Knorr’s Cup a Soup Sweet Corn Veg: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of knorr's sweet corn soup

Knorr’s Cup a Soup Sweet Corn Veg: #FirstImpressions

Sweet Corn Soups are known for their crunch and deliciously flavored broth; here are our first impressions of Knorr’s Cup-a-Soup Sweet Corn Soup that can be prepared in just 1 minute.

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As a perfect blend of corn, carrots, and cabbage, Sweet Corn is one of the most popular veg soups in India. Knorr, a major player in the soup segment, too has a Sweety Corn Veg variant, that gets ready in 1 minute. Though it is easy to make, we cannot stand for its taste until we try it for ourselves. One of the main factors that affect the overall experience of sweet corn soup is its balance of crunch (from the veggies), consistency and seasoning. Thus, for our new edition of first impressions, we decided to review this instant meal product on the basis of a few parameters.

Points To Note About Knorr’s Cup a Soup Sweet Corn Veg

*as per the information on the pack


  1. No need for cooking and boiling.
  2. Made from quality vegetables and spices
  3. Claims to be a restaurant-like soup for your home.
  4. It can be prepared in 1 minute.
  5. No added preservatives.
  6. A single serving can provide you with 32 Kcal.


Knorr Instant Sweet Corn Cup-A-Soup, 10 g

Made with 100% real vegetables and no added preservatives, this soup can be prepared in three simple steps. 

MRP: Rs 10*

*Price at the time of review


Method Of Preparation

*as per the information on the pack


  1. Empty the entire content of the pack into a cup.
  2. Pour 150 ml hot water and stir continuously to avoid lumps.
  3. Wait for only 1 minute and enjoy it.


#FirstImpressions Of Knorr’s Cup a Soup Sweet Corn Veg

Soups can be immensely healthy additions to your diet when made fresh at home with real veggies and herbs. Store-bought soups can bever compete with homemade soups and broths that add nutrition and flavor to your diet.

That said, Knorr Sweet Corn Soup is reasonably tasty. The American sweet corn in the soup has a sweet taste to offer, which adds to the flavor and crunch. The consistency is what you get at restaurants; thick and silky.

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However, like most Soup Powders, this one too is primarily made with potato starch and sugar. Yes, there are dehydrated vegetables like corn, carrot flakes and leeks, and these definitely add flavor. For occasional consumption, Knorr Sweet Corn Soup is an alright choice, as it is convenient, easy to store and quick to rustle up. We wouldn’t recommend it to be a part of your daily/regular diet.

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