This Hot Chocolate Powder Will Be Your Go-To This Season!

This Hot Chocolate Powder Will Be Your Go-To This Season!

Surreal Sips On A Winter Morning? We Found The Best Hot Chocolate Powder In India!

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Our favorite TV shows have sure helped us master our fake accents. In addition to this, they have also brought back sweet memories of our childhood. The warm cup of luscious hot chocolate that we could never get enough of! Winter or monsoon, a few marshmallows, or a generous splash of chocolate syrup, you can never go wrong with a cuppa hot chocolate!

Chocolate cravings are real. Trying to avoid them will only make them more intense. At such a time, melting chocolate and waiting for it to thicken is nothing less than a challenge. Here’s where a ready-to-drink hot chocolate powder saves the day!

Team Mishry reviewed three popular brands of hot chocolate powder to find the richest and tastiest one. After a sweet-tasting session, Team Mishry’s Top Pick for hot chocolate powders in India was Hershey’s Hot Chocolate. Rich, decadent, and tasty, you’d be missing out if you don’t get your hands on this!


Hershey’s Hot Chocolate powder gave us the richest, smoothest and tastiest mug of hot chocolate.

  • Taste, aroma, and texture, Hershey’s had it all!

  • Hershey’s Hot Chocolate was spot-on sweet.

  • This powder seamlessly mixes with milk.

  • With 29% milk solids, Hershey’s Hot Chocolate had the perfect visual appeal too.

  • A 250 g jar costs you Rs 210.

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Hot Chocolate

How did Hershey’s Hot Chocolate warm us from within?

A cup of hot chocolate is the perfect combination of something sweet and warm. Not only does a cup bring authentic winter-vibes but a generous serving of hot chocolate is the best way to start a cosy celebration too!


Hershey’s Hot Chocolate had a rich aroma right as we opened the seal. For stage one of the review, we dry tasted the hot chocolate powder. Hershey’s Hot Chocolate had the perfect sweetness levels.

In addition to this, the chocolate flavor really came through. For part two, Mishry Secret Sauce, we mixed 4 teaspoons of the powder with 200 ml of full cream milk. No additional sweeteners or toppings were added.

The Most Chocolatey Hot Chocolate in India is…

Aroma and flavor were our two major parameters. Needless to say, a quick and almost instant hot chocolate shouldn’t feel like an arm workout. Hershey’s Hot Chocolate stood victorious in both rounds of our taste test. Whether its mixability or richness, aroma or taste, Hershey’s Hot Chocolate made us happy from within.

There you have it, and the most decadent, rich, and satisfying hot chocolate powder is by Hershey’s. Based on Team Mishry’s review Hershey’s Hot Chocolate had the upper hand against both contenders.

The sweetness wasn’t too intense or too mild, and the chocolate flavor was bang on! On a winter morning or to satiate your cravings, Hershey’s Hot Chocolate is the answer.



Hershey’s Hot Chocolate powder gave us the richest, smoothest and tastiest mug of hot chocolate.

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