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mother's recipe potato papad review

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad Review – Crunchy And Delicious

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad is quick to cook and makes for a crunchy snack.

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Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad are crispy and delicious. The balanced salt levels, low chili quotient and the prominent potato flavor played a positive role during the review.

Ask anyone from a Sindhi household what’s the most important side with any meal. There will be a prompt unanimous reply – papad. Papads are an integral part of most Indian meals, no matter which region you live in. Urad dal papad, aloo papad, sabudana papad and chana papads – the varieties are many.

Earlier papads were homemade and were very lovingly dried on the roof before storing them in canisters for year-long use. With the change in times, papads are also now available in the ready-to-cook section. One such brand offering packaged papads is Mother’s Recipe. 

We reviewed Udad Papad and Punjabi Masala Papad offered by Mother’s Recipe earlier and now we picked up the potato papad from them. In our Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad review, find out more details about the price, packaging, taste and texture.

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad – Everything You Need To Know

From the packaging to the ingredients to the overall taste, let us dig deeper and find out everything about the Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad.

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mother’s recipe potato papad packaging
The front packaging of Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad

1. Packaging

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad comes in a white and yellow color plastic pack. It is not resealable. All the pieces of the papad were intact. To retain the freshness, after opening make sure to transfer the contents in an airtight container. The 70 gm pack comes at a price of INR 31.  The pack mentions two different ways on how you can cook this papad. 

2. Main Ingredients

The following are the main ingredients used in Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad – 

Potato (67%), Tapioca, Red chilli powder, Cumin, Rock Salt and Sunflower oil. 

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3. Taste

The presence of cumin adds an overall delicious taste to this papad. The prominent flavor of potato tastes fresh. The salt or chili level is not high.

We cooked these papads in two ways – by deep-frying and in a microwave. However, we liked the taste of the deep-fried papad more than the one prepared in the microwave. 

4. Texture & Crispiness

The right texture enhances the overall experience of eating a papad. The ideal texture of the papad should be crispy and crunchy. 

We cooked the papads using two methods and these papads turn out to be crispy no matter whether you deep-fry or microwave them. 

5. Appearance

Talking about the appearance, these papads are thick and small in size. The specs of red chili powder are clearly noticeable. We could see specs of cumin across all papads.

6. Nutritional Information

Here is a tabular representation of the nutritional information of this potato papad : 


Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad Nutritional Information (per 100gm)
Energy  164 kcal
Protein  1 gm
Fat 0 gm 
Carbohydrate  40 gm

7. Price Range

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad comes at a price of INR 31. 

8. Shelf Life

These papads are best consumed within 18 months from the date of packaging.

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad – Detailed Review

Check out the table below that covers the different details relating to the Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad.


Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad  Product Details 
Price  INR 31
Calories (100 gm) 164 kcal
Main Ingredients  Potato (67%), Tapioca, Red chili powder, Cumin, Rock Salt and Sunflower oil
Shelf Life  Best Before 18 months from packaging
Net Quantity  70 gm


The 70 gm pack comes at a price of INR 31. All the pieces of papad were unbroken when we opened the pack. The back of the pack mentions the nutritional information, method of preparation and serving suggestions.

Appearance-wise, these are thick and small in size. The tiny specs of red chilli powder and a few cumin seeds are visible on the papads. We cooked the papad using both the given methods of preparation. Below we have covered a detailed review. 

Microwave Method : For the microwave method, we cooked the papad for about 45 seconds as mentioned by the brand. Although the papads were crunchy, the taste was not impressive. The papads seemed very dense. We do not recommend this method.

Deep-Frying : After the microwave method, we deep-fried these papads to check on their taste and texture. We deep fried the papads as per the instructions on the pack. These turned out to be super crispy and tasty. There was a prominent flavor of potato which was fresh tasting. These papads are not spicy. The presence of cumin seeds adds to the overall flavor.

Though the salt levels were slightly less, it did not hamper the overall experience. In fact it leaves room for you to add some chaat masala.

mother’s recipe potato papad on a plate
The raw potato papads after removing from the pack
closer look at uncooked mother’s recipe potato papad
Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad had a few visible bits of jeera seeds
deep frying the mother's recipe potato papad
The deep-frying process of Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad
deep fried mother's recipe potato papad
Post deep-frying the potato papad placed in a plate
closer look at fried potato papads
Cross-sectional look at the deep-fried potato papads


  • The 70 gm pack is available at a price of INR 31. 
  • Shelf Life : Best Before 18 months from packaging. 
  • The method of preparation is mentioned on the pack. 
  • Main ingredients : Potato (67%), Tapioca, Red chilli powder, Cumin, Rock Salt and Sunflower oil. 
  • The pack is not resealable. 


  • These papads on cooking nail the crispy texture.
  • They are quick to fry.
  • The flavor of potato is prominent. 
  • The cumin seeds add a delicious touch.


  • These papads did not taste good when we prepared them using the microwave method. We do not recommend using this procedure to cook your aloo papads.

Best Suited For

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad will make for a crunchy side dish with dal chawal. You can also have these papads with a mix of green and imli chutney or turn it into a delicious chaat/masala papad as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad.

1. Can this potato papad be paired with tea and coffee?

Yes. Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad can be paired with a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

2. Can this papad be also eaten with rice?

Yes. A piping hot bowl of dal chawal, Sindi Curry or even your regular sabzi roti, would taste great with a batch of deep fried aloo papad.

3. Does this papad contain additional flavor enhancers?

This papad does not contain any additional flavor enhancers. 

4. Does this potato papad have any preservatives?

No, there are no preservatives used in Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad. 

5. Does the papad remain crunchy even after unpacking?

To make sure that these papads retain their freshness and crunch, make sure to store them in an airtight container after opening the pack.

Final Words

We liked the overall taste and crunch of the Mother’s Recipe Potato Papad. Though cooking these in a microwave was a let down, the papads tasted delicious when we deep-fried them.

Mother’s Recipe Potato Papads have a delicious potato flavor, are quick to fry and have that perfect crunch

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