Here’s Why Mishry Is Head Over Heels For Orika Italian Seasoning
5 reasons to love Orika Italian Seasoning

Here’s Why Mishry Is Head Over Heels For Orika Italian Seasoning

With an intense aroma and punch of flavors, Orika Italian Seasoning won our hearts. Here are 5 reasons why we loved the product.

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Preparing multiple cuisines at home requires the right proportion of seasonings to amp up the overall taste. To get that balance of flavor, the perfect mix of different spices is crucial.  

Someone who regularly prepares pizzas and pasta knows the importance of a good-quality Italian seasoning. Italian seasoning is a blend of different dried herbs including basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary, and a few others. 

Among an endless number of brands offering Italian seasoning, we were quite impressed with the overall look and packaging of the Orika Italian seasoning. Here we have listed 5 reasons why Orika Italian seasoning must be a kitchen staple.

5 Reasons Why We Recommend Trying Orika Italian Seasoning

Here are the different factors why Orika Italian Seasonings gets a big thumbs up from Team Mishry! 

1. Flavor

Italian seasoning is known to impart a strong flavor to Italian dishes. Orika Italian Seasoning nails that punch of flavor. 

The flavor of Oregano together with the flavor of dehydrated garlic is intense and super delicious. We loved the slight heat of black pepper present in this Italian Seasoning.

overhead look at orika italian seasoning in pasta
The seasoning coats the pasta very well.

2. Texture

When it comes to dried herbs, they usually have a crisp texture. Orika Italian seasoning is a granular mix of different herbs. It does not come in the form of a fine powder.

orika italian seasoning on a spoon
Orika’s Seasoning has bits of dehydrated garlic and herbs like oregano.

3. Aroma

The aroma is the first thing that caught our attention. Orika Italian Seasonings won our hearts with its authentic aroma. The aroma is intense and inviting.

4. Packaging

The packaging of the Orika Italian Seasoning is another point which impressed us. The 40 gm pet jar includes 50 individual sachets of Italian Seasoning which makes it easy and highly convenient for one-time use.

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orika italian seasoning packaging
We liked the packaging of Orika Italian Seasoning.

5. Quality

The quality of the Orika Italian Seasoning is spot on. Right from the packaging to the taste, the quality remains consistent throughout.

Final Words

Balance of flavors, perfect salt levels, and convenient pet jar packaging. 

Be it pasta, pizza, or garlic bread, a sprinkle of Orika Italian Seasoning will surely take your dishes to the next level. 

Try out yourself and share with us your views in the comments below!

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* Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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