Best Rice Cooker – Mishry Reviews
Best Electric Rice Cooker In India

Best Rice Cooker – Mishry Reviews

Best Rice Cooker: Kitchen appliances like rice cookers are used to save time and effort in the kitchen. This review is for people who eat rice often and like the convenience a rice cooker offers.

Automated appliances not only come handy and make your task in the kitchen simpler, but they also save a lot of time. One such appliance is a rice cooker. Rice cookers are appliances that are designed to heat, steam and boil all types of rice. These automated appliances have the ability to make rice within no time and keep them warm at the same time. The cooking bowl in the rice cookers can actually be used as storage containers too, making rice cookers a perfect multipurpose appliance. We tested 6 rice cookers in our test kitchen over weeks to find our Top Pick.

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Mishry Reviews: Best Rice Cooker


Top Pick: Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker


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Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker

Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker is a light-weight appliance that is portable and equally easy to carry and store. It took the appliance a little over 13 minutes to cook 1 cup of rice.

Size: 1.8 liters, Price: Rs. 2685*

*Price at the time of review


Why Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker Is Our Top Pick:

Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker was the quickest to cook rice. We timed it and it took the appliance a little over 13 minutes to cook 1 cup of rice. The rice was well-cooked, fluffy and not sticky at all. It keeps the rice warm for quite some time. So, if you wish to eat the rice later, chances are that you will get perfectly warm rice.

Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker is a light-weight appliance that helps make it portable and easy to carry and store.

One of the strong points of this appliance, which we feel gives it an edge above the others, is that it comes with an additional steamer tray. This tray is removable and can be used to steam veggies making it a multi-functional appliance, so you can do two things at a time.

The Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker comes with a detachable cord, so you can store it without any hassle.

Mishry Reviews: Best Rice Cooker

 Also Recommended: Philips Electric Rice Cooker



Why We Also Recommend Philips Electric Rice Cooker:

Philips Electric Rice Cooker is a smaller, albeit sturdy rice cooker. While it does not have a steamer, it’s a very well-designed, visually appealing rice cooker. It is quite compact. For people who are short on shelf space or have a smaller kitchen, Philips Electric Rice Cooker would be a good pick.

The Philips Electric Rice Cooker cooked perfectly fluffy rice in 17 minutes.

Philips Electric Rice Cooker doesn’t come with a detachable cord, so you have to be careful while storing and cleaning the appliance.


Our Review Process

We picked 6 popular brands that sell rice cookers, with similar capacity and price range and put them to a 4-week test by making rice multiple times. We cooked the rice according to the instructions on their respective boxes using the equipment we got along with the cookers. These typically included – a ladle, measuring cup, and in some cases an extra cooking or storage bowl.

We followed the instructions and noted down the cooking time for each rice cooker to see how quickly they made rice. We also wanted to see how handy these rice cookers were in terms of cooking the rice perfectly and keeping the rice warm for a significant amount of time.

Remember, that rice cookers don’t just cook rice, they can also be used for cooking a variety of rice dishes like pulao. However, we only tried making rice in the cookers, as this is the primary task a rice cooker needs to perform, and this, it should do a good job of.

We used Daawat Rozaana Rice for the testing sessions.


The Brands We Reviewed

Preethi Wonder Rangoli Rice Cooker (Buy On Amazon)

Prestige Delights Electric Rice Cooker With Two Aluminum Cooking Pans (Buy On Amazon)

Butterfly Jade Blossom Electric Rice Cooker (Buy On Amazon)

Bajaj RCX Rice Cooker (Buy On Amazon)

Pigeon Electric Rice Cooker (Buy Now On Amazon)

Philips Electric Rice Cooker (Buy On Amazon)

Note: The Prestige Electric Rice Cooker that we bought was broken, so we were unable to use it. We will update the review soon with Prestige.


Who Is This For?

Kitchen appliances like rice cookers are majorly used to save time and effort in the kitchen. This review is for people who eat rice often and like the convenience a rice cooker offers.


The Parameters For Our Review

All the rice cookers we picked for our review have 1-1.8 liters capacity. We based our review on factors including sturdiness, functionality, price and of course the quality of rice cooked.


  1. Sturdiness: Rice cooker is a fairly big appliance; it should be sturdy and sit well on the kitchen slab.
  2. Functionality: This is the main feature of interest. Rice cookers are meant to make your job of cooking rice easier. The function of these cookers should be easy and hassle-free, especially while setting up.
  3. Price: Price-wise, a 1.8-liter rice cooker range from Rs. 1500-1700.


The Presence Of An Iron Ring On The Cooking Plate

We observed that all the rice cookers had a tiny ring on the cooking plate (the perforated plated meant to be kept at the bottom). While the cooking plate and cooking pan are made of aluminum in most cases, the presence of a thin iron ring, supposed to be used for lifting the plate) on the plate left us slightly concerned.


The Result Of Our Review

We cooked Daawat Rozana Rice in each rice cooker to ensure that the quality and type of rice is the same in all of them. We checked for the time these cookers cooked the rice in, was the rice dry or lumpy, and did the rice cooked evenly. Also, we took the other practical parameters into consideration.


Now that you know which is the best rice cooker, you may also want to cook an interesting rice dish too! Here’s a simple recipe of sweet chilli fried rice by Chef Vicky Ratnani.


Sweet Chilli Fried Rice

If you are missing your favorite oriental food this lock down period, Chef Vicky Ratnani and Veeba Sauces save the day. Veeba Sweet Chilli Sauce, Veeba Hot Garlic Stir-fry Sauce, rice and some chopped vegetables is all you need. This recipe comes straight from the kitchens of Chef Vicky Ratnani.

  • 1.5 Tablespoon Veeba Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon Veeba Hot Garlic Stir-fry Sauce
  • 2 Cups Cooked rice
  • 1 Medium sized Onion, sliced
  • Half Cup Bell peppers, sliced
  • 1 Medium sized Carrots, cubed
  • Half Cup Green beans, chopped
  • 1 Teaspoon Ginger, chopped
  • 1 Tablespoon Vegetable oil
  • 1 Tablespoon Coriander
  1. Start by heating some vegetable oil in a wok or kadhai.
  2. Add the prepped vegetables to the oil and stir fry for a minute or two. Then add the two cups of cooked white rice.
  3. Then go ahead and add the Veeba Sweet Chilli Sauce and Veeba Hot Garlic Stir-Fry Sauce.
  4. Stir-fry the rice, vegetables and sauces properly until the sauce is evenly mixed in. Season with some salt and pepper if required.

This recipe comes handy when you have some leftover rice at home, so you could prepare it in just a few minutes.

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