Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars Review - Mishry (2023)
monkey bar vegan energy bars review

These Energy Bars by Monkey Bar Are Vegan And Under 200 Calories (2024)

Under 200 calories, a clean ingredient list and great tasting! What more could we ask from an energy bar? Monkey Bar’s vegan bars are perfect for mid-day snacking.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

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4 / 5
4 / 5
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Clean, guilt-free snacking is possible, thanks to Monkey Bar. These are sweetened using dates, and contain a mix of good fats and proteins. All green flags!

Energy Bars have gained a reputation of being packed with truck loads of additives, hidden sugars and preservatives. So when we pick a bar, the first thing we check is the list of ingredients. 

The founders of Monkey Bar, just like most of us, were looking for clean eating options without intaking a heavy dose of sugar every time you pick something packaged. Their Eureka moment arrived when their homemade energy bars gained popularity in their offices. 

Our Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars review details our overall experience of testing five variants based on parameters like taste, texture and ofcourse ingredients.

Here are the details of the five variants of Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars : 

Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars  Mishry Rating Add To Cart 
Mocha  4.33 Buy Now 
Orange Cocoa 4.33 Buy Now 
Very Berry  4.33 Buy Now 
Dark Cocoa Hazelnut  4.33 Buy Now 
Peanut Butter & Chia Seed 4.33 Buy Now 

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? ‘Food inspired from Mothers love and nagging’, reads the tagline of Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars. We are closely looking at the taste, texture, ingredients and the nutrition label during our review process. 

1. Taste 

We reviewed five variants of these vegan energy bars. Depending upon the flavor, how true are these energy bars to their labels? How natural do these taste? What about the freshness of the nuts and seeds? 

Sweetened with dates and nothing else – how balanced is the sweetness or does it seem under sweetened? 

2. Texture

In this segment, we cover details about the overall bite of these energy bars. Dry, brittle, soft, fudgy or chewy? Since these are made using nuts, do they leave their natural oils and appear greasy?

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3. Nutri Label – Ingredients + Nutrition 

The Nutri Label throws light on details including the main ingredients, calories, fats, macronutrient distribution and more. 

We also check whether the ingredient list is well detailed and discloses the exact percentage of ingredients used. 

4. Other Observations 

Apart from the above observations, we have also gauged the price, packaging and shelf life. 

Here’s Mishry’s quick review on the 3 variants of Kelloggs K Energy Bars.

Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars Flavours – Detailed Review

For our review process, we ordered a variety pack that contains five flavors – Mocha, Orange Cocoa, Very Berry, Dark Cocoa Hazelnut and Peanut Butter & Chia Seed. You can avail these flavors individually as well.

the five monkey bar vegan energy bars variants we reviewed
The reviewed variants of Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars.

1. Mocha

Main Ingredients 

Dates (38%), Cashew (31%), Rolled oats (18%), Almonds (8%), Cocoa (4%), and Coffee (1%) are the main ingredients used here. 

Dates are naturally high in sugar and lend a distinctive caramel like taste. These are an excellent, natural alternative to refined sugar.

Rolled oats are used here as they help in binding the mixture and hold the overall shape. 

Cashews are rich in nutrients and an excellent source of heart-healthy fats, plant-protein and fiber. 

Nutritional Profile 

A single bar of 40 gm contains 185 kcal of energy, 5.7 gm of protein, 8.4 gm of fat, 7.0 gm MUFA + PUFA and 21.6 gm of carbohydrate. 

MUFA + PUFA – This stands for Monounsaturated Fatty Acids and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids respectively. Both of these are healthy forms of fats that help reduce bad cholesterol in the body. Some of the foods high in MUFA include fish, fish oils, nuts and vegetable oils such as canola oil and olive oil. 

Taste + Texture 

This Mocha energy bar has a very pleasing and mild aroma of coffee. The top layer of this energy bar is encrusted with multiple slivered almonds. It is a lightly sweet bar infused with a subtle touch of coffee and cocoa. 

Texture-wise, it breaks apart easily, and does not have a chewy bite.

the packaging and macro shot of the mocha energy bar
The Mocha energy bar and its packaging.
Taste - 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutri Label - 5/5
  • Neatly packed. 
  • Pleasant aroma of coffee. 
  • Clean ingredients.
  • Calories under 200Kcal.
  • Overall, delicious in taste.

Looking for a quick shot of energy post your workout? A guilt-free evening snack? We got you this mildly sweet Mocha energy bar from Monkey Bar.   

2. Orange Cocoa

Main Ingredients 

The list of ingredients include – Dates (36%), Cashew (31%), Rolled oats (21%), Almonds (8%), Cocoa (4%), and Orange peel oil (1%).  

Nutritional Profile 

Per 40 gm, this energy bar provides 185 kcal of energy, 5.6 gm of protein, 8.3 gm of fat, 6.8 gm of MUFA + PUFA  and 22.0 gm of carbohydrate. 


This energy bar showcases an excellent flavor and aroma of orange. The orange peel flavor can lend some bitterness, but not here. It’s fresh and we love the combination of chocolate and nuts.

the packaging and macro shot of the orange cocoa energy bar
Quick look at the outer pack and contents of the Orange Cocoa energy bar.
Taste - 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutri Label - 5/5
  • Lovely flavor of orange. We loved the fresh orange peel flavor.
  • Clean ingredient list. 
  • No artificial taste.

Looking for an energy bar with a fresh citrusy flavor? Then Monkey Bar Orange Cocoa Energy Bar is the answer for you.

3. Very Berry

Main Ingredients 

Dates (33%), Cashew (38%), Rolled oats (18%), Cranberry (8%), and Blueberry (3%) are the ingredients used here. 

Nutritional Profile 

A single bar of 40 gm, provides 181 kcal of energy, 5.1 gm of protein, 7.9 gm of fat, 6.5 gm MUFA + PUFA and 22.4 gm carbohydrate. 

Taste + Texture

This energy bar is light brown in color. Dominant on cashew flavor, this has a mild tartiness coming from cranberries. In terms of the texture, this energy bar was slightly oily. Since this bar contains nuts, the release of oil is a natural process. This wasn’t as dry as the other variants.

the packaging and macro shot of the very berry energy bar
The outer pack (left) and the Very Berry energy bar (right).
Taste - 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutri Label - 5/5
  • We loved the natural flavor of berries. 
  • It has no additional flavors. 
  • We appreciate the travel-friendly packaging.

If you are searching for an energy bar with slight tarty notes, we highly recommend trying this Very Berry Energy Bar from Monkey Bar.

4. Dark Cocoa Hazelnut

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients include – Dates (38%), Cashew (33%), Rolled oats (18%), Hazelnut (5%), and Cocoa (6%). 

Nutritional Profile 

Per 40 gm , this energy bar contains 182 kcal of energy, 5.7 gm of protein, 7.9 gm fat, 7.9 gm MUFA + PUFA and 22.1 gm of carbohydrate. 

Taste + Texture

This energy bar has a few hazelnuts spread at the top that bring in a nice crunch. It has a mild sweetness, flavor of cocoa, and a fresh nuttiness. The combination of dates and cashews uplifts the taste further. All the ingredients are very well balanced. There is no one ingredient that overpowers the other.

Coming to the texture, the hazelnuts are very well-roasted and the crunch is spot-on. 

the packaging and macro shot of the dark cocoa hazelnut energy bar
Macro shot of the outer pack and the Dark Cocoa Hazelnut energy bar.
Taste - 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutri Label - 5/5
  • It has no stale aftertaste. 
  • Well-rounded flavor. 
  • The hazelnuts are crunchy. 
  • Contains 182 kcal of energy only.

Looking for a healthy and tasty energy bar with a clean list of ingredients? You will not regret trying Monkey Bar Dark Cocoa Hazelnut energy bar.

5. Peanut Butter & Chia Seed

Main Ingredients 

The list of ingredients includes – Dates (36%), Peanuts (46%), Rolled oats (15%), and Chia seeds (3%). 

Nutritional Profile 

A single bar contains 197 kcal of energy, 7.6 gm of protein, 10.5 gm of fat, 8.4 gm of MUFA + PUFA and 18.1 gm of carbohydrate. 

Taste + Texture

The top of this energy bar is loaded with peanuts and chia seeds. The chia seeds taste really fresh and add a nice crunch in between bites. This energy bar has a mild sweetness and a classic savory taste coming from the peanuts. 

It has a dominant nutty flavor. There was no rancid aftertaste.

the packaging and macro shot of the peanut butter & chia seed energy bar
Review in Process for Peanut Butter & Chia Seed Energy Bar.
Taste - 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutri Label - 5/5
  • Loved the freshness and crunch of chia seeds. 
  • Overall fresh taste with no oily aftertaste. 
  • Dominant nutty flavor.

If you love a nutty energy bar, we would highly recommend you to try this Peanut Butter & Chia Seeds variant.

Your quest for the Best Protein Bars In India ends here.

A Few Common Observations

Let’s talk about a common aspect we observed in all these variants – 

  • All the bars are 40 grams each.
  • They have a shelf life of 4 months.
  • Each bar is priced at Rs 55/-.
  • Usually energy bars that contain nuts have a tendency of releasing natural oils that give it an oily touch. And due to the presence of dates, these have a fudgy bite. In comparison to the energy  bars we tested earlier, these felt slightly dry.
  • Dates, cashews and rolled oats are the common ingredients seen in each variant except the Peanut Butter & Chia Seeds. Here, peanuts have been added instead of cashews. 
  • The best thing about these energy bars is that they are not sweetened with sugar. The ingredient list is very clean. Kudos!
  • Another noteworthy aspect is the amount of calories these energy bars contain. A regular snack bar should have a calorie count between 150 to 250 calories. All the energy bars from Monkey Bar provide less than 200 calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Monkey Bar Vegan Energy Bars.

Yes, these are free of any refined sugar. These are naturally sweetened using dates.

No. These energy bars are free of preservatives.

No. There are no additional flavor enhancers used in these energy bars.

Yes. Made using natural ingredients and sweetened using dates, these are packed with nuts and would be perfect as a mid-meal snack. It’s definitely a nutritious, guilt-free snack option.  

Yes. These energy bars are devoid of gluten and are vegan too.

The Conclusion

What made us like these vegan energy bars, you ask? The clean and detailed ingredient list, the absence of preservatives, no artificial taste, and no added sugar. Most importantly if you are looking for a snack under 200 calories, these energy bars are surely your way to go.

A huge thumbs up for all the five variants of these vegan energy bars from Monkey Bar. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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