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Knorr International Soups Review

Knorr International Soups Review: A Healthy & Delicious Evening Starter

Knorr’s International Soup range is an easy way to prepare a hearty bowl of soup at home within minutes. We reviewed three flavors from this range and liked one more than the other two. Here is Team Mishry’s verdict!

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Mishry Ratings

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


We tried three flavours from the Knorr International Soup range and had a positive experience. These soups are easy to prepare, have a thick consistency and taste delectable. The Italian mushroom soup was our favorite and the rating is for that particular variant.

Who does not love the convenience a packaged soup provides? These require minimum effort to cook and get ready in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is boil the required quantity of water, add the contents, mix, and simmer for a few minutes. 

When it comes to packaged soups, Knorr offers a wide variety of different flavors. Recently, Knorr introduced its range of International Soups that includes 5 flavors. In our review, we tried three flavors – Thai Vegetable, Italian Mushroom and Mexican Tomato Corn. 

We were keen to know how the flavor of these International Soups would taste. In our Knorr International Soups Review we have covered everything from the price to the taste that will help you make a better purchase.

Knorr International Soups – Variants We Tried

Knorr International Soups Review – Everything You Need To Know

In this section we have discussed different points that will give you a quick overview of the packaging , price range and other aspects of the Knorr International Soups. 

1. Packaging

Knorr International Soups comes in a standard green color packet. The packet is not resealable. Inside the pack, there is no separate pouch containing the soup mix. The soup mix is placed directly inside the pack. 

2. Available Flavours

There are 5 different flavours available in Knorr International Soups which include : 

  • Shanghai Hot & Sour Chicken Soup
  • Italian Mushroom Soup
  • Mexican Tomato Corn 
  • Thai Vegetable Soup 
  • Hong Kong Manchow Noodle Soup 

3. Available Quantities

Knorr offers different quantities for each of the international soup variants. The quantity of the Knorr International Soups ranges from 38 gm to 52 gm.  

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4. Cooking Instructions

Knorr International Soups provides a standard three step instruction for all the variants. These international soups come with the cooking instructions mentioned behind the back of the pack. For preparing these soups, the following are the instructions mentioned : 

  • Empty the contents of the pack in 4 cups of water.
  • Bring the water to boil and continuously stir it to avoid formation of lumps.
  • Lastly, simmer the soup for 3 minutes and serve it hot.

5. Price Range

The price range for Knorr International Soups is from Rs. 60 to Rs. 70.

Knorr International Soups Review – Our Review Factors

For our review process, we have carefully taken into consideration different factors to help our readers gain a better idea about the Knorr International Soups. Our review factors include taste, consistency, shelf life, aroma and list of ingredients.

knorr soups reviewed variants
The three flavours of Knorr International Soups we reviewed

1. Ingredients

Reading any ingredient label is crucial since it helps us get an idea about what goes in the making of any packaged food. As mentioned on the pack of Knorr International Soups, it includes 100% real vegetables and has no added preservatives. 

We conducted an in-depth review of the ingredient list to find out more about the Knorr International Soups. What is the thickening agent used? Is it corn flour, maida or something else? In what form the vegetables are included in these soups? Does it contain any additives?

2. Flavour

The flavor parameter indicates how tasty and fresh the soup is. The international range by Knorr is said to mimic the flavors of particular cuisines like Thai, Mexican and Italian. How close does it come to the mentioned flavor?

How fresh is the taste of vegetables? Are the soups seasoned well? Do they taste industrial?

3. Aroma

The warm aroma of spices and fresh vegetables fill up the kitchen when we cook some soup at home. While we do not think it’s fair to compare packaged soups to fresh, homemade ones, they should reflect the aroma of similar spices, herbs and vegetables. Do the soups have any noticeable spice or herb aroma? 

4. Color and Consistency 

The most crucial factor that affects the overall experience of having any packaged soup is its consistency. What was the consistency of these international soups? Was it thick or thin? Is it creamy? How was the color of these soups? Did the soups look appetizing?

5. Price & Packaging 

Price and packaging are the other factors that we considered while reviewing the Knorr International soups.  Does the taste justify the price tag of these soups? Is this product value for money? We also reviewed the soups on the parameter of how well they are packed. Was the pack resealable? How appealing was the packaging?

Knorr International Soups Review – Detailed Review

Review Parameters Thai Vegetable Soup  Italian Mushroom Mexican Tomato Corn
Main Ingredients 
  • Maize Starch
  • Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Sugar
  • Iodised Salt 
  • Refined Wheat Flour
  • Refined Wheat Flour
  • Iodised Salt 
  • Milk Solids 
  • Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Sugar
  • Sugar 
  • Maize Starch 
  • Dehydrated Vegetables 
  • Refined Wheat Flour 
  • Tomato Paste Solids
Shelf Life  12 months  12 months  12 months 
Net Weight  46 gm  48 gm 52 gm
Price INR 65 INR 65 INR 65


1. Thai Vegetable

Flavor - 3/5
Consistency - 3/5

For our review, we ordered a 46 gm pack of Thai Vegetable soup which is ideal to serve around 4 people. The price of the pack was INR 65. As we opened the pack, the aroma of lemongrass was the most noticeable. 

Thai soups are categorized by distinctive flavors like lemongrass, galangal and chilli that come together to make a comforting bowl for dinner. 

We prepared the soup following the same instructions as mentioned on the pack. We took about 600 ml of water and mixed the entire contents of the pack. As per the instructions, the soup cooked well in three minutes. During the cooking process,  we did not observe any lump formation. The soup had a thick consistency which is due to the presence of refined wheat flour and maize starch.


The color of this soup is orangey. The overall flavor of this soup was well balanced and the most prominent flavor was that of lemongrass. The vegetables included in this soup were corn, cabbage and onion. The corn pieces added felt dry and did not taste fresh. We loved the thick consistency of the soup which did not feel lumpy or lacy.

For an added crunch, you can add some fried noodles on top or even add crushed roasted peanuts.

knorr thai vegetable soup mix in a bowl
The overall view of the contents of the Thai Vegetable Soup
closer look at knorr thai vegetable soup mix in a bowl
The Thai Vegetable Soup had a strong aroma of lemongrass
knorr thai vegetable soup in a bowl
The Thai Vegetable Soup post cooking
closer look at knorr thai vegetable soup in a bowl
This soup had pieces of corn, cabbage and onions


  • The price of the 46 gm pack of Thai Vegetable soup is INR 65.
  • It contains no added preservatives.
  • The shelf life of the Knorr International Thai Vegetable soup is 12 months.
  • The instructions to cook the soup are mentioned behind the pack.
  • Per serve of 11.5 gm contains around 0.6 gm of protein.


  • This soup contains a well balanced flavor of spices.
  • We loved the thick consistency of the soup.
  • The soup cooked well in the mentioned three-minute time frame.
  • Post-cooking, there were no lumps. 
  • The aroma and taste of lemongrass was quite prominent.


  • We did not like the taste of the vegetables included in the soup. The corn especially felt under-hydrated and did not taste fresh. 

Best Suited For

Pressed on time, but want a tasty Thai flavor inspired soup? The Knorr International Thai Vegetable Soup does a fairly good job of delivering those flavors.

2. Italian Mushroom

Flavor - 4/5
Consistency - 4/5

The second flavor that we reviewed from the range of Knorr International Soups was the Italian Mushroom soup. The 48 gm quantity of the Italian Mushroom soup comes at a price of INR 65.   

For cooking the soup, we followed the same instructions given on the pack. After cooking, we noticed that the soup had an off white color. The soup was not oily and there was no oil floating on top. 

The consistency of this soup was spot on. It had a creamy and thick texture which did not feel gloopy. The pieces of mushroom added a nice bite to the soup and amped up the overall taste. The fact that the mushrooms were not hard to chew was a plus.

We did not feel any synthetic after taste after we tasted this variant. This is usually a concern when it comes to packaged soups. 

For added crunch, you can garnish the soup with croutons or serve with crispy garlic bread.

knorr italian mushroom soup mix in a bowl
The Mushroom soup powder placed in a bowl after opening the pack
closer look at knorr italian mushroom soup mix in a bowl
This soup powder mix had a off white color
knorr italian mushroom soup in a bowl
We loved how well the consistency of the soup turned out
closer look at knorr italian mushroom soup in a bowl
The tiny bits of mushroom added a nice bite to the soup


  • INR 65 is the price for a 48 gm pack of Italian Mushroom soup. 
  • The soup comes with a shelf life of 12 months.
  • It contains 100% real vegetables and is free from added preservatives.
  • A 3 step instruction is mentioned on the pack for cooking the soup.
  • Per serving of 12 gm of the powder contains about 42 kcals.   


  • The Italian Mushroom soup was creamy and thick. 
  • The pieces of mushroom added a nice flavor and texture to the soup.
  • There is no synthetic after taste in the soup. 
  • It had a prominent aroma of mushrooms.
  • The soup had a similar homestyle consistency.
  • This flavor is the best among the other two variants. 

Best Suited For

This soup is best suited for someone who loves the flavor of mushrooms. If you are looking to recreate a restaurant style creamy mushroom soup, we recommend you to try the Knorr International Italian Mushroom soup.

3. Mexican Tomato Corn

Flavour - 3/5
Consistency - 3/5

Mexican Tomato Corn was the third flavor that we reviewed from the range of Knorr International soups. We followed the same method of preparation like we followed for the other two variants. 

The Mexican Tomato Corn flavor comes in a pack of 52 gm. It is priced at INR 65. After cooking, the aroma of the soup felt butter-like. The aroma was similar to that of homestyle tomato soup. Appearance wise the soup has an orange-red color.

The soup contained dehydrated pieces of leeks and corn which added a nice texture. The seasoning is balanced. 

Mexican flavors are associated with fresh cilantro, cumin, paprika, garlic, corn and tomatoes. Taste wise, the Mexican Tomato  soup had a mix of sweet and tangy flavor with a hint of paprika. The fresh tang of tomatoes we expect from a soup were missing, sadly. Even though this soup is tasty on its own, the tag of ‘Mexican’ flavor doesn’t really do justice. This was our least favorite amongst all the three variants.

knorr mexican tomato corn soup mix in a bowl
The contents of the Mexican Tomato Corn Soup placed in a bowl
closer look at knorr mexican tomato corn soup mix in a bowl
The soup powder had a lot of corn pieces visible
knorr mexican tomato corn soup in a bowl
Post cooking, the Mexican Tomato Corn Soup placed in a bowl
closer look at knorr mexican tomato corn soup in a bowl
This soup had a mix of sweet and tangy flavor


  • The product comes with a shelf life of 12 months. 
  • It is free from added preservatives.
  • A 52 gm pack is ideal for serving around 3 to 4 people.
  • A single serve of 13 gm provides about 0.5 gm of dietary fiber.


  • The soup is well seasoned and has a creamy texture.
  • The pieces of corn added a nice flavor and crunch.
  • It had a thick consistency.


  • The soup lacked the taste of fresh tomatoes.
  • The ‘Mexican flavors’ were missing.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

knorr international soups review
All the three variants of the Knorr International Soup post cooking

Among the three flavours that we reviewed from the Knorr International Soups the Italian Mushroom flavor was our favorite. We loved the creamy texture of the soup, infused with herbs and delicious chunks of mushroom. 

The other two variants – Mexican Tomato Corn Soup and Thai Vegetable Soup were good too. Both these variants had a thick consistency and had a well balanced seasoning.

Knorr International soups offer the convenience of quick preparation of soup from the comfort of your home. You can have it as an appetizer or serve it with some toasted bread for dinner. 

Final Words

We reviewed the three flavors of the Knorr International Soups – Thai Vegetable, Italian Mushroom and Mexican Tomato Corn. Our overall experience of reviewing the Knorr International Soups was a positive one. 

Knorr International soups comes with a 3-step instruction that provides easy preparation of soups within minutes.

Let us know which is your favorite one in the comments below. Also, share with us how your experience of trying these soups turned out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Knorr International Soups. 

1. Is Knorr seasoning bad for health?

Knorr seasoning contains ingredients such as – refined wheat flour, dehydrated vegetables, and edible vegetable fat. It is best to consume any packaged food item in moderation.  

2. Can these soups be consumed by children under 6 years of age?

Knorr International soups contain ingredients that might not be safe for consumption by children under 6 years on a regular basis. It is best to give your children fresh homemade soup to get the maximum nutrients. Though these soups are free from added preservatives, it is best to consult a pediatrician for the same.

3. Do these soups contain artificial additional flavours?

Yes, these soups contain artificial additional flavours. 

4. Do these soups contain preservatives?

Knorr International Soups mentions no use of added preservatives. However, it may contain natural preservatives such as sugar, garlic powder, and iodised salt. 

5. How many servings can each pack have?

A single pack of Knorr International soup is ideal to serve around 3 to 4 people.

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