravy fries at home.

Go for it!

Patanjali Frozen French Fries

Uniformly cut, tasty and SUPER crunchy. Patanjali French Fries are good!

MRP – Rs 75/-*

Net weight – 400 grams

*Price at the time of review

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