Soulfull’s Baked Desi Muesli: #FirstImpressions
Soulfull muesli

Soulfull’s Baked Desi Muesli: #FirstImpressions

Soulfull’s Desi Masala Muesli, thanks to the additional herbs and spices, can be enjoyed along with curd or just by itself. But, does it work?

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Made with the goodness of multigrain which are baked, not fried, this desi muesli variant from Soulfull contains additional herbs and spices so that it can be enjoyed anywhere, any time. The additional flavors make it more enjoyable when eaten alongside curd/yogurt, or even eaten as a standalone snack. High in fiber, with no added preservative, this is yet another interesting, ‘desi‘ muesli option introduced by Soulfull, a brand best known for introducing a range of millet-based breakfast cereals over the last few years. The makers encourage you to enjoy this with ‘dahi‘, and that’s what we did. But first, let’s look at a few defining points about Soulfull’s Desi Muesli Masala.


Quick Facts About Soulfull’s Baked Desi Muesli


  1. It is high on fiber.
  2. It contains traditional Indian herbs alongside millets.
  3. It contains traditional flavoring substances.
  4.  A single serving (30g) contains about 134 Kcal.
  5. It contains no added preservatives.
  6. It is baked, not fried.


Soulfull Baked Desi Muesli, Masala, 400g

A flavorful mix of muesli and other traditional spices that makes it more enjoyable as a standalone snack.

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Instructions To Prepare A Bowl Of Soulfull’s Desi Masala Muesli


  1. Take 30g of the muesli in a bowl.
  2. Add a few tablespoons of curd, until the desired taste is achieved.
  3. Enjoy your bowl of fiber-rich muesli.

#FirstImpressions Of Soulfull’s Delicious Desi Muesli

While eating your morning muesli with curd is not a new thing – but people across continents are known to enjoy their breakfast muesli with thick and sweet yogurt, not salty. But a ‘savory’ muesli with dahi? Surprisingly this combo works. The crispy, salty flakes taste good with chilled dahi.

There’s also a chaat recipe on the spine which we tried and liked quite a bit. You have to add chopped onions, tomatoes, and coriander and you have for yourself a quick bowl of chaat, which is actually not chaat, its a bowl of desi muesli!

We give it a thumbs up for innovation and taste.

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