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The Best Hot Chocolate For All Age-groups – Mishry Reviews

3 brands, 2 days and over a dozen mugs of Hot Chocolate down, we are ready to share with you the Best Hot Chocolate we recommend for everyday drinking, and for all age-groups.

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Just by saying the words ‘hot chocolate,’ you can effectively catch a craving for this bitter-sweet beverage. To find the tastiest hot chocolate drink, we picked the popular variants and put them to a blind taste test. After 2 days and over a dozen mugs of hot chocolate down, we can tell you that Cadbury Hot Chocolate is the best among the brands reviewed.


Mishry Top Pick: Best Everyday Hot Chocolate



Cadbury Hot Chocolate


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Cadbury Hot Chocolate

A cocoa drink that perfectly mimics the taste of roasted cocoa beans .

Mrp: Rs 160*

*Price at the time of review


Why Cadbury Hot Chocolate is our Top Pick:

The first thing we liked about the product is its aroma – it has a fresh chocolatey aroma that is hard to miss as soon as you open the foil seal.

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It mixes well once we added 2 teaspoons to a cup of hot milk. No lumps. Cadbury Hot Chocolate tasted the best amongst all contenders in this category.

What we also liked about Cadbury Hot Chocolate is that it is not over-sweet, allowing you to tweak sweetness levels as per your liking. For kids you like it a bit sweeter, you could a spoon of sugar. And grown ups may enjoy this as is. Or even add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to the hot chocolate on a Friday night! The flavors allow you to be as versatile as you like.

For all these reasons, we think Cadbury Hot Chocolate is the Best Hot Chocolate for all age-groups.


Our Review Process:

With the cold months approaching, demand for chocolate and chocolate-based drinks will only go up. A mug of hot chocolate is a nice way to bring a tiring day to end. But not all Hot Chocolate drinks will taste good. And some really good one may be pretty expensive to have on a regular basis. We were looking for a Hot Chocolate that is tasty and value for money. Of course, some of the more expensive, premium products that would be creamier, with a deeper, more intense chocolate flavor. That’s not what we were looking for in our review. So all imported brands or imported variants were not included.



The Brands We Picked

Weikfield Drinking Chocolate

Cadbury Hot Chocolate (Buy Now On Amazon)

Blue Bird Drinking Chocolate (Buy Now On Amazon)


How We Picked Our Brands

While we were looking for the Best Hot Chocolate brands, we know that the terms ‘Hot chocolate’, ‘Hot Cocoa’ and ‘Drinking chocolate are used rather interchangeably.

While Hot Chocolate is more popular now as compared to the more traditional Drinking Chocolate, there is a huge difference between the two. The main ingredient in Hot Chocolate is cocoa powder, which is obtained after cocoa butter (cocoa solids) have been extracted from chocolate beans. Traditionally, Drinking Chocolate, uses cocoa butter and cocoa solids too, making it a much more rich and creamy drink than Hot Chocolate.

However, some brands may use ‘Drinking Chocolate’ on the labeling – even though the list of ingredients may not show the use of cocoa butter or solids. So in our choice of brands, we kept this in mind.

Weikfield’s product made it to the review even though it is labeled as ‘Drinking Chocolate’. On a closer look at the list of ingredients, we noticed that cocoa remains the main ingredient and therefore we decided to bring it in.


While we were looking for the Best Hot Chocolate brands, we know that the terms ‘Hot chocolate’, ‘Cocoa drink’ and ‘Drinking chocolate are used rather interchangeably.

Team Mishry


Who Is It For?


Hot chocolate is a beverage that is enjoyed by all, irrespective of what age group they belong to. Every cocoa infused drink such as this one is a mouth-watering beverage that you’ll constantly crave for more after your first sip. If you like everything chocolaty, then this review will make your task of searching that perfectly sweet hot cup much easier.



Our Tasting Process: What Were Our Parameters


Our tasting process for finding out the Tastiest Hot Chocolate consisted of a simple taste test, however, we did taste the powder before mixing it with hot milk to judge its sweet and bitter balance. After we added the hot milk to the powder, we tasted the three brands side by side and judged them based on the following criteria:


Appearance: This is the first factor that you take note of after preparing a mug of hot chocolate for yourself. A cup having a perfect chocolatey color is much more pleasing to the eye.


Aroma: The smell of hot chocolate somewhat resembles the smell of chocolate itself. It is similarly bittersweet, which is appealing. Some hot chocolate mixes may have a one -dimensional sugar aroma – which may signal an equally sweet flavor.


Taste: This factor is the main star of our review. All the previous factors contribute towards the taste of hot chocolate itself, and the balance of ingredients is key too. How sweet, how chocolatey, how creamy – we noticed them all.



The Result Of Our Test


After tasting the three brands, Cadbury Hot Chocolate appeared at the top of our score charts, ranking higher in each of the factors that we based our review on. It had a sweet cocoa infused taste along with a delicate bitter touch. With a perfect chocolatey brown color, it appeared to be more appealing as compared to the other two brands, and as for its smell, it resembled that delicious smell of chocolate consisting of a velvety aroma of the roasted cocoa bean.


Best Everyday Hot Chocolate: Cadbury Hot Chocolate


Cadbury Hot Chocolate

A cocoa drink that perfectly mimics the taste of roasted cocoa beans .

Mrp: Rs 160*

*Price at the time of review



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