Best Frozen Snacks in India For A Diwali Party
best frozen snacks in india

Best Frozen Snacks in India For A Diwali Party

Planning an upcoming Diwali party at home? Grab these packs of Frozen snacks for quick snacking and zero prep-time.

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With festivities just around the corner, we all have started to prep up for the upcoming Diwali party at our home. From decorating pretty corners to playing cards to enjoying good food, Diwali calls for celebration time

Parties are incomplete without the addition of delicious snack options. With good food around, the vibe of the party is set. Frozen snacks is the first thing that comes to our mind if you are looking for quick to prepare snacks. All you need to do is open the pack, fry the contents and  get delicious snacks ready in no time. 

With brands bringing up new varieties of Frozen snacks, you are sure to get spoiled for choice. We have listed the best party snacks that you can add to your Diwali party menu. All the listed snacks are reviewed and recommended by us. Read on below our list of the best Frozen snacks in India. 

Best Frozen Snacks for Your Diwali Party

For some delectable snack options for your Diwali party, we have curated a list of 10 delicious Frozen snacks that must be on your party menu list.

1. Keventer Paneer Bites

keventer paneer bites

If you have a guest list that loves paneer, these are just the perfect addition to your party menu. We reviewed Keventer Paneer Bites and loved everything from the taste to the texture. The crisp outer layer combined with fresh tasting paneer makes this an appetizing snack option. 

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These are seasoned to perfection and involve easy preparation. 


  • The 300 gram pack costs Rs. 185/-.
  • It requires no thawing. 
  • Shelf life – 12 months
  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • Ingredients include cottage cheese, breadcrumbs, edible vegetable oil, spices and condiments.

Why is it Recommended?

  • The paneer tastes fresh. 
  • Involves minimum cooking time. 
  • The outer layer is super crisp. 
  • Well seasoned snack.

2. Goeld Beetroot & Cheese Tikkis

goeld beetroot and cheese tikkis

If you are looking to add something hatke to your party menu, then Goeld’s Beetroot & Cheese Tikki can be a nice addition. It is a well seasoned snack that is super spicy and has a homestyle taste. 


  • The beetroot tikkis contains 34% beetroot. 
  • It comes with a low-fat garlic chutney.  
  • You can either deep-fry or shallow fry these tikkis. 
  • The cheese here has a mix of both mozzarella and processed cheese. 

Why is it Recommended?

  • It has a prominent flavor of beetroot. 
  • The beetroot tikki has balanced salt levels. 
  • We loved the homestyle taste.

3.  Amul Paneer Nuggets

amul happy treats masala paneer nuggets

Nuggets are small chicken, meat or paneer filled snacks coated with breadcrumbs which are fried until crispy.  If you are planning a vegetarian starter menu at home, paneer nuggets will make for a perfect addition to your list. 

We reviewed Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets and rated the product based on taste, texture and appearance. The flavor of fresh tasting paneer was loved and this snack will turn out to be a hit in your party. 

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  • A 300 gm pack of Amul Masala Paneer Nuggets is priced at Rs. 160. 
  • It comes in a resealable plastic bag making it easy to store after use.
  • It is made using Amul products. 
  • It is best before 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Why is it Recommended?

  • These paneer nuggets were flavorful in every bite. 
  • The outer layer had the perfect crunch
  • We loved the crumbled paneer filling that tasted fresh. 
  • It includes tiny bits of onion pieces that elevated the crunchiness of the paneer nuggets.
  • We loved the well balanced seasoning which was not bland. 

4.  Haldiram’s Punjabi Samosa 

haldirams punjabi samosa

Filled with a flavorful potato filling and a crispy outer layer, samosa is loved by many. If you are looking for a quick way to prepare samosas without any mess, Haldiram’s Punjabi Samosa has to be your next buy. Everything from the convenience factor to the taste and texture, is on point.


  • A 650 gm pack costs Rs. 220. 
  • The shelf life is 18 months. 
  • It comes with both pudina chutney and khatti meethi chutney.

Why is it Recommended?

  • Perfect balance of flavors.
  • The samosas taste fresh.
  • Both the chutneys are delicious.
  • These turn out super crisp.

6.  Amul Cheese Poppons

amul cheese poppons

If you plan to add a few cheesy yet crunchy snacks to your party menu list, Amul has got you that snack. Amul Cheese Poppons with the perfect shape, crunchy outer layer and delicious tastes delicious. The highlight of these poppons is the generous filling of paneer and cheese.  Give it a try and thank us later. 


  • The 300 gm pack of Amul Cheese Poppons is priced at Rs. 160/-
  • Amul Cheese Poppons is made using Amul products.
  • The product is best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing, if stored in temperature < -18 degrees centigrade. 
  • The 300 gm pack includes a pack of 40 gm chutney inside.
  • 12 pieces are included in the 300 gm pack.

Why is it Recommended?

  • It turns out to be perfectly crispy after deep-frying.
  • It comes in a resealable pouch pack that makes it convenient to store after every use. 
  • These Cheese Poppons did not soak up excess oil while frying.
  • It is filled with flavors and contains a spicy touch of green chillies. 

7.  Prasuma Spring Rolls

prasuma spring rolls

Spring rolls are a popular Chinese snack having a flaky and crisp outer coating and a filling of lightly seasoned crunchy vegetables. Packed with flavors, we highly recommend adding Prasuma’s Frozen Vegetable Spring Rolls for your next upcoming party.


  • These spirng rolls come with a dipping sauce.
  • The 240 gm pack holds six pieces.
  • It offers a shelf life of 12 months.
  • You can either air fry, deep-fry or steam them.

Why is it Recommended?

  • We loved the crisp and flaky texture.
  • It is quick to cook.
  • The dipping is flavorful.
  • The stuffing is seasoned to perfection.

Not a fan of the traditional aloo samosa? Here’s a corn and cheese mini-samosa variant we loved.

8.  Haldiram’s Spinach Pakora

haldriams spinach pakora

Get these unique and appetizing spinach pakora to your party menu by Haldiram’s. You can serve them alongside some pudina chutney and your guests will surely ask for more. These are crunchy, flavorful and high on convenience.


  • These pakoras come in a two-layer packaging.
  • The 283 gm pack holds 12 pieces of the pakora.
  • Methods of preparation – oven bake or deep fry.

Why is it Recommended?

  • These are super easy to prepare.
  • The salt is perfectly balanced.
  • The pakoras have no artificial taste.

9.  Blue Flame Reshmi Kebab

blue flame reshmi kebab

If you are planning a non-veg snack menu for your Diwali party, these reshmi kebab must be on the list. Blue Flame Chicken Reshmi Kebab has a delicious flavor and was a hit in our review test. Quick to prepare and juicy in taste, these are a must in your Diwali party. 


  • The price for a 240 gm pack of Blue Flame Chicken Reshmi Kebab is Rs. 185. 
  • The 240 gm pack includes eight pieces of the reshmi kebab.
  • These kebabs are made using skinless chicken. 
  • There is no need to thaw the kebabs before cooking.  

Why is it Recommended?

  • These kebabs do not contain any preservatives and stabilizers.
  • It has a smooth and silky texture. 
  • The kebabs retained their shape during the cooking process. 
  • It contains a burst of flavors wherein the taste of garlic and black pepper feels dominant. 


The 240 gm bag of Blue Flame Chicken Reshmi Kebab is worth Rs. 185/-

10.  Prasuma Momos

prasuma momos

Momos! This snack has become a hot favorite today and is loved by many. Prasuma’s range of momos has different flavors and is quick snack to prepare. From veg flavors to non veg flavors, it offers a vast variety of options.


  • These momos come in different quantities – 8, 10 and 24 pieces.
  • All these momos have a premium packaging.
  • These come along with dips/chutneys.

Why is it Recommended?

  • It is a hassle free way to prepare momos.
  • Both the flavor and texture is just right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Frozen Snacks

The most popular and addictive frozen snack in India are French Fries. There are so many innovative ways to serve fries at parties, with chaat masala, loaded with cheese or even blanketed under a layer of schezwan. The versatility of this snack is great.

We cannot really pin point on which brand is the best. That being said, products by McCain, Amul, ITC, and Godrej are extremely popular with the masses. Other brands like Sumeru, Prasuma, Safal, Handi and Blue Flame are also have an ardent fan following.

The price for frozen snacks is influenced by different factors including the quantity and the region. Ideally, the price range for frozen snacks in India ranges between Rs. 50 – Rs. 250/-.

Final Words

Here we have got you a list of the best frozen snacks in India that you must give a try. With good food around, the excitement of attending any Diwali party doubles. 

We have recommended the above snack options based on our review process that will help you in making a better decision. 

Let us know in the comments below which frozen snack have you tried?

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