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lotus biscoff original caramelised biscuits review

Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits Review: Is It Worth The Hype

A love story of caramel and cinnamon, Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits are delectable winter snacks!

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Crisp and fresh with flavor notes of caramel and cinnamon, Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits are a must-try!

If not online, you’ve definitely come across a Lotus Biscoff-based dessert at a fancy patisserie or a home baker. These caramel biscuits were first baked in Belgium in the 1930s. From Europe to the United States to Gulf countries and now in India, Lotus Biscoff has fans across the globe now!

But what is the hype about, what unique flavors do these biscuits pack, and why the sudden surge are some questions we answer in our Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits review?

Did You Know?- Biscoff is allegedly a combination of ‘biscuit’ and ‘coffee’.

Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits – What You Need To Know

From textures to flavors and more, here’s everything you need to know about Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits. 

1. Packaging

A 124-gram pack holds eight individually-packed units. There are two cookies in each. 

2. Ingredients

Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils, candy sugar syrup, raising agent, soya flour, salt, and cinnamon are all ingredients used. 

3. Taste

A noteworthy ingredient on the list was candy sugar syrup. How is this different from a simple syrup? 

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Candy sugar syrup is plain white sugar that is boiled in water until it combines into a thick syrup. This is primarily used in Belgian beers (Dubbel/Tripel) to add the distinctive flavor. 

Does this syrup bring the caramel flavors? 

4. Flavour

Cinnamon, though classified as a spice, lends a sweet warmth to dishes and drinks. Do these biscuits taste cinnamon-y? 

5. Munchiness

Dunk in a warm beverage or nibble on as a snack, biscuits and cookies must have a bold crunch, a significant bite to them. 

How did Lotus Biscoff fare on the munch factor?

6. Shelf Life

Lotus Biscoff has a 12-month shelf life. 

Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits – Detailed Review

lotus biscoff original caramelised biscuits
There are eight smaller packs in the pack, each holding two biscuits.

Here’s our experience with these caramel cookies.


Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised Biscuits Product Details
Main Ingredients Wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oils, candy sugar syrup, raising agent, soya flour, salt, cinnamon.
Price Rs 169/-
Net Quantity 124 grams
Calories 481 kcal
Shelf Life 12 months


First off, the packaging. It isn’t just convenient but also ensures freshness. There are eight packs, each holding two cookies. This style of packing makes them an ideal on-the-go snack too.

Since these cookies are tightly wrapped, none of them were broken. Owing to this strategic packaging, the crunch in texture is intact. These tasted fresh and had a bold bite!

In terms of taste, all flavoring ingredients made their presence felt. Whether it was the cinnamon warmth, the caramelly sweetness, or the sweet-cutting salt, these cookies had a pretty good taste.

The candy sugar syrup has this caramel richness that pairs beautifully with the natural sweetness of cinnamon. A very mild tinge of salt creates a nice balance, ensuring the overall sweetness isn’t overpowering.

 We compared the calories of Lotus Biscoff with other regular biscuits (without a cream/center filling) to find that there’s only a marginal difference in the overall calories. 

lotus biscoff original caramelised biscuit packets
This type of packaging ensures freshness and adds convenience.
lotus biscoff biscuits on a plate
Overview of our review.
closer look at lotus biscoff original caramelised biscuits
Cross-sectional view of Lotus Biscoff.


  • A 124-gram pack is priced at Rs 169
  • These cookies have a 12-month shelf life.
  • They are sweetened using sugar and candy sugar syrup.
  • One pack holds 8 x 2 units.
  • Per 100 grams, you get 481 kcal. 


  • The packaging is very convenient.
  • None of the biscuits were broken.
  • They are crisp and fresh!
  • The caramel and cinnamon flavors taste well-rounded.
  • We liked the mild saltiness. 


  • These may seem a little overpriced for the quantity. 

Best Suited For

We think these cookies would go well with chai/coffee, especially in the winters! These would also be a great addition to a dessert board. 

Final Words

Crispy and caramely! Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits may be a bit overpriced but they definitely aren’t overhyped. 

From desserts to milkshakes, Lotus Biscoff is a unique, cinnamon-flavored cookie that also is visually attractive.

Have you tried Lotus Biscoff biscuits or a biscoff based dessert before?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Lotus Biscoff Original Caramelised biscuits.

1. Do these biscuits contain additional colorings and flavors?

No, this is free of additional colors and flavors. 

2. How many biscuits are there in one pack?

One pack holds 16 biscuits.

3. Are these biscuits favorable for diabetic patients?

These biscuits contain large quantities of carbohydrates in the form of sugar and candy sugar syrup. Portion control is key. 

4. Can these biscuits be consumed by children under 6 years of age? 

An occasional cookie or biscuit given to a toddler is acceptable. But, it is recommended that you consult an expert/pediatrician. 

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