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chai point ginger instant chai review

Chai Point Ginger Instant Chai Review

A decent balance of milk and sugar, Chai Point Ginger Instant Chai is strong on the dry ginger taste and aroma.

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Prominent aroma but a subtle flavor, Chai Point ginger tea has well-balanced sweetness and is a decent option for an on-the-go cup of tea. We missed the fresh ginger flavor.

Some start their day with this, others end a long day at work. Refreshing yet relaxing, nothing that a garma garam cup of adrak chai can’t solve! If there’s one thing that can enhance this experience, it’s a steaming hot cuppa in an instant. Enter- instant tea premixes!

Tea premixes are a blend of milk powder, sugar, tea leaves, and flavoring agents like cardamom, ginger, and others. All you need is some boiling water and voila! A great cup of chai in an instant. 

But as superlative as this sounds, oftentimes tea premixes are overly sweetened or they seem too diluted. Earlier, we reviewed Instant Masala Chai Premixes and found a new pantry staple! Another popular tea premix flavor is ginger. Our Chai Point Ginger Instant Chai review.  explains if the tea is watery, milky, or sweet. And most importantly, how well defined is the ginger flavor?

Chai Point Ginger Instant Chai – Everything You Need To Know

chai point ginger chai
It is packed in a simple-looking carton.

Everything from ingredients to instructions of Chai Point Ginger Instant Tea is discussed in this section.

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1. Ingredients

Milk solids, sugar, tea extract, and ginger extract are the main ingredients. 

2. Flavor

This instant tea premix had a decent balance of milk to sugar. 

The ginger flavor was sharp but it lacked the spice kick and heat. Typically, fresh ginger has a certain citrusy zing that mellows when dried. The dried ginger flavor is more peppery and higher on heat. Chai Point’s ginger tea had a bold dry ginger flavor.

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3. Form Factor

This tea premix is powdered. There are 10 individual sachets, each holding 14 grams of the mix. 

4. Aroma

Fresh and dry ginger lend unique aromas and flavors. This premix had a dominant aroma of dried ginger powder with some pungency. 

5. Refreshing Factor

A big sip, a bigger sigh of relief, tea always refreshes. The scientific reason is the combination of caffeine plus sugar (simple carbohydrates instantly energize).

The types of herbs or spices added to tea also lend a certain freshness to the cup like ginger and tulsi. Chai Point’s tea mix wasn’t as refreshing due to the dried ginger flavor.

6. Consistency

The consistency resembled that of homemade tea. It’s neither too milky, nor watery.

7. Nutritional Information

Following is the caloric breakdown for one serve/sachet (14 g)

61.35 kcal, 1.94 g of protein, 9.59 g of carbohydrates (6.3 g of sugar), and 1.68 g of fat. 

8. Price

One carton holding ten 14 gram sachets is priced at Rs 199.

Chai Point Ginger Instant Chai – Detailed Review

Tea and coffee premixes are ideal for those on the go who can’t do without their daily fix of caffeine. These premixes, as the name suggests, contain a blend of milk solids, sugar, tea extract/coffee- and all you need to do is add hot water for an instant beverage. 

Chai Point instant ginger tea comes in 14-gram sachets. One carton holds 10 such sachets. 

As we opened the sachet, a strong zingy, gingery aroma was observed in our test kitchen. We added this mix to a glass with 100 ml of boiling water. The mix dissolved seamlessly and the consistency was quite good. It wasn’t too watery or too milky. 

The ginger flavor was present and felt more like that of dried ginger. It lacked the signature fresh zingy and heat ginger adds to dishes. 

Chai Point Instant Ginger Tea Product Details
Main Ingredients  Milk solids, sugar, tea extract, ginger extract
Price Rs 199
Net Quantity 140 grams (10 x 14 grams)
Calories 61.35 kcal
Shelf Life 12 months from date of manufacture
chai point ginger chai packaging
There are 14-gram sachets.
Chai point ginger tea mix in a bowl
The powder had a strong aroma of ginger.
chai point ginger tea in a glass
The consistency resembles that of homemade tea.
closer look at chai point ginger tea in a glass
The heat and spice from ginger was missing.


  • This is a handcrafted instant ginger tea mix.
  • Pure black Assam tea has been added.
  • One carton holds ten sachets.
  • It is priced at Rs 199.
  • The shelf life is 12 months.
  • It is devoid of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. 


  • The milk to sugar ratio is remarkable.
  • The ginger aroma is strong.
  • This is a convenient fix. 


  • The ginger flavor lacked freshness.
  • This isn’t as refreshing. 

Best Suited For

Looking for a quick caffeine fix? Chai Point instant ginger tea is a good option during travels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on “Chai Point ginger instant tea”

1. How to prepare this instant tea mix?

You just need to add 100 ml of water at 80-85 degrees and mix.

2. Does this tea contain any additional sweeteners?

Yes, this contains sugar. 

3. How many calories do we intake with each cup of this ginger tea?

One sachet provides 61.35 kcal of energy. 

4. How many tea sachets are available in total in each pack?

One carton holds ten sachets. 

Final Words

A fairly decent fix, we liked how Chai Point ginger tea wasn’t overly sweet or felt too diluted. They have nailed the milk to sugar ratio! In addition to this, the ginger aroma is quite prominent. 

That said, the characteristic flavor of fresh ginger was missing. 

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