Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles Review

Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles Review

Waffles ready in 30 seconds? Read our review of the Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles to know if they are tasty or not.

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All of a sudden, wherever you look, there they are – Waffles! But let’s admit it, not everyone owns a waffle maker, and even if they do, it can be a hassle to make them from scratch every time you crave some. The soft waffles by Dr. Oetker pack in the convenience of waffles at home, anytime. Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles are available in 6 varieties – Vanilla, Chocolate, Tutti frutti, Frosted Vanilla, Frosted Chocolate, and Cinnamon Sugar. We reviewed three variants of the Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles, and here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About The Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles

*According to information on the pack

  • All waffles contain eggs.
  • Each bag contains 6 individually wrapped waffles.

#FirstImpression of Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles

Price and packaging – All the variants of the Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles come in a bright red plastic pack. Each waffle is individually packed in a transparent plastic wrapper. This is good, as you may only want to take out one, or two, at a time. The pack of 6 waffles is priced at Rs 150/-.

How to eat them – These soft waffles can be eaten as it is or warm and toasted. Just pop them for 30 seconds in the toaster and they are ready to consume. We tried all the flavors as it is and also after toasting them for 30 seconds. During this, we noticed that if you leave them for more than that period, they burn up really quickly. It is advised to not over toast them.

Flavor Notes – Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles

Vanilla Frosted Soft Waffles – As soon as we opened a pack of vanilla frosted soft waffles, you get vanilla, almost custard-like, aroma. The sugar frosting on the soft waffles is nice and matches the portion size of the waffle. The texture of the waffle is soft and you enjoy the chewiness of the waffle. The taste reminded us of a bowl of vanilla custard. The sweetness is very balanced and leaves room for the addition of other sweet toppings.

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Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles – Frosted Vanilla

Chocolate Soft Waffles – The Chocolate flavor resembles that of milk chocolate. When we tried this with the addition of some honey, it did not sweeten it up excessively, indicating that the sweetness of the waffle is balanced.

Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles – Chocolate

Cinnamon Sugar Soft Waffles – The Cinnamon Sugar soft waffles had a wonderfully mild cinnamon flavor that complimented the portion size of the waffle. If you are a cinnamon fan, you will love these.

Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles – Cinnamon Sugar

Would we go back for these? Yes! We loved how these waffles are super quick to make and value for money. If you order a waffle from any average waffle place, it would cost you somewhere between Rs 200-350/- for a single topping waffle.

These waffles are a brilliant option for a quick breakfast or can be turned into a wholesome dessert. Dr. Oetkaer Soft Waffles would be perfect for a kiddy play date or a small birthday party at home. You can add any topping you wish to according to your taste – whipped cream, honey, maple syrup, fresh fruit, chocolate spread, Nutella, caramel, and more.

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Overall, we loved the Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles for the sheer convenience they provide of enjoying a fairly tasty waffle at home – anytime.

Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles

Easy to make and tasty, the children (and adults) will love the Dr. Oetker Soft Waffles.

MRP – Rs 150/-*

Number of waffles – 6 per pack

*Price at the time of review

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