Orika Sabut Garam Masala Review - Mishry (2023)
Orika Sabut Garam Masala

Orika’s Sabut Garam Masala Is Fresh, Flavorful And Aromatic! (2024)

Orika’s Sabut Garam Masala is an excellent pre-mix blend of whole spices ideal for everyday Indian cooking.

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Mishry Rating

5 / 5
Flavor and freshness
5 / 5


Aromatic, flavorful and super fresh. Orika 70s Sabut Garam Masala gets full marks from Team Mishry. The product hits a bullseye in terms of flavor and aroma, as highlighted in the ratings.

Orika’s Sabut Garam Masala earned a spot on Mishry’s Best of 2023 List. 

best of 2023 Orika 70's Sabut Garam Masala

Garam Masala, which translates to “warm spice mix,” is a typical everyday masala powder added towards the end of the cooking process.

But if the spices are whole, it’s ideal to add them in hot oil at the beginning to impart a better aroma and flavor. Its complex flavors offer a wonderful depth of warmth to a wide variety of recipes.

From an extensive range of masalas by ORIKA Spices, we tested Orika 70s Sabut Garam Masala. In Mishry’s Orika Sabut Garam Masala review, we uncover details on the aroma, flavor and the freshness.

Everything you need to know is listed in the following table: 

Orika Sabut Garam Masala  Product Details 
Price  INR 105 
Net Quantity  70 gm 
Shelf Life  1 year 
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  5

Our Review Factors

Our primary review factors for evaluation of Orika Sabut Garam Masala include – the aroma, flavor and freshness. 

Whereas the convenience, the ingredients used, and packaging, price and shelf life are our secondary factors of consideration. 

1. Aroma 

The quality of the whole spices can make or break the taste of any dish. Low-quality whole spices lack the essential oils that are responsible for releasing the aroma. How was our experience with Orika Sabut Garam Masala? 

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2. Flavor & Freshness 

We checked the flavor and freshness of each spice independently. Is there a specific spice that dominates the overall flavor? Aroma and taste-wise, which spice takes the center stage? 

This garam masala should enliven the palate with a burst of fresh flavors. 

3. What’s More?


Which whole spices are used in Orika Sabut Garam Masala? Any preservatives or artificial flavors used to enhance the overall aroma/flavor? 


Zip-lock or jar pack? How convenient is the packaging? 

Shelf Life & Price 

How long is the shelf life of this masala? Is it a value for money option? 

Here’s a list of the tastiest Garam Masala for Indian curries.

Orika Sabut Garam Masala  – Detailed Review

Product Details 

This garam masala comes in a clear plastic jar. The jar’s construction is strong, making storing it quite convenient. It is priced at Rs. 105 (for 70 grams) and has a shelf life of one year. 


This garam masala consists of the following whole spices – Black pepper, Cumin, Caraway, Cassia (Taj), Star anise, Large cardamom, Clove, Dried bay leaf, Shailpushp, and Green cardamom. 

Although we could not find what exactly is shailpushp, our guess is that it is just another name for dagar phool or black stone flower as we could clearly see it in the mix but hasn’t been mentioned by that name on the ingredient list.

Orika Sabut Garam Masala packaging
contents of Orika Sabut Garam Masala
This has an aromatic mix of whole spices.

How did we test this?

We tested this garam masala in the following manner: 

  1. Dry Inspection: The number of spices used, their size, quality, and aroma were all evaluated in this criteria. 
  2. Cooking with the Spices: To test the flavor and freshness of this masala, we cooked a simple vegetable pulao. 

We used ghee, spices, vegetables, rice, and salt to make the pulao. Nothing else was added to complicate the flavor profile of the rice as we wanted to check how this works on a simple, everyday dish. If a powder is what you need, these can be hand-pounded before adding to a curry.

Are Whole Spices Better Than Ground Spices?

Whole spices maintain their flavor and aroma far better than ground spices. How so, you ask? Because whole spices have an exterior shell/skin, the essential oils that impart taste to the spice are effectively protected. 

When whole spices are crushed or ground, the essential oils are released, imparting a fresh flavor to the dishes you make. 

Why Should Whole Spices Be Added To Hot Oil/Ghee?

Adding whole spices to hot oil is a culinary technique that allows for more effective flavor infusion. The heat causes the essential oils and fragrant compounds in the spices to be released. These then dissolve and infuse in the hot oil that is used as the base, spreading their aroma throughout the dish. 

It also helps dial down the spiciness and pungency to some extent, making the dish more palatable. 

Our Take 


The aroma is intense and strong. Our entire review lab was filled with the enticing aroma of the spices.

Flavor & Freshness

Exceptional. Top class flavors. This masala imparts fresh flavors. The flavor of clove, elaichi, and cinnamon is prominent throughout the dish.

Star anise adds a beautiful warm flavor which is followed by the smokiness of the  Shailpushp (dagad phool). The presence of pepper uplifts the taste further. 

This jar of whole spices is perfect for flavoring dishes such as – pulao, mattar paneer, chicken curry, etc. It’s an excellent blend of spices which can be used for everyday cooking. 

Orika Sabut Garam Masala review in process
We prepared a basic vegetable pulao dish to test this garam masala.
cooking with Orika Sabut Garam Masala
The cooking process of the pulao.
Aroma - 5/5
Flavor and freshness - 5/5
  • Super flavorful. 
  • Adds a nice depth of flavor. 
  • Enticing and intense aroma. 
  • Convenient packaging. 
  • Perfect for everyday dishes like pulao, mutter paneer.

Perfect for those who only require a handful of spices and do not wish to buy whole spices in large quantities. Also, this is a good pick for people who do not prefer packaged garam masala.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Orika Sabut Garam Masala

This masala is a blend of different spices including – clove (laung), cinnamon (dalchini), black peppercorns (kali mirch), star anise (chakr phool), cumin (zeera), fennel seeds (saunf), bay leaf (tej patta), and nutmeg (jaiphal). Some may even add coriander seeds, javitri, stone flower, and more. There is a particular recipe for a garam masala and it varies from home to home.

Garam masala powder is usually added towards the end of the cooking process. But if the spices are whole, it is best to add them during the first step.

The product has a one-year shelf life.

No, this is devoid of preservatives.

Our Verdict

Team Mishry highly recommends trying Orika 70s Sabut Garam Masala. The potent and enticing aroma followed by remarkable flavors makes this a must in your kitchen pantry. This versatile garam masala will take your everyday recipes to the next level or offer a whole new layer of flavor to your everyday foods, from pulao to mutter paneer. 

Whole spices or ground spices? What do you prefer?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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