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keventer paneer bites review

Keventer Paneer Bites Review – Fresh Tasting Frozen Snack

This is a surprisingly fresh-tasting paneer snack which is also well-seasoned. It deserves 4 Mishrys!

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4 / 5


Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. This is a well-seasoned paneer snack that we liked for its fresh taste.

When it comes to frozen snacks, the humble potato is the most used ingredient. Paneer or cottage cheese isn’t as widely used. And if it is, the results are less than pleasing, to say the least. Rubbery, chewy and sour – these are the adjectives we often end up using for packaged paneer based snacks.

Which is why Keventer’s Paneer Bites took us by surprise. Our Keventer Paneer Bites review discusses the price and packaging. Read for details on the taste and freshness of paneer, along with the seasoning, texture and cooking method.

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Keventer Paneer Bites – Everything You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the Keventer Paneer Bites.

1. Packaging

The paneer bites come packed in a white and red pouch-style pack which is not resealable. The nuggets/bites are placed directly in the pack and there is no tray.

keventers paneer bites packaging
The paneer bites come in a white and red pouch pack.

2. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are –  Cottage cheese (61.5%), Breadcrumbs [Wheat flour, Yeast, Iodised salt, Permitted bread improvers and preservatives (INS282) (INS260)], Edible vegetable oil, Batter [Stabiliser (INS 412)], Spices and condiments [Acidifying agent (INS 330)], Iodised salt

It contains added flavor: Natural and nature identical

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Allergen declaration – Contains milk, cereal and soya products

3. Taste

Paneer by itself is fairly neutral tasting with mild milky notes. You can experiment with multiple flavor combinations that hardly fail. Be it an everyday bhurji, tikkis, a pulao, pakodas or something fancier like a paneer roulade. But a few things that paneer should be are fresh-tasting, milky and creamy. Sometimes store-bought paneer can end up tasting khatta with an extremely off-putting aroma. Frozen paneer-based snacks, even more so.

The Keventer Paneer Bites are quite delicious. It is fresh-tasting and milky. The seasoning is spot on. To put the flavors in perspective, this has a very paneer pakoda with chaat masala vibe, only crispier and more heavily coated. The paneer piece even when had by itself doesn’t taste bland.

4. Appearance

The paneer bites are small rectangular-type shaped snacks with uneven breading. As the nuggets are placed directly in the pouch, there is some breakage. Although the bites are similar in size, the outer breading is removed from most parts of the nuggets. That said, a lot of pieces are still intact with the full outer covering in place.

5. Texture

We checked the snack for both exterior and interior texture. Upon deep frying, the paneer bites have crisped up beautifully. The outer crust is crunchy and we got no complaints. 

The paneer on the inside is soft. Unlike some frozen paneer snacks, it’s not stringy. Thumbs up for the texture.

6. After Taste

No artificial or industrial tasting things here! There is no repulsive aftertaste in this snack. The lingering chaat masala-like flavor along with paneer milkiness is all that remains.

7. Price

A 300 gram pack is priced at Rs 185/-.

8. Shelf Life

Best before 12 months from packaging.

9. Cooking Method

Deep fry in edible vegetable oil for three minutes at 360 degree F using the requisite frying method. No other cooking method is mentioned on the pack.

10. Nutritional Information

100 gram of these paneer bites provide 395 Kcal of energy. The protein is 14.8 grams and fat is 25 grams. 

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Keventer Paneer Bites – Detailed Review

Keventer Paneer Bites were deep fried and here is our experience. 


Parameters Product Information
Price Rs 185/-
Net Weight 300 grams
Shelf Life 12 months
Energy (per 100 grams) 395 Kcal

We deep fried them in refined vegetable oil as instructed. Within the mentioned time frame, the exterior of the nuggets had crisped up well and turned golden brown. We like how quick cooking these bites were without soaking up too much oil.

We have no complaints about the seasoning and taste or texture of paneer. Our complaint lies with the appearance/coating. Most pieces were stripped off their outer covering which lowers the overall experience. Especially if you want to serve these to a guest.

precooking stage keventers paneer bites
Right out of the pack - Keventers Paneer Bites.
closer look at uncooked keventers paneer bites
There were a lot of paneer bites that had an uneven breading.
paneer bites after deep frying
We deeo fried the Keventers Paneer Bites in refined vegetable oil.
cross sectional view of the paneer bites
Cross sectional view of the paneer bites.


  • A 300 gram pack is priced at Rs 185/-.
  • It contains about 14-15 pieces.
  • Do not thaw. Consume after proper cooking.
  • Shelf life – 12 months
  • Ingredients include cottage cheese, breadcrumbs, edible vegetable oil, spices and condiments.
  • This is a vegetarian product.


  • The fresh tasting paneer gets full marks from us.
  • Texture of the paneer is soft.
  • We liked this well seasoned snack. It isn’t bland.
  • The exterior is very crisp.


  • The coating on top is not uniform.

Best Suited For

Are you a vegetarian and bored of aloo based snacks? Try the Keventer Paneer Bites if you want a change of pace in your freezer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Keventer Paneer Bites.

1. Is consuming these paneer bites good for health?

While paneer is a good source of protein for vegetarians, nothing comes close to freshly made paneer at home. This is meant for occasional snacking and should not be replaced with fresh meals.

2. How to store these paneer bites after unpacking?

Once opened, seal them properly and store it in the freezer.

3. How many paneer bites are there approximately in one pack?

There are about 14-15 pieces of the paneer bites in a 300 gram pack.

4. Can these bites be paired with green chutney or mayo dip?

Yes, absolutely. The paneer bites by Keventer will pair well with home made green chutney, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard and even a hot sauce of your choice.

5. Do these paneer bites contain preservatives?

Yes, it contains Calcium propionate which is found in commercially made bread and other baked goods.

Final Words

Keventer Paneer Bites are fresh tasting and we liked them for the soft texture. It crisps up well on the outside. The uneven coating is what lowered our overall experience a tad bit.

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