Mezmo Jellies Review: Orange, Lemon and Strawberry
mezmo candies review

Mezmo Jellies Review – Naturally Sweetened Treats

Mezmo Jellies claim to be sweetened with fibrous fruit sugars and have no nasties whatsoever. As impressive as this sounds, how did these candies fare on Mishry’s rate-o-meter?

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Mezmo Jellies don't just taste great but are a truly healthier alternative to soothing your sweet tooth. No white sugar, no colors, no preservatives- need we say more?

Cravings are real. Especially the sugary ones post a heavy meal. Before you know it, you’ve chomped down half of the chocolate stash at home.

While mindful consumption is key, what if the candies are prepared with wholesome, non-hyper-palatable ingredients that soothe the sweet tooth guilt-free? We received three variants of these good-for-you candies- Tangelo Orange, Very Strawberry, and Tarty Lemon as part of our Back To School Mojo Box. In this Mezmo Jellies review, we talk about not just taste and texture, but also what makes them unique.

Orange, Strawberry, Lemon- which was Mishry’s Top Pick?

The three variants and quick details are mentioned in the following table. 

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Our Review Factors

Typically, balanced sweetness and a sticky-chewy texture are the focus parameters when Team Mishry reviews candies. However, since Mezmo claims to be vegan-friendly, and sweetened without white sugar, preservatives, or color- we scanned the ingredient list to find out whether or not these check out.

1. Taste

Orange, strawberry, and lemon – are the flavors of the fruit bold and pronounced? Is the sweetness balanced? Does the lack of white sugar affect palatability?

2. Mouthfeel & Appearance

Are these candies sticky? Or are they chewy and gummy-like? 

Prepared without added colors, do these look appetizing?

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3. Main Ingredients

The brand claims that its candies are devoid of additives and white sugar. We scanned the ingredient list to find out if this is just a claim or a fact.

4. Other Parameters

We also gauged the packaging and shelf life of Mezmo jellies. Is its price also indicative of the wholesome ingredients used?

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Mezmo Jellies Flavours – Detailed Review

Mezmo jellies were a part of the Back To School Mojo Box we reviewed. The three variants were pillow-packed in an envelope. This section sheds light on our experience with the candies. 

1. Tangelo Orange

Price & Packaging

The candy was individually wrapped in a pastel-colored wrapper that had the flavor label on it. Since this was a sample, the price was not mentioned. However, a 3 x 12 pack is priced at Rs 525 (we checked on the brand’s website)

This means one candy costs approximately Rs 15, which is quite steep. 

Main Ingredients

Apple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, citrus fiber (2%), lemon juice concentrate (4%), common salt (sea salt), oligofructose (prebiotic dietary fiber 7.1%), water, gelling agent (pectin), and natural flavoring substances. 

As claimed, there is no refined sugar or gluten and dairy ingredients. Thumbs up.

However, FSSAI recommends listing ingredients in a decreasing order of constitution which has not been followed here.

mezmo candies packing
Each variant was wrapped in a pastel wrapper.

Taste & Texture

This was quite sticky and hard. That said, it had a jelly-like bite. 

Coming to the flavor, it was bold, citrusy, and zesty. The sweetness was fairly low but there was a slight rind-like bitterness (that citrus fruits naturally have) we quite liked. 

Taste- 5/5
Texture- 4/5
  • These are sweetened with naturally occurring sugars. 
  • The packaging had a pleasing appearance.
  • These are devoid of additives like color and preservatives.
  • Though steeply priced, the ingredient list and overall quality justifies the price.
  • Well-rounded flavors!

Looking to cut out refined sugar? Mezmo jellies in Tangelo Orange is a citrusy solution.

2. Tarty Lemon

Price & Packaging

The price and packaging are the same as the above variant, but Tarty Lemon features a pastel yellow wrapper.

Main Ingredients

Apple juice concentrate, orange juice concentrate, citrus fiber (2%), lemon juice concentrate (4%), common salt (sea salt), oligofructose (prebiotic dietary fiber 7.1%), water, gelling agent (pectin), and natural flavoring substances. 

The brand claims one pack (12 candies) offer as much fiber as one banana/two cups of spinach, or half a cup of avocado. 

This claim stands to be true as the above-mentioned foods have 2-4 grams of fiber and a pack of 12 Mezmo jellies offers approximately 6 grams.

mezmo candies appearance
These were darker than other candies as no artificial colors have been used.

Taste & Texture

The mouthfeel and bite were fairly similar to Tangelo Orange. Moreover, the overall appearance, in terms of shape and color, was almost identical. 

This was fairly good taste-wise too. The characteristic sourness that lemon has was felt here. In addition to this, the subtle sweetness made the overall flavor quite desirable. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • All bold claims the brand makes are true. 
  • Thumbs up for the clean ingredients.

Did you have to give up candies to adhere to veganism? Mezmo jellies are made using vegan ingredients and we suggest trying them out. 

3. Very Strawberry

Price & Packaging

This variant is packed in a visually-pleasing pink wrapper. Unlike other variants, this was slightly deformed from one edge.

Main Ingredients

Apple juice concentrate, strawberry pulp (12%), citrus fiber (2%), lemon juice concentrate, oligofructose (prebiotic dietary fiber 7.5%), mulethi (licorice) extract (0.5%), water, common salt (sea salt), gelling agent (pectin), natural flavoring substances.

Very Strawberry contains real fruit pulp and has significantly more fiber than the other two variants. One pack has as much fiber as two bananas, three cups of spinach, or one cup of avocado.

Other fruit-flavored candies have little to no fiber.

Taste & Texture

This was relatively stickier than Orange and Lemon, featuring a jelly-like squidgy texture.

With 12% real strawberry pulp, this variant had a prominent strawberry flavor. It was sweet and tarty, and both these flavors were in sync. Thumbs up as there was no industrial taste whatsoever. Licorice has a mild bitterness to it which was missing here, but no complaints.

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • This has a remarkable fiber content. 
  • It contains real fruit pulp.
  • The flavor was quite fresh and natural.

Missing the season of strawberries? Curb the craving one candy at a time with Mezmo Jelly in the Very Strawberry variant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mezmo jellies.

In the Mojo Box, you get one unit of each variant. On their website, the brand offers boxes of 12 candies. 

No, per 100 grams Mezmo has 38 grams of sugar which is less than half as compared to other brands.

Moreover, Mezmo candies are sweetened without white sugar. They use naturally occurring sugars from fruits. 

No, Mezmo jellies are free of preservatives.

Since these are prepared using relatively nutrient-dense ingredients, you can have one-two everyday.

No, these jellies are a combination of tart/sour and sweet flavors. 

Final Words

Yet another Mojo Box find we liked! Mezmo jellies have a fresh and natural taste and have a touch of premium right from the packaging to its composition (ingredients).

Of the three we tried, we liked Tangelo Orange the most. It was a delectable blend of flavors with the much-desired citrusy punch.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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