Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Review

Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Review

These biscuits are maida-free and have a distinctive almond crunch. But are the Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Biscuits tasty?

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These cookies are good and have a good ingredient list. The crunch is delightful and every bite gives a wholesome feel. However, a more definitive almond flavor could have been better. Also, it would have been great if they used some other vegetable oil than palm oil.

We all can agree that a good biscuit can bring a smile to your daily tea time. Even more so if it’s made using good-for-you ingredients like oats, nuts, and seeds. As people gain awareness about healthier snacking options for tea time, no-maida biscuits are gaining popularity as well. One such product is the Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Biscuits.

We have dunked over hundreds of biscuits in tea for our reviews and while we loved some, the others didn’t fare too well. We tried the Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Biscuits and here is what you need to know. To buy or not to buy?

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Facts About Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains added flavors.
  • Allergen information – Contains wheat, oats, milk solids, soya and nuts.
  • Contains 8 packs and each pack has 2 biscuits.
  • A single serving (2 biscuits) contains 91 calories.

#FirstImpression Of Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds

Price and packaging – The Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds biscuits come in an orange box packaging. The box contains eight small packets and each pack contains 2 biscuits. A box of 16 biscuits is priced at Rs 50/-.

When we reviewed digestive biscuits, our parameters included the list of ingredients, texture, crunch, and taste. We kept similar parameters in mind while reviewing this product as well.

Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds Biscuits

List of ingredients – Wheat flour (35.3%), oat flakes (21.1%), refined palm oil, sugar, liquid glucose, almond (3.1%), raising agents, maltodextrin, invert syrup, milk solids, iodized salt, and emulsifier. Contains added flavors (milk and vanilla).

Taste and texture – The Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds biscuits are a lot like the sunfeast oat fibre cookies, but with an added crunch and punch of almonds.

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The texture of the biscuit is really nice and even though you can taste the fiber from oats, the biscuit does not feel dry or brittle. We could see chunks of almonds spread throughout the biscuit. The crunch of the biscuit is delightful. Every bite gives you a wholesome feel with the added crunch of almonds. The flavor is dominantly that of sweetened oats with a hint of almonds. We would have liked a more defined almond flavor.

We liked that in comparison to our regular biscuits and cookies, these do not contain any maida. In fact, wheat flour and oats make up more than 51% of the ingredients. We tried these biscuits with a cup of tea over a few days and realized that these make for a happy accompaniment to your evening tea. Not only that, these help you feel fuller for longer.

Overall, these are a tasty pack of whole wheat and oats biscuits for when you want to switch from your regular refined flour biscuits.

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Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds

Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats Almonds biscuits taste nice and wholesome.

MRP – Rs 50/-*

*Price at the time of review


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