4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels Review - Mishry
4700 bc popcorn makka review

4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels Review – Mishry

Do these makka popcorn kernels from 4700 BC pop up well? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
5 / 5


Team Mishry gives a green signal to 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels. These are crunchy and popped well. You can use a popcorn maker or a heavy bottomed pan to pop these.

The enticing aroma of freshly popped popcorn is a delight. While the market for RTE popcorn is crowded with different brands and flavors, many people prepare homemade popcorn using raw popcorn kernels. 4700 BC is well-known for its range of gourmet popcorn. Quite recently, we spotted its latest Makka (kernels) and decided to test it for its popping ability, taste, and texture. 

Do these pop up well? How long does it take to pop? 

We get you all the answers to these questions in our 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels review.

Here is a quick view at a few product details of 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels : 

4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 40 
Net Quantity  200 gm 
Shelf Life  12 months 
Nutritional Information (per 100 gm) Energy – 380 kcal 

Protein – 10 gm 

Carb – 76 gm 

Trans Fat – 0 gm

Mishry Ratings (out of 5) 4.5

Our Review Factors 

What do we expect? We expect these popcorn kernels to pop up perfectly and to their full size. The texture should be crunchy, and the cooking process should be easy. 

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To test 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels, we have set out the following review parameters : 

1. Popping Time 

When we talk about raw popcorn kernels, the popping time is a crucial factor we examine. Do they pop up instantly? Or does the popping take up a lot of time?

2. Popping Ability + Size Of The Kernel 

Popcorn kernels that do not pop up in full size signify stale or outdated quality. Here we gauge how well these kernels pop up? Do all the kernels pop up evenly, or are there any unpopped ones? 

The water trapped inside the kernel is the reason why the popcorn pops. If the water percentage is too much it might lead to a dense popcorn. A fluffy and light popcorn requires just the right amount of water. If the percentage of water is too low, the popcorns will not pop up. 

3. Texture

Here, we gauge the crunch of the popped kernels. A soggy popcorn is a complete no-no. How crunchy is the texture? Are they hard to bite? 

4. Taste

Raw popcorn kernels do not have any taste of their own. It is seasoned with salt, butter, pepper, or any spices of your choice. Is there any industrial or off-putting taste observed?  

5. Other Observations 


Bad packaging will allow air and moisture to enter, which might eventually spoil the popcorn kernels. Hence, good and secure packaging is our focus point here. Is the pack resealable? How sturdy is the packaging? 

Shelf Life 

Popcorn kernels tend to lose their ability to pop over time and might not get that desired texture. Hence, it is best to cook them within their expiry date. What is the shelf life of these popcorn kernels? 

Team Mishry tested four flavors from 4700 BC Instant Popcorn range. Which one was better than the rest? Get your answer here.

4700BC Makka Popcorn Kernels – Detailed Review

In this section, we talk about the packaging, method of preparation, pros, cons, and our findings while reviewing 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels. 


4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels come in a plastic pack. Half of the pack is transparent, while the other half has all the details mentioned. Our review pack had a net weight of 200 gm. Priced at Rs. 40, it offers a shelf life of 12 months. 


All the unpopped popcorn kernels are identical and small in size.

4700 bc makka popcorn kernels packaging
The packaging of 4700 BC Makka Popcorn Kernels.

Method Of Preparation

We prepared these popcorn kernels in our popcorn maker machine. For the cooking process, we did not use any fat or salt. It took about 1 minute 16 seconds to pop up a small cup of corn. However, do note that the popping time will differ depending upon the mode used. You can also use a heavy bottomed pan to pop these. Just make sure the lid is slightly open. 

In general, there are two methods to pop corn kernels – the dry method and wet method. While the dry method uses fire or an air-popper, the wet method requires the use of oil.

a close look at the raw and unpopped 4700 bc makka popcorn kernels
The raw popcorn kernels right after opening the pack.

Our Findings : 

Popping Ability/ Size of the kernel 

Our batch of popcorn kernels had popped up well. There was hardly any unpopped kernels. The size of the popcorn kernels turned out to be quite big. No complaints here.

Taste & Texture

When we tasted the popcorn after popping, the popcorn on its own had a sweet taste. To enhance the taste and make it more flavorful, you can add in your choice of seasonings.  

Texture-wise, these are super crunchy. We did not observe any hull inside them. 

The best way to get crunchy homemade popcorn is to allow the steam to escape during the popping process (if using a heavy bottomed pan). For this, it is best to keep the lid slightly open which allows the steam to escape. The steam that is collected on the lid will condense and drop back on the popcorn, leading to a soggy, chewy mess.

4700 bc makka popcorn kernels after the cooking process
These kernels pop up well and are crunchy.
Popping Time - 4/5
Popping Ability - 5/5
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 5/5
  • All the kernels pop up well. 
  • These are non-GMO corn kernels. 
  • None of them are extremely hard to bite or too soft. 
  • The crunch is on point.
  • We would love it if the packaging allowed us to store the unused popcorn kernels conveniently.

Quick fix to prepare homemade popcorn? We recommend trying 4700 BC Makka Popcorn kernels. Moreover, if you are looking for an unsalted and fat-free popcorn, these makka popcorn kernels are an ideal buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on 4700bc Makka Popcorn Kernels.

These kernels have a shelf life of 12 months.

Unlike other RTE-flavored popcorns loaded with flavors and preservatives, these raw popcorn kernels are deemed healthy for consumption.

No. These kernels contain no preservatives.

No. These corn kernels are the raw version of popcorn and require cooking.

After opening the pack, it is best to transfer the unused popcorn kernels to an air-tight container to keep them away from moisture.

You can prepare around 5-6 medium bowls of popcorn using this 200 gm pack.

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In Conclusion

Team Mishry recommends trying 4700 BC Makka popcorn. These are easy to prepare, pop up well and turn out to be crunchy. Be it late night binging or sudden arrival of guests, these are a quick fix without any artificial nasties in it. 

What do you prefer – home popped, microwave or RTE?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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