Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits Review - Mishry (2023)
britannia nutrichoice seed biscuits review

Have You Tried The New Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits Yet? (2024)

Crunchy and buttery to taste, Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits could have scored better if not for the ingredient list.

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Mishry Rating

3.5 / 5
3.5 / 5
3 / 5


Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits have a lovely buttery and milky taste. The well roasted seeds add a nice crunch and freshness. However, the ingredient list could have been better.

Biscuits are undoubtedly the best tea-time snack. Not just maida, but today these are made using different ingredients including whole wheat, ragi, oats, jowar, and other nutrient-dense flours. Britannia’s Nutrichoice product line offers biscuits made using healthier grains and flour. 

A new addition to its existing range is the Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits. How different do these biscuits taste?

In our Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits review we talk about its taste, texture, ingredients and more.

Let’s look at a few product details of Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits: 

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Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits  Product Details 
Price Rs 25/-
Net Quantity 75 gm 
Calories (per 17 gm – approx 2 biscuits) 84 Kcal 
Shelf Life 6 months 
Buy Now On Amazon 
Mishry Rating 3.33

Our Review Factors

The taste, texture and the main ingredients were the primary parameters we set for Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits review.  

1. Taste

Sweetness levels, the freshness of seeds and the overall flavor of the biscuits was gauged under this parameter.

2. Texture

Crunchy and crisp? Does the addition of seeds bring in any difference in the texture? Is it crumbly? Does it feel buttery?

3. Main Ingredients 

The brand claims that these biscuits are made using wheat flour (atta). Does the ingredient list specify the percentage of atta used? In addition, we also check the type of sweetener used, the fat added. Any preservatives or added flavors? What is the percentage of seeds used – abundant or sparse? 

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4. Other Supporting Parameters 

Price, aroma, appearance, shelf life and packaging are a few supporting parameters.

Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits – Detailed Review

Packaging + Pricing Details 

These biscuits come in a beige and green color pack. They are placed straight inside the pack. There is no tray that holds them. A 75 gm pack comes at a price of Rs. 25. The pack holds eight of these biscuits. 

The shelf life offered here is six months. 

Main Ingredients 

Wheat flour (49%), Oil seed (15% – Flaxseeds, watermelon seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds), Refined palm oil, Sugar, Sweeteners (965 (i) and (ii)), Milk solids, Liquid glucose, Date and raisin paste (stabilizer 1422), Acidity regulator (330), Emulsifier (471), Preservative (202) and Antioxidant (300), Raising agent (503 (ii) and 500 (ii)), Butter, Invert sugar syrup, Emulsifier (322 (i) and 471), and Iodised salt and flavors (Natural, nature identical and artificial (milk and butter) flavoring substances).

These biscuits are made using wheat flour and have no maida which is a good thing considering the other biscuits are primarily maida-based. However, these still have ingredients that cannot be particularly labeled as healthy including artificial sweeteners, palm oil, liquid glucose, invert sugar syrup, and preservatives. It is best to limit the consumption of such ingredients. 

the packing of britannia nutrichoice seed biscuits
Quick look at the outer pack of Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits.
review in process of britannia nutrichoice seed biscuits
This is how our review process looks like.
close look at britannia nutrichoice seed biscuits
These biscuits are loaded with seeds. Yum!


These cookies smell buttery.


Round in shape with a medium thickness. None of the biscuits in our review pack were broken. On the top layer of the biscuits we could see mixed seeds spread across liberally. 


In terms of the taste, these biscuits have a buttery and milky. The sweetness is balanced and this has a tad bit of saltiness too which further balances the entire flavor of the biscuit. The seeds tasty fresh and nutty. 


These biscuits are neither crumbly nor do they feel extremely buttery. They have a nice crunchy bite. The seeds have been roasted well and have a lovely bite to them. They add a wonderful texture to the biscuits which enhances the taste further. 

Taste - 3.5/5
Texture - 3.5/5
  • The sweetness is balanced. 
  • Seeds are added in abundance. 
  • We loved the pleasing aroma of butter. 
  • It has a nice and noticeable crunch. 
  • The seeds are well roasted. 
  • Loved the buttery and milky taste.

Though these biscuits do not include maida, the addition of multiple sweeteners and added flavors does not make it a healthy choice for regular consumption. The ingredient list could have been better.

We would recommend trying Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits, if you like a slightly buttery-nutty cookie. Pair it with hot coffee or chai.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits.

No. These seed biscuits from Britannia are sweetened using multiple sweeteners.

These biscuits are made using 49% of wheat flour. It contains no maida.

Though these biscuits contain no maida, the addition of multiple sweeteners and added flavors does not make it an ideal pick for weight loss.

No. The list of ingredients mentions the use of Preservative (202). Also known as potassium sorbate, this preservative is widely used in food, drinks and beauty products to improve its shelf life.

These biscuits have a shelf life of 6 months.

To Conclude

So what is Team Mishry’s final take on Britannia Nutrichoice Seeds Biscuits? We liked the buttery and milky taste along with the crunchy texture and freshness of seeds. The presence of zero maida is a definite plus point, but the overall ingredient list could have been better.

Will you give these biscuits a try? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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