Rewynd Special Mix Masala Sing Chana Review - Mishry (2023)
rewynd masala sing chana review

Rewynd Special Mix Masala Sing Chana Review – Mishry (2024)

Rewynd Special Mix Masala Sing Chana was loved by Team Mishry for its fresh taste and crunchy texture. More details covered below.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Team Mishry gives a green signal to Rewynd Masala Sing Chana. The masaledaar flavor, fresh taste and crunchy texture makes it an addictive snack. In addition, the ingredient list and nutri label looks decent too.

Peanut and chana is a classic snack combination that can never go wrong. It is healthy, tasty and loaded with good fats and protein. With time this snack has gone through many changes, twists and flavored using different masalas. Recently, we got our hands on Rewynd’s Masala Sing Chana which comes in an attractive yellow-blue pack. 

Did we like the taste and texture of this snack? More information about the taste test in our Rewynd Masala Sing Chana review. 

Here’s a table highlighting the product details of Rewynd Masala Sing Chana: 

Rewynd Masala Sing Chana  Product Details 
Price Rs. 10 
Net Quantity 40 gm 
Protein (per 100 gm) 19 gm 
Shelf Life 6 months 
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting in Rewynd Masala Sing Chana? We are looking for a snack with fresh flavors, crunch and tasty masala blend. 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

For reviewing Rewynd Masala Sing Chana, we have set the following parameters:

1. Taste

The aspects we examine here include – the flavor of the masala, the freshness of the chana and peanuts and the level of salt. How addictive is this snack? Have the peanuts released any oil – fresh or stale tasting?

2. Texture

Any packaged nut-based snack is best enjoyed if the crunch is intact. How did our experience with Rewynd Masala Sing Chana turned out? Does it feel oily to touch? 

3. Ingredients & Nutrition-Label 

As per the pack, the brand says that this snack is filled with protein and fiber. In addition, it is also good for diabetics, it brings down cholesterol levels and keeps the heart functioning well. Considering these claims made by the brand, we closely examined the ingredient list and the nutrition label.

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4. Other Supporting Parameters 

Apart from the above list, we also look at the price, packaging and shelf life here.

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Rewynd Masala Sing Chana – Detailed Review

Packaging + Pricing 

Rewynd Masala Sing Chana comes in a blue and yellow color pouch pack. Our review pack had a net weight of 40 gm. It is priced at Rs. 10. The shelf life is six months. 

Main Ingredients 

The list of ingredients is as follows : Peanuts (63.72%), Bengal gram (24.75%), Iodised salt, Refined cottonseed oil, Turmeric powder, Dry mango powder, Black salt (0.67%), Red chilli powder (0.92%), Clove powder, Spices and condiments.

The ingredient list looks fairly clean. This snack is made using cottonseed oil. As compared to other snacks made using palm oil, the choice of oil is slightly better here. 

Nutritional Information 

Per 100 gm, this snack contains 510 kcal of energy, 27 gm of total fat, 19 gm protein, 10 gm dietary fiber and 48 gm of total carbs.

Peanuts are naturally packed with protein and healthy fats but are also relatively higher in calories. However, despite being high in fats, peanuts are a filling snack and makes for an excellent addition to your diet.

On the other hand, roasted chana is a superfood loaded with immense health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein, fiber and has a low glycemic index.

When you have peanuts (sing) and chana mixed as a snack, it makes for an excellent combination of protein and good fats that helps you keep full for longer and also helps curb cravings.

the packaging of rewynd masala sing chana
The outer pack of Rewynd Masala Sing Chana.
rewynd masala sing chana placed in a bowl
Rewynd Masala Sing Chana is loaded with masalas.


As we opened the pack, the strong aroma of mixed spices was the most noticeable. 


These chana and peanuts have a layer of masala coating on them. Some of them have the skin on while some have no skin. 

Our Findings 


Taste-wise, this snack is definitely addictive. It is masaledaar and loaded with flavors. The dominant flavors observed here are that of salt, chilli and amchoor. It is a medium spicy snack that is perfect for quick mid-meal munching. 

This snack does not have any stale aftertaste of fat or oil.  


The texture of both the peanuts and chana was crunchy. The freshness and crispness of this snack made us love every bit of it.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Super fresh and crisp. 
  • Loved the masaledaar flavor. 
  • Value for money snack. 
  • No rancid taste of oil or fat observed. 
  • Excellent snack for mid-meal munching. 
  • The list of ingredients looks fairly clean. 
  • Has an inviting aroma of mixed spices.
  • We felt that the use of cottonseed oil could have been replaced with a better source of fat.

This Masala Sing Chana from Rewynd is best suited as a mid-meal or late night snack. Compared to a bag of chips or bhujia, this is a better snacking option. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Rewynd Masala Sing Chana

By nature, channa and peanuts are a good source of protein and fats. So compared to a bag of deep fried chips, these are a healthier snacking option.

Completely relying on any particular food for weight loss might not help as losing weight is a combination of several factors including a balanced diet and regular exercise regime.

Yes. These are roasted, but also contain oil.

This masala sing chana has a shelf life of 6 months.

Yes, definitely. If you love a savory snack with tea or coffee, this snack will make a great pair.

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Addictive! Team Mishry loved Rewynd Masala Sing Chana and we couldn’t stop binging. High on flavors, this medium spicy snack is crunchy, and tastes fresh. It does not have any rancid aftertaste and the list of ingredients looks fairly clean. 

Will you give it a try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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