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Tastiest Ready-To-Eat (Frozen) Aloo Tikki – Mishry Reviews

In this review, we look at 4 frozen aloo-tikki contenders to find the tastiest one amongst them.

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Aloo Tikki is a versatile snack, you can eat it by itself or enjoy it in a homestyle sandwich or chaat. When you can’t make these from scratch in your home kitchen, then McCain’s Aloo Tikki is the tastiest option to go for. After reviewing 4 popular ready-to-cook Aloo Tikki brands, we found McCain’s Aloo Tikki to be the tastiest aloo tikki, with a soft and spicy interior and a crispy exterior.

Mishry Top Pick: McCain Aloo Tikki

McCain Aloo Tikki is our Top Pick for many reasons.

It is the tastiest aloo-tikki amongst all the brands reviewed, crispy on the outside with perfectly flavored potatoes.

The tikkis are uniform and consistent in shape and size, so when you offer these even as a standalone snack, they look good together.

The tikkis have a dominant jeera flavor and are mildly spicy. The balance between garlic, pepper, and cumin was liked by us a lot.

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The tikkis cooked uniformly. The potato mix has just the right texture, neither too chunky, nor too soft and mushy.

Our Review Process: Best Tasting Frozen Aloo Tikki

Nothing beats a crunchy Aloo Tikki, with sweetened curd, a little sonth chutney and a spoon of green chilly chutney. But that’s when you are able to prepare the whole dish from scratch. On a day when you can’t, relying on pre-made, frozen tikkis may not be a bad call, especially if you are pressed for time, or have lots of people to feed. We picked 4 readily available brands of frozen tikkis and cooked them in our test kitchen to check them side by side for consistency in form, taste, and crunch.

The Brands We Picked

Godrej Yummiez Aloo Tikki

Safal Frozen Aloo Tikki

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McCain Aloo Tikki

ITC Master Chef Aloo Tikki



How We Picked Our Brands?


Quite a few well-known companies are dominant in the ready-to-eat or frozen foods market. Furthermore, these brands, apart from being popular, are also some of the most trusted, which makes them a household name. We picked the aloo-tikki variants from all brands readily available. Each of them has their own recipes and spice levels – so obviously they wouldn’t all taste the same and cannot be held to a common flavor expectation.

What We Were Looking For?

As mentioned above, all brands tasted different, as they follow different recipes. In our search, we wanted to find the tastiest aloo-tikki that would taste good as a standalone snack and also when used to make homemade sandwiches, burgers, or chaat. We were also looking for the tikkis that are consistent in their shape and size. Often frozen foods may be crumbly and end up breaking even before the packet is opened. These not only look unappetizing, but it also leads to food wastage.



All the brands we picked were easily available at several locations across Delhi-NCR. Most of our contenders were chosen from local supermarkets.

Team Mishry



Who Is This For?


Aloo tikki is one of the most popular and authentic Indian snacks. It is clear that aloo tikki is enjoyed by all age-group and so this review is not written for a specific target audience. However, it is also well-known that aloo tikki is a fried product, so needless to say, people who are suffering from any heart or weight issues should avoid over-indulgence in fried products.


How We Tested- Our Parameters

In order to find the tastiest aloo tikki among the brands that we chose, we decided to go for a basic taste test, done side by side for all four brands.

Parameters we looked at:

Texture: The texture of an aloo tikki is something that most people don’t notice, yet it plays a major role in its overall eating experience. Whether it is chunky or creamy, or a balanced mix makes a difference.


Crisp: The crisp-factor plays a vital role in the tasting of any fried product. A perfectly cooked aloo tikki must be evenly crisp, and s]oak up just enough oil to provide a juicy tenderness.


Taste: Finally we come to the ultimate parameter for our test. The taste of an aloo tikki is the overall result of its ingredients, crispiness, and texture. Thus, if all of those factors are well maintained, it is needless to say that it would make the tastiest aloo tikki.

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Result Of Our Taste Test


Based on our taste test McCain’s aloo tikki emerged as our top pick. It had the most balanced, fresh flavors. It’s mildly garlicky and spicy, making it apt for standalone snacks as well as being part of sandwiches and burgers. Upon frying, the tikkis were moist from inside, with a perfect blend of chunky and creamy, and evenly crisp from the outside helping it reach the top spot among the four contenders.

Mishry Top Pick: McCain Aloo Tikki


McCain Aloo Tikki – Mazedaar Masala

McCain has the tastiest frozen aloo tikki in the market. It is consistent, crispy, and has that authentic aloo tikki taste.

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