New Tree Oat Chips Review- Mishry
new tree oat chips review

New Tree Oat Chips Review: We Tried 3 Variants

New Tree Oats chips are all crunch, no taste. More on Lemon & Spice and Lightly Salted variants in our review.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
4 / 5


New Tree Oat chips have a remarkable texture, but the flavor profiles are too subtle. Additionally, the oily aroma and taste left us disappointed. The rating is for the lemon and spice variant which was slightly better than the lightly salted chips.

‘Guilt-free’, ‘nutritious’, ‘sugar-free’ are phrases brands market their ‘healthy’ products with. While sugar (refined, low-calorie, natural) is relatively easier to identify, when it comes to savory snacks, one may fall victim to ‘lite’ ‘baked’ and related claims. 

New Tree is an up-and-coming brand that claims to offer a range of tasty yet healthy snacks that cater to the entire family. From healthy chips to nuts and seeds, New Tree comes with a promise of ‘guilt-free’ snacks.

From the healthy chips range, we ordered two variants of oats chips. In this New Tree Oat Chips review, we discuss the taste, texture, and how different are the nutritional values of New Tree as compared to the average bag of potato chips. 

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New Tree Oat Chips – Everything You Need To Know

new tree oat chips reviewed variants
Lightly Salted and Lemon & Spice were ordered for the review.

Our New Tree Oat chips review covers all you need to know. 

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1. Available Variants

Under its range of Healthy Chips, New Tree offers Quinoa Chips, Oat Chips, and Ragi Chips. There are four oat chips variants- Lemon & Spice, Peri Peri, Lightly Salted, and Tomato. 

2. Available Quantities

These are available in 150 and 200-gram containers. 

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3. Price Range

We ordered the 150-gram packs that are priced at Rs 130. 

4. Shelf Life

These chips have a shelf life of six months. 

5. Packaging

The chips are packed in a sturdy PET jar with a secure lid. There’s a seal under the lid that ensures freshness.

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New Tree Oat Chips – Our Review Factors

In addition to taste and texture, we evaluated these oat chips on the quality of ingredients and calories they offer. 

1. Main Ingredients

Except for the oil used, New Tree features a clean ingredient list. Oats flour, urad dal, tapioca starch, and rice flour are the few ingredients used. 

2. Taste

Does the ‘Lightly Salted’ taste as labeled? What about Lemon & Spice, does the tanginess make our eyes twitch and our nose scrunch?

3. Appearance

Round or rectangular, what do these chips look like? While shape is anticipated to be varied, is visual consistency in terms of size maintained? Too many broken chips? 

4. Crunchiness

Do these chips have the pronounced crunch snacks are relished for? Does the combination of flours affect the texture? If yes, to what extent?

5. Nutritional Information

Per 100 grams, New Tree Oat chips offer 420- 450 Kcal.

New Tree Oat Chips Flavors – Detailed Review

Both variants are packed similarly, in a PET jar with a secure lid. Here’s our experience with two variants of New Tree Oat chips. 


New Tree Oat Chips Lightly Salted Lemon & Spice
Price Rs 130 Rs 130
Net Weight 150 grams 150 grams
Shelf Life Six months Six months
Amazon Ratings (on 5) 4.5  4.5


1. Lightly Salted

Texture- 4/5
Taste- 2/5

Visually, these chips had a light brown appearance. The chips are primarily rectangular with a striped wavy surface. The thickness is close to that of regular potato-based chips.

We noticed an off-putting aroma of oil. It felt like the oil had been reused multiple times. This aroma was laced with some nuttiness.

Fresh and crunchy! The texture and bite of these chips were commendable. The characteristic crispness snacks have was present here. 

Taste-wise, these oats chips were disappointing. Apart from the nuttiness from the flour, it has a subtle lingering bitter aftertaste. The only positive here was that the ‘lightly’ salted claim is delivered decently. 

new tree oat chips lightly salted jar
The chips are packed securely, ensuring retained freshness.
new tree oat chips lightly salted in a bowl
Here's how the chips look like.
closer look at new tree oat chips lightly salted
In this macro shot, you can see the seasoning.


  • A 150-gram jar is priced at Rs 130.
  • It has a shelf life of six months.
  • Main Ingredients- Oats Flour, Udad Dal, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour, Edible Oil, Salt.


  • These have a lower fat content as compared to regular chips.
  • Full marks for the ‘Lightly Salted’ promise.
  • Crunchy! The crisp texture is remarkable. 


  • These aren’t palatable, the aroma and taste of reused oil is too prominent.
  • The brand does not mention the type of oil used. 

2. Lemon & spice

Texture- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

This variant had a pale beige appearance. The shape and size were almost identical. The aroma was quite similar too, except these lacked the nutty undertone.

Texture-wise, this variant had a bold crunch. Neither on the fingers nor the palette, these chips did not feel oily or heavy. 

The taste, however, was too subtle for our liking. The tanginess of the lemon flavor was too low. Similarly, the spice kick was minimal. We could taste the oil, but it was milder than the above variant.

new tree oat chips lemon and spice jar
A similar style of packaging is followed.
lemon and spice oat chips in a bowl
The chips look crisp.
closer look at new tree oat chips lemon and spice
A zoomed in look of the Lemon & Spice variant.


  • Net weight, price, and shelf life are the same as above. 
  • Main Ingredients- Oats Flour, Udad Dal, Tapioca Starch, Rice Flour, Edible Oil, Salt, Lemon and Spice Seasoning. Contains added flavor – nature identical and flavoring substance.


  • These chips are fresh and crunchy!
  • The packaging feels premium. 
  • We liked that the chips do not feel oily on the fingers or the palette.


  • The flavors are subtle.
  • Although milder than the salted variant, the taste and aroma of reused oil could be sensed.

Our Top Pick

Mishry was not taken by surprise by these oat chips. Of the two we tried, we liked the Lemon & Spice variant marginally better. 

Final Words

New Tree Oat chips are quite average. While the taste was unexceptional, we liked the pronounced crunch they had. Since these are made of a blend of flours and not potatoes, the fat content is lower, however, the overall calories fall in the same range as that of fried potato chips. 

What is your preferred tea time snack, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on New Tree Oat Chips.

1. Can these oats chips be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, since these are mildly flavored, you can pair them with tea or coffee. 

2. How to retain the crispiness of the chips after unpacking?

The container comes with a lid that eliminates the need for transferring the chips to another container. 

3. Are these oats chips completely vegetarian?

Yes, these are 100% vegetarian. 

4. Do these chips help in weight loss?

Weight loss is a result of eating fewer calories than you burn. No one food item can help reduce weight. Balanced nutrition paired with physical activity is the healthiest way to lose weight. 

5. Are these oats chips very spicy?

No, these are subtly flavored. 

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