JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle Review - Mishry (2023)
jhaji mithila special mango pickle review

JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle – Homestyle & Free Of Preservatives (2024)

The pungent aroma of mustard oil, the sweet-sour mango flavor. We loved JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle as much as the Sharks on Shark Tank India did.

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A piping hot paratha. A nourishing bowl of dal rice. Adding pickles makes them undeniably better. 

Sadly, pickle making is a dying art. It’s not just about convenience, but making pickles from scratch is a complex process. And that’s why we prefer picking a jar from market shelves. You’re not alone, we do it too!

Then came along a ‘packaged’ pickle that’s as authentic as the homemade counterpart. Surprised? Can’t believe this? Our JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle review will delight you.

Did you know? JhaJi Achar- the taste of Mithila was featured on Shark Tank India on the 23rd of December in 2021.

Here’s all you need to know about JhaJi Mithila Mango Pickle.

JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle Product Features
Price Rs 299/-
Net Quantity 250 grams
Main Ingredients 1 year
Mishry Rating
  • Raw mango
  • Mustard oil
  • Turmeric
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Our Review Factors

What were the features we set for reviewing JhaJi Mango Pickle?

The flavor, fragrance, and texture were the key parameters.

1. Flavor 

The tanginess, the spice, the overall seasoning and freshness were gauged under the flavor parameter. Would this pickle elevate an average Indian thali (dal rice, roti sabzi)?

2. Texture 

How are the mangoes cut? Cubes, shreds, or slices? The cut heavily impacts the experience of savoring pickles. In terms of spices, have whole spices been used or have they been crushed and added?

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3. Other Parameters

The price, packaging, shelf life, aroma, appearance were some other parameters we considered.

Here’s a list of the six different mango pickles you must know about.

Jhaji’s Achaar – Detailed Review

Before diving into the review, here are some noteworthy facts on JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle and their Shark Tank pitch. 

This nanand-bhabhi jodi prepares homemade pickles using traditional recipes using only local ingredients from Mithila. 

This sister-in-law duo appeared on Shark Tank India last year. As the Sharks said, ‘each recipe is unique, and brings our  a rich, pronounced flavor’

Price + Packaging

This mango pickle was packed in a glass jar with a lid that was further covered in a rustic muslin cloth. This cloth was secured with a green string. It holds 250 grams of the product and is priced at Rs 299/-. This pickle has a shelf life of 1 year- manufactured in June 2022 and best before June 2023. 

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are raw mango, mustard oil, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin, nigella seeds, carom seeds, fenugreek, fennel seeds, yellow mustard, black cumin seeds, asafoetida, salt, and black salt. 

Clean ingredient list, this pickle is made with everyday ingredients that we use in our kitchens too. Most commercially available pickles are loaded with preservatives, but this is absolutely clean. (Just like homemade achaars

Aroma + Appearance

Right at the surface, there was a layer of oil floating which lent a homemade appearance. The mangoes were cubed, these were large cubes. The skin and flesh of the mangoes were intact, they hadn’t separated. This signifies how the product hasn’t been made too long ago or stored away. 

We were hit by a bold, beautiful, pungent mustard oil aroma. This had us drooling.

the packaging of jhaji mithila special mango pickle
JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle comes in a reusable glass jar.
close look at jhaji mithila special mango pickle
Macro shot of JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle.

Taste + Texture

The mango pieces had a nice, soft bite. They weren’t mushy or too hard. Comparing this to other pickles we’ve had, JhaJi’s was definitely higher on the oil content. This didn’t impact the taste or texture significantly, but it was an unmissable observation.

In terms of the taste, the seasoning, the pickle mix were PERFECT. Very fresh, very authentic, very homestyle, this pickle had a robust flavor of flavoring agents like mustard oil, nigella seeds. The salt level was well-rounded. Right towards the end, we could sense a mild red chilli kick. The mango pieces had absorbed the flavors really well. 

After reading a bit about their products, we learnt that  the pickles are sundried for as long as 20 days before they are packed and shipped. This ensures the pickled fruit/vegetable properly absorbs all the masalas.

  • Packed well.
  • Authentic, homestyle flavors and aroma.
  • Lovely texture.
  • Perfect masala to pickle ratio.
  • Clean ingredient list. No preservatives!

Craving some homemade achar? Don’t want to go through the pickle-making process? May we suggest JhaJi’s Achaar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on JhaJi Mango Pickle.

This is made with clean and natural ingredients. Moreover, as pickles are fermented, they are probiotic in nature, which is good for the gut. Make sure you regulate your intake.

No, this is devoid of preservatives.

Yes, JhaJi’s pickles are sundried.

As suggested, you must store this in a cool, dry place and always use a fresh, dry spoon to take the pickle out.

Our Verdict

All ingredients were present authentically in JhaJi Mithila Special Mango Pickle. The natural flavor of each ingredient shone through brightly. We also liked the large-sized chunks of mangoes they used. 

Store-bought or homemade? What do you prefer?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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