New Dorito Flavor - Doritos Masala Mayhem Nachos Review

New Dorito Flavor – Doritos Masala Mayhem Nachos Review

The new Doritos Masala Mayhem Chips deliver what they promised. This flavor of Dorito Nachos is bold on flavor and crunch.

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We wanted masala, and masala is what we got! These Dorito Nachos with the Masala Mayhem flavor do justice to the masala tag. These new nachos chips have the perfect crunch which we loved. Pair it with a condiment you love.

Nachos are a great snack to munch on. Whether it’s a sleepover or a movie marathon, nachos make the perfect munchie. You can relish them straight out of the bag or awaken the chef in you and load it up with some cheese, beans, and fresh salsa. Doritos is the first brand that pops in our head when we think of nachos. When we heard about the new Doritos Masala Mayhem Chips, we were excited to try them out. Indians love spicy foods, and what better way to test our spice tolerance than a bag of crunchy tortilla chips?

In this nacho chips review, we tasted the Dorito Nachos as they are and with a salsa flavored cheese sauce. Everything from the taste, masala spice quotient, and crunch are discussed in this nacho chips review.

Did you know? The 21st of October is celebrated as the International Nacho Day.

Quick Review

The new Doritos Masala Mayhem Chips are loaded with spicy masala and have a mild sweetness at the end.

MRP – Rs 50/-*

Net weight – 110 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

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  • 100 grams of Dorito Nachos provide 510 calories.
  • Best before 6 months from manufacture.
  • Contains 78% corn.

 Corn, Palmolein Oil, Sugar, Spices & Condiments, Rice Flour,  Potassium Chloride, Citric Acid.

Quick Review Of Doritos Masala Mayhem Chips

Price and packaging – The Doritos Masala Mayhem flavor comes in a royal blue pack. A pack weighing 110 grams is priced at Rs 50/-.

Appearance – A strong masaledar aroma filled the room right as we opened these new nacho chips. The Doritos Nachos Masala Mayhem is dark yellow in color. There is an ample amount of masala that coats all the tortilla chips evenly.

Doritos Masala Mayhem Nachos Review

Crunch – The pack claims these tortilla chips have a ‘bold’ crunch. And we kid you not when we say the crunch was BOLD. These Dorito nachos had the perfect crispy texture that one would look for in a snack. 

Flavor – We could not stop munching on the new Doritos Masala Mayhem Chips. These Dorito nachos are loaded with masala and are reasonably spicy. There is a bold paprika flavor in them. Additionally, right at the end of the bite, you taste a mild sweetness, which gives these new nachos chips the perfect balance of flavors. We tasted these Masala Mayhem Tortilla Chips as it is and with Amul Cheese Sauce – Mexican Salsa flavor. This elevated the taste while adding the much-needed creaminess. The masala added to these tortilla chips sticks to the fingers. Doritos Tortilla Chips Masala Mayhem is finger-licking good, literally!

Taste test - New Dorito Flavor Masala Mayhem Nachos

This review of Doritos Nacho Chips left us delighted. The perfect crunch and seasoning! Even though these do not need any sauce/condiment, thanks to the abundance of masala, the Doritos Nachos can be paired with mild salsa, sour cream, jalapeno dip or a cheese sauce. However, these nacho chips may not be enjoyed by kids as much as they are on the spicier side.

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