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mccain emotibites review

McCain Emotibites Crispy Happy Potatoes Review – Recommended

McCain Emotibites made it to Mishry’s list of Monsoon snacks. The crisp exterior, the perfect seasoning of salt- it doesn’t get better than this.

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4 / 5
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McCain Emotibites are frozen potato-based snacks with a twist. These mood-matching snacks are delightfully crisp and perfectly seasoned, and best of all- theyu2019re super easy to prepare. Definitely a fun snack for a younger audience.

We’ve all heard ‘actions speak louder than words’ but what about ‘emojis express better than words’?

This World Emoji Day, Mishry brings its review of a fun, savory snack. We ordered a pack of the classic potato snack with a TWIST. This McCain Emotibites review covers all you need to know- from preparing to relishing them.

Do they taste like the iconic Smileys? Are shape and design the only difference?


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McCain Emotibites – Quick Glance

Key product details are listed in the following table.

McCain Emotibites Product Details
Price Rs 240/-
Main Ingredients
  • Potatoes (63%)
  • Potato flakes (13%)
  • Palmolein Oil
  • Maize Starch
  • Iodized Salt
Calories 197 Kcal/100 grams
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Mishry Rating 4.3

Our Review Factors

Freshness, an appetizing texture, and ease of preparation were the focus parameters of Mishry’s McCain Emotibites review.

1. Taste 

When potatoes turn stale, they develop an undesirable, sour taste. We gauged the freshness of this frozen snack. Moreover, the seasoning (salt) was checked. Was it balanced or did it need some adjustment?

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From ketchup to mustard sauce, would these pair well with dips?

2. Texture

We were looking for thick and chunky bites. Crisp on the outside, but a soft and fluffy bite inside- how was our experience with McCain Emotibites? Are the potatoes fluffy or chalky? 

3. Appearance & Innovation

Are the emotis easily identifiable? Or do they look fairly similar? Broken, cracked pieces? What are the different emojis in the pack? 

4. Other Parameters

Shelf life, packaging, price, and key differences between the original Smileys and Emotibites have also been highlighted in this review.

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McCain Emotibites – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

A 750-gram pack is priced at Rs 240/-. The Emotibites are packed in a non-resealable bag and have a shelf life of 18 months.

The pack also mentions the ingredients used, the nutrition values, and two methods of preparation.

mccain emotibites packaging
An attractive blue and red pack holds the Emotibites.

Main Ingredients

Potato (63%), potato flakes (13%), palmolein oil, maize starch, and iodized salt. 

This contains no added preservatives which is a plus. 

How did we make it?

McCain Emotibites can be fried or baked, or air-fried. 

We fried a batch (10-12 pieces) in refined vegetable oil. The oil was preheated to 175 degrees (checked on a thermometer), as recommended by the brand. We then let the Emotibites fry for around three minutes, until they developed a lovely golden brown surface. 

And that’s it- we began the taste test.

All the emotibites deep fried evenly, without breakage or soaking up any extra oil.

mccain emotibites frozen
No broken pieces, hooray.


There are six Emotibite variants. A cat face, a heart eyes face, a wink, one that is surprised, another laughing, and a heart-shaped one. All the emojis have clean outlines and are well-defined.

We liked how despite being packed without a tray, this frozen snack was not broken or cracked. Neither were they sticking to each other. Consistency was maintained throughout, thumbs up.

mccain emotibites ready to eat
These were deep-fried, evenly, and did not soak up any extra oil.

Taste & Texture

McCain Emotibites effortlessly brought out the little kids in us and this is no exaggeration. 

These had the perfect crunch on the outside, while the inside was a soft bite. This was smooth, there were no chunky pieces of potatoes. All-in-all, the bite was soul-satisfying.

The taste was quite nice. These Emotibites were seasoned to perfection, the salt levels were apt. 

mccain emotibites before and after frying
Post-frying, the Emotibites developed a lovely golden exterior.
  • This made for a value for money snack. 
  • Visual consistency maintained (thickness and shape)
  • Well-defined emojis.
  • The seasoning was spot-on.
  • Crisp yet soft, we loved the texture.
  • Even frying. 

A quick snack for your little one? A side with homemade burgers? Something to appreciate the rains with? We recommend McCain Emotibites.

Taste + Texture- 4/5
Appearance- 5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on McCain Emotibites.

There are approximately 32-33 pieces in one pack. 

Yes, you can serve these Emotibites with tea, coffee, milkshakes, and juices. 

It is best to serve these with a side of ketchup, chilli sauce, cheese dip, BBQ sauce, or mustard sauce.

Per 100 grams, the trans fat content is not more than 0.1 grams.

The shelf life of this product is 18 months. 

No, these are free of preservatives.

Final Words

Mishry’s experience with McCain Emotibites was a positive one, or should we say it was full of smiles? The taste and freshness were remarkable with a crisp yet soft bite.

Dunked in ketchup or dipped in mustard? How do you relish potato-based snacks?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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