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mtr khaman dhokla review

MTR Ready Mix Khaman Dhokla Review – Is It Convenient?

Care for a batch of fresh, soft and airy dhoklas? Now you can make it at home with MTR’s Khaman Dhokla Mix.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


Our batch of dhoklas were soft, spongy, airy and well-seasoned. These were able to absorb the sugar syrup nicely. A note of appreciation for the accurate measurements and easy cooking instructions mentioned on the pack.

Soft, spongy, light and something you never say no to. What are we talking about? Dhokla!

As easy it may seem, making dhokla from scratch can be tough and that’s where instant mixes come in handy. We tried the one by MTR and tested it for its taste, texture, ease of use and accuracy of ingredient proportions. 

Our MTR Instant Khaman Dhokla review is based upon real testing at the Mishry HQ. How did this fare?

Quick glance at the information about MTR’s Khaman Dhokla Mix – 

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MTR Khaman Dhokla Product Information
Price Rs 65/-
Net weight 160 gm
Shelf life 12 months
Buy Now On Amazon
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for an easy-to-make khaman dhokla mix that yields soft, spongy dhoklas at home. 

Here are the parameters we set to review MTR Khaman Dhokla. 

1. Cooking Experience

Depending on how well practiced your recipe is, khaman dhoklas can be super easy to make. But for those who are new to this, it can be hard to make. We checked this instant mix for ease of cooking, how easy the instructions are to follow and if the recipe/mix is in accurate proportions. Do we need a lot of ingredients from our kitchen or just a few regular staples? 

2. Taste 

Dhokla is both sweet and savory with a mild aftertaste of gram flour that mixes with the burst of flavors from the mustard seed, curry leaf and green chilli tadka. What does the dhokla made using this mix taste like? Is the seasoning on point? 

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3. Texture

Soft, spongy and fluffy are the characteristic textures of dhokla which we were looking for. Does it become hard or remain soft after cooking? 

4. Others


In comparison to store bought ones, how does it look? Is it spongy and soft?


Khaman is made using gram flour along with a leavening agent and seasoning. What is this instant mix made of?

The difference between khaman and dhokla lies in their ingredient list. Khaman is made using chana dal (or besan) and is dark yellow in color, while dhokla is a mix of besan, rice and other dals or grains. Due to the presence of rice flour, it is lighter/paler in color.

The price and packaging were also considered as supporting factors. Does this prove to be value for money? 

MTR’s Instant Upma Mix is ideal for rushed mornings and quick breakfast. 

MTR Instant Khaman Dhokla – Detailed Review

Price and Packaging

A 160 gm pack is priced at Rs 65/- and serves four. The pack is not resealable. 


Bengal gram flour (64%), semolina, and sugar are the top three ingredients used.

This also uses acidity regulator, citric acid (INS 330), salt, raising agent – sodium bicarbonate (INS 500 (ii)), turmeric, asafoetida, rice flour, anticaking agent silica (INS 551).

packaging of mtr dhokla mix
The khaman dhokla is packed in a non-resealable pouch.
testing the mtr dhokla mix
Review in process - MTR's Khaman Dhokla Mix

How We Made It

We used the Solimo Kadhai Steamer to test this dhokla mix. 

Our dhokla was made using the exact method and measurements mentioned on the pack. The measurements are given on the pack for dhokla, syrup and tadka. All of them are precise and easy to follow.

Our cooking experience was seamless.

Texture + Appearance

Just like most good quality sweet-shop dhoklas, this was very airy and spongy too. We can clearly see the characteristic air pockets. It springs back when pressed lightly and doesn’t feel dry at all. 

Once we added the sugar syrup, it was able to absorb all of it without making the dhokla extremely wet and soggy. The texture was absolutely bang on, keeping in mind that this is homemade. 

The dhoklas have a beautiful yellow color and don’t look artificial. 

before tempering
Steamed dhokla before tempering.
tempering the dhokla
Tempering and sugar syrup goes into the dhokla.


We appreciate that this doesn’t taste like raw gram flour, which can be unappealing. The besan is well cooked and the spices are added in apt amounts which gives the dhokla the correct balance of flavors. 

We tried the dhokla twice – without tadka and sugar syrup and again with tadka and sugar syrup. The one without sugar syrup/tadka feels slightly sweet and has perfect salt levels. The other one is even tastier and moist, thanks to the syrup and tadka. 

Our dhokla could not gain a lot of height as we divided the batter into two steamer plates. If this was poured into one, the height would have been similar to the store-bought ones. That said this did not impact the taste or texture in any way.

mtr dhokla ready to eat
Ready to dig in? Our MTR Dhokla.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Convenience - 4/5
  • Superb texture. This dhokla is soft, airy and spongy.
  • Able to soak in the syrup well.
  • Perfectly seasoned. 
  • No raw besan taste. 
  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Measurements provided on the pack for all three elements (dhokla, tadka and syrup) are absolutely perfect. 
  • Cooks well within the mentioned time frame.
  • Very convenient to use. 

Quick and easy dhokla prep at home without the fuss of collecting and measuring ingredients? This is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on MTR Khaman Dhokla.

As per our experience, you can make approximately 14-15 medium-sized dhoklas using the entire 160 gm mix. 

No, there are no added artificial flavors in this dhokla mix.

No. There is no chutney mix in this pack. You will need to make/buy that separately. 

No, there are no added preservatives. It only contains an anti-caking agent.

It is best to transfer the contents in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry place. Make sure you use a dry spoon to handle the dry mix.


Wrapping up our MTR Khaman Dhokla Mix review with good comments about the taste and texture. We love the soft and airy dhoklas which are well-seasoned. Special mention for the accuracy of measurements given on the pack. 

Have you tried MTR’s Khaman Dhokla Mix yet? What is your take on this product? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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