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mtr minute meals combos review

MTR Minute Meals Combos Review – Best For Timeless Occasions

Both variants of MTR Minute meals that we tried showcased balanced, homestyle flavors. Read more about these travel-friendly meals in our review.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
Value For Money
4 / 5


Two lip-smacking variants but one clear favorite, MTR Minute Meals Dal Makhani tastes delicious. Ideal for traveling and those lazy days when you need something warm in an instant.

After RTE snacks, heat and eat meals are the new go-to. With tons of options to choose from, picking a heat and eat meal is almost equivalent to deciding a restaurant to eat at. A tiring day or preparing a single serving are situations when opting for such meals may seem like a positive alternative.

Generally, the two ways of heating RTE meals are microwaving the tray or immersing it in boiling water. Voila! Your meal is ready almost instantly.

MTR, the brand synonymous with aromatic spice blends and masale, entered the RTE segment with breakfast mixes a while ago. After reviewing the staple Indian breakfast mixes like upma and poha, we were curious to try the MTR Minute meals. 

This week, we tried two of the six variants for our MTR Minute meals combos review. From their pricing, packaging, convenience and taste. All the parameters were gauged during our review.

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MTR Minute Meals Combos We Tried

MTR Minute Meals Combos – Everything You Need To Know

MTR Minute meals combos are packed really well. The rice/pulao and the gravy/dal are individually packed in separate microwave-safe containers. 

So far, so good, let’s dive deeper into this discussion. 

1. Available Variants

These Minute meals are offered in six variants. These are- 

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  • Mutter Paneer and Veg. Pulao
  • Dal Makhani and Basmati Rice
  • Paneer Butter Masala and Veg. Pulao
  • Rajma Masala and Basmati Rice
  • Dal Fry and Basmati Rice
  • Chana Masala and Basmati Rice

We tried the Dal Makhani and Chana Masala MTR Minute Meals combos.

2. Available Quantities

All variants offer 185 g of dal/gravy and 190 g of rice/pulao. 

3. Packaging

There are two microwave-safe containers, holding rice and the gravy separately. These containers are further encased in a box. 

4. Shelf Life

These preservative-free RTE meals have a shelf life of 11 months. 

MTR Minute Meals Combos – Our Review Factors

Taste and price aren’t the only factors that we reviewed the MTR Minute meals on. 

How well they are packed, are they satiating, the proportions, whether or not cutlery has been provided, are some other parameters. 

mtr minute meals combos packaging
We tried the Chana Masala and Dal Makhani variants.

1. Packaging

These RTE meals get full marks for the packaging. The containers are microwave-safe and spill-proof.

This means, there’s no need for additional bowls/plates (aka quicker cleanup!). Similarly, the packaging is also travel-friendly. 

2. Taste

Masaledar, overly spicy or just bland? How wholesome is the meal?

3. Freshness

Made with tomatoes and onions, do the gravy and dal taste fresh? Any aftertaste?

4. Aroma

Do the meals resemble the home-cooked variants in terms of aroma too? Did the aroma intensify post-heating? Does the authentic Basmati aroma envelope the room? 

5. Flavour

While noting the individual flavor of the gravy/dal is essential, we’ve also discussed the flavor of rice. The ingredient list does not mention the addition of salt in rice. Will this work?

6. Texture & Colour

Does the color of the gravy/dal look unnaturally vibrant? Texture primarily depends on the fat sources used (butter and oil) and whether or not the pulses have been mashed. This can add some body to the gravy.

7. Grain Size

Color of the rice grains speaks a lot about how well they’ve been harvested and aged. Do the rice grains have a stark white look or are they slightly pale?

8. Nutritional Information

Following is the macronutrient breakdown (per 100 g) for both MTR Minute meals combos we tried- 

  • Chana Masala and Basmati Rice- 115 kcal, 4.5 g of protein, 14.5 g of carbohydrates, 4.3 g of fat, and 406 mg of sodium.
  • Dal Makhani and Basmati Rice- 87 kcal, 3 g of protein, 6.7 g of carbohydrates, 5.3 g of fat, and 230 mg of sodium.
  • Basmati Rice- 102 kcal, 2.3 g of protein, 23 g of carbohydrates, and 0.2 g of fat.

9. Price Range

Each 375 g combo is priced at INR 150. 

While the packaging is exceptional, do the taste and quantity justify the price?

MTR Minute Meals Combos – Detailed Review

Following is all you need to know about the two MTR Minute meals combos we tried. 

Parameters MTR Minute Meals Chana Masala and Basmati Rice MTR Minute Meals Dal Makhani and Basmati Rice
Price INR 150 INR 150
Net Weight 375 g (185+190) 375 g (185+190)
Calories 115 + 102 kcal 87 + 102 kcal
Shelf Life 11 months 11 months


1. Chana Masala & Basmati Rice Combo

Aroma- 3.5/5
Flavor- 3.5/5
Value For Money- 4/5

Made with jumbo-sized chickpeas, this MTR Minute meal combo looked delectable! Of the two recommended heating methods, we microwaved the containers at the highest power for two minutes. 

Chana Masala- The chickpeas were swimming in a pool of a smooth, aromatic, and rich-looking gravy. No lumps or veggie bits were visible, the gravy had a medium-thick consistency. 

Chickpeas often get overcooked and become mushy if soda is added in excess while boiling. They may also remain undercooked and ruin the whole dish. The chickpeas were cooked to perfection in the MTR Meal. They were neither mushy, nor hard, yet retained a light bite. The texture of the chickpeas is great.

Let’s discuss the taste now. Taste-wise, by itself the Chana Masala had an intense spice kick. This spice hits you at the end of the bite, right on the throat. The masalas have a bold presence. That said, when paired with rice, this spice is beautifully balanced. 

Basmati Rice – The ‘Basmati’ rice lacks that rich, floral aroma it is known for. Generally, Basmati rice grains are long-sized. What we observed was a mix of long and medium-sized rice grains with very few broken ones. On the other hand, the grains were cooked perfectly, they had the ‘khila-khila’ look we were looking for. It wasn’t a lumpy, mushy portion of rice.

mtr minute meals chana masala packaging
Packed in individual containers, the rice and chana masala were sealed for a spill-proof experience.
mtr minute meals chana masala contents
The rice grains look well-cooked and the gravy was smooth yet thick.
mtr minute meals chana masala after heating in a plate
We heated the containers as instructed on the box.
closer look at mtr chana masala
The jumbo sized chana!


  • This MTR Minute meal is priced at Rs 150.
  • One 375 g pack is ideal as a single-serve.
  • The advanced heat technology retains flavors without any preservatives. 
  • There are two recommended heating methods. 
  • The containers are microwave-safe.
  • It has a shelf life of 11 months. 


  • We liked the smooth, aromatic gravy.
  • The chickpeas used are large and well-cooked. 
  • It is devoid of added preservatives and artificial colors. 
  • The rice balances out the overbearing spice from the gravy well. 
  • We liked how fluffy the rice grains were.


  • Disposable cutlery should have been included.
  • The rice doesn’t have the distinct floral aroma that Basmati is known for. 

Best Suited For

If you’re craving a home-cooked meal, this packaged delight could be the answer. The quantity is decent for an individual with a medium appetite. 

No microwave? No issue, you can immerse the containers in a pot of boiling water. 

2. Dal Makhani and Basmati Rice Combo

Aroma- 4.5/5
Flavor- 4/5
Value For Money- 4/5

Ah, dal rice! Simple yet soul-satisfying. 

The dal makhani is made using a combination of black gram dal and red kidney beans. Rich, deep-toned dal with a majority of black gram and sparsely added rajma. The pulses were whole, not mashed. 

A thick, creamy gravy is what we wanted and it was exactly what we got! The gravy wasn’t too watery, it looked luscious. A prominent aroma of tomato gravy and butter was present. 

When we tasted the dal as is, it had a creamy richness. The mild acidic flavor from the tomato paste paired with a delicate flavor of garlic tastes delicious. The salt levels are well balanced and so is the case with spice levels.

Both these MTR Minute Meal variants are paired with Basmati rice. Our experience with the rice was the same as Chana Masala variant. 

mtr minute meals dal makhni packaging
A similar style of packaging has been used for this variant.
closer look at mtr dal makhni before heating
closer look at mtr rice before heating
As you can see, the rice grains are a mix of medium and long-sized grains.
mtr minute meals dal makhni after heating in a plate
Once microwaved, these components turned aromatic.
closer look at mtr dal makhni
Dal makhani comprises a mix of black gram dal and red kidney beans.


  • 185 g of dal and 190 g of Basmati rice are included in one pack.
  • This combo meal is priced at INR 150.
  • It has a shelf life of 11 months.
  • One pack is a single serving.
  • This dal is a blend of black gram dal and red kidney beans.


  • The dal to rice proportion is spot-on!
  • The ‘makhani’ richness in this is sublime. 
  • We like the salt and spice balance of the dal. 
  • No lentils are mashed, they are whole and well-cooked.
  • The rice grains are fluffy and do not stick to each other. 
  • The containers are spill-proof and microwave-safe. 


  • Same as above.

Best Suited For

On days you feel lazy but are craving for something warm and comforting, this MTR Minute meal could be a good choice. 

The dal has a lovely taste, well-balanced salt levels, and is definitely not extra spicy- making it a nice DIY meal for kids.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Without a doubt, we declare the Dal Makhani variant from our MTR Minute Meals combos review the favorite! The buttery flavor of the dal, the texture, and the dal to rice proportion- this nailed all the aspects. 

That being said, the chana masala variant wasn’t bad either. We just preferred the dal makhni version a bit more.

Final Words

Out and about? Can’t get your hands on a proper, filling meal? These MTR Minute meals might be something you could try. 

All you need is a microwave. Even if you don’t, you can immerse the rice and gravy containers in a pot of water, and voila! Your meal is ready. Unlike RTE/cup-based snacks, these meals are quite satiating for individuals with a medium appetite. The only complaint we have is the absence of cutlery. But if you’re carrying these meals while traveling, don’t forget to pack a spoon and some tissues along.

Thumbs up for the fresh flavors and convenient packaging!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mtr Minute Meals Combos

1. Are these minute meals fresh and tasty?

These minute meals are preservative-free and taste great. 

2. Are these meals healthy?

Since these meals are a decent composition of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, they could pass off as healthy meals. Do note that nothing comes close to a fresh, homemade meal.

3. Can these meals be consumed by babies under 5 years?

It is recommended to consult a professional. It is advisable for babies as well as adults to consume as little packaged food as possible. 

4. Is buying an MTR minute meals combo worth the price?

Yes, these are very economical. 

5. One packet of MTR minute meals combo serves how many?

One pack is sufficient for a single serving.

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