Skinny’s Self-Stirring Mug: #FirstImpressions

Skinny’s Self-Stirring Mug: #FirstImpressions

A self-stirring mug introduced by Skinny Moo claims to make your beverage preparation hassle-free, as it contains a built-in mixer so that the consumer can mix and drink in the same cup. But what about the utility of something like this?

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Imagine what a built-in mixer in your mug can do with just the press of a button. The self-stirring mug claims to do just that i.e. mix your drinks effectively and avoid all the hassles of using an electric mixer instead. Though it seems quite promising, we can’t help but wonder how effective this contraption would be? So, we grabbed one of these machines for its testing, and here is what we found.

first impression of skinny's self-stirring mug
The mini electric mixer present at the bottom of the mug is used for stirring and mixing the liquid inside.

What Skinny’s Self Stirring Mug Claims To Offer

1. Hassle-Free Working

This product claims to eliminate the need for you to manual stir you drink or pour it in a separate electrical mixer. Since, it has a battery operated built-in mixer, with just a push of a button, it’ll stir your drink and you can drink from the mug itself.

2. No-Leakage

The product claims to have a snug-fitted comfortably tightened lid that can ensure no-leakage of the liquid during the stirring process. This could further help in improving the efficiency of its working.

3. Kid-Tested

Since the mixing whisk present at the bottom of the mug is made out of nylon, it is considered much safer as compared to whisks that are made from metal, as the metal whisks tend to rust.

4. Capacity

This self-stirring mug claims to hold over 400ml of liquid, which could be considered enough for a single drink.

The Verdict

Any Self Stirring Mug is a good product on paper. Sounds fabulous that you have a mug that can stir by itself, with no leftover sugar bits, or dregs of coffee/chocolate behind. So to that end, Skinny’s Self Stirring Mug does a good job and creates a well-mixed glass of chocolate milk rather quickly. The well-fitted lid ensures there are no spills. The lid also has a sipping hole so you can drink straight off the mug, as it is intended.

But we just cannot wrap our heads around the utility of such a product.

We looked at 3 scenarios where you could possible use this kind of a product.

If you keep it at home: You usually have electric mixers/blenders at home that need nearly the same number of steps to get a glass of chocolate milk or lassi.

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  1. Put the blender on a spot close to you.
  2. Add milk/curd/liquid and spoon of sugar/drinking chocolate/salt
  3. Push a button for everything to mix.

In a self-stirring mug, you don’t need to pour out the drink, so yes you save 30 seconds on that. But again, we don’t see the point.


If you use this mug on-the-go: So you make your preferred beverage and carry the mug with you, having the satisfaction that you could stir it again before drinking up! But remember, this isn’t an insulated self-stirring mug. This means you cannot put this in the fridge (on account of the batteries present at the bottom) to keep your drink chilled.

If you keep this work: Let’s say you don’t want to carry this up and down, and you keep this at your work desk and are okay to wash this every day. You will need to stock at work all the things you want to use in your drink like milk, sugar, cocoa, etc. It sounds a wee bit cumbersome to us.

The purpose of this product is lost on us. However, for some reason if you still find a product such as this appealing, this one from Skinny Moo is as good as any.

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