Jabsons Peanuts Review - We Reviewed 9 Flavours
jabsons peanuts review

Jabsons Peanuts Review – We Reviewed 9 Flavours

We tried nine flavor variants of the Jabsons peanuts. While some are flavored with classic robust combinations, others have subtle flavors. Our favorite Jabson peanuts variant is…

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If you enjoy snacking on peanuts but cracking and peeling groundnuts seems like a task, packaged peanuts that are pre-peeled and pre-roasted are sure to become your favorite munchie!

Jabsons is a popular packaged peanut company that came into being over 25 years ago. Not only peanuts, Jabsons also has a wide range of flavored channa, namkeens, gajak and chikkis. We ordered nine flavors from this range for our Jabsons peanuts review and here is what we think about them. We have a few favorites in two categories – Spicy and Classic. Read on to find out which ones.

Jabsons Peanuts – Everything You Need To Know

The Jabsons peanuts are available in over 12 flavor variants. In our Jabsons peanuts review, we tasted the following variants- Spicy masala, Bharuchi, Black pepper, Classic salted, Hing jeera, Chilli garlic, Wasabi, Barbeque, and Tandoori

The Jabsons Bharuch peanuts are grown in the sandy soils of Gujarat. The age-old hand-roasting technique is used. This helps retain the natural sweetness of these peanuts. Keep reading further to find our favorite flavor!

#1 Available Flavours

There is one flavor for every type of taste in the Jabsons peanuts range. From classic salted peanuts to wasabi-flavored peanuts, here is the list of flavor variants that are available in the Jabsons peanuts range-

  • Spicy Masala 
  • Bharuchi
  • Black Pepper
  • Classic Salted
  • Hing Jeera
  • Chilli Garlic
  • Wasabi
  • Barbeque
  • Wasabi
  • Tandoori
  • Nimboo Pudina
  • Thai Sweet Chilli
  • Roasted Unsalted Peanuts

#2 Ingredients 

Jabsons uses peanuts grown in the soils of Gujarat. These premium quality peanuts are hand-roasted which helps preserve the natural sweetness. 

Refined cottonseed oil and salt are the common ingredients used among flavors. Further, ingredients and flavors as per the respective variant have been added.

#3 Price

Jabsons peanuts are available in packs of 35 grams, 40 grams, 140 grams, 150 grams, and 180 grams. While the smaller packs are priced at Rs 15, the larger quantities are priced between Rs 60-70/-. The price varies depending on the flavor.

#4 Nutrition Facts

On an average, the calories per serve (30 grams) of Jabsons peanuts are around 190. These roasted peanuts contain 15-16 grams of fat, 6-7 grams of proteins, and 5-6 grams of carbohydrates. Please note that these values vary as per the flavor variant, so do check the label before consumption.

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#5 Net Quantity

From single serve to larger packs, the Jabsons peanuts are available in packs of 35 grams, 40 grams, 140 grams, 150 grams, and 180 grams. 

#6 Packaging

Most of the Jabsons roasted peanuts are packed like regular ready-to-eat snacks available in the market. The packs are not resealable. The Jabsons Bharuch peanuts are packed in a vacuum packaging.

#7 Availability

Most of these flavor variants are available online on e-commerce websites as well as offline in local stores. They are also available directly on Jabsons website. For the purpose of our Jabsons peanuts review, we ordered these nine Jabsons peanuts from Amazon.

#8 Speciality of Jabsons

Pre-peeled, pre-roasted, and pre-seasoned peanuts are available by quite a few brands in the market today. What makes the Jabsons peanuts special is the quality of peanuts used and the roasting technique.

Peanuts that are grown in the sandy soils of Gujarat are used. Jabsons, located in the heart of Bharuch city, uses these high-quality peanuts.

Talking about the method of roasting, these peanuts are hand-roasted that enables to retain/restore the natural sweetness of the peanuts.

Jabsons Peanuts Review – Our Review Factors

When it comes to flavored peanuts, you would want each peanut to have a punch of flavor. The masala-coating, along with taste, crunch, and freshness were the key parameters that helped us form this review. In addition to these, the quality, aroma, packaging have been discussed as well.


Peanuts are an extremely loved bar-snack. They are also supremely addictive! Almost no one stops at just one. A fistful is the bare minimum, always. Which is why taste is a parameter of prime importance. How tasty were these peanuts? Are they delicious enough for us to go back to them? Or did we seal the bag after just one tasting?

2. Flavor

Flavors are typically classified as sweet, salty, tangy, spicy, etc. In our Jabsons peanuts review, we focused on whether the flavors were mild, too overpowering or just perfect. Was the flavour claimed on the pack evident in the bag of peanuts? Did the particular flavor hook us or was it passable?

3. Freshness and Quality

The freshness of a packaged bag of peanuts can be preserved for longer when stored correctly. However, this is possible only if it tastes fresh when opened. 

Sometimes when you open a bag of peanuts, all you can smell are stale, rancid, oily bits. These are indicative of badly packed or stored peanuts.

Was the surface of the peanuts smooth or were there a lot of shrivelled peanut pieces? The size of the peanut was also gauged. All of these factors are indicative of the quality of peanuts used. 

4. Aroma

We all know how the eyes eat first. But did you know, the actual tasting process begins from the nose? The aroma we get sends the first signal to the brain indicating the flavor. 

Did the bag of peanuts smell like the flavor indicated on the pack? Was there a stale or oily smell upon opening the bag of peanuts? 

5. Price

Are the Jabsons peanuts priced competitively? Does the quality of the peanuts match the pricing?

jabsons peanuts review
Tasting the Jabsons Peanuts

Jabsons Peanuts Flavours Detailed Review

Our Jabsons peanuts flavours review included a tasting session that spanned over two days with multiple sets of reviewers. We wanted a fair opinion on how different age groups with different taste buds react to the types of peanuts and their flavors.

Here is a comparison chart of all the Jabsons flavors we reviewed.

Jabsons Peanut Flavor MRP Quantity Main Ingredients Shelf life
Spicy masala Rs 60/- 140 gm
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Salt
  • Chili (1.2%)
6 months
Bharuchi Rs 60/- 150 gm
  • Peanuts
  • Salt
3 months
Pepper Rs 60/- 140 grams
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Black pepper (3%)
6 months
Classic Salted Rs 60/- 180 gm
  • Peanuts
  • Salt
  • Refined cottonseed oil
6 months
Hing Jeera Rs 15/- 40 gms
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Chilli
  • Asafoetida
6 months
Wasabi Rs 70/- 140 gm
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Sugar, Salt
  • Soya sauce
  • Mustard
6 months
BBQ Roasted Rs 15/- 35 gms
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Sugar, Salt
  • Spices and Condiments
6 months
Tandoori Rs 15/- 35 gms
  • Peanuts
  • Refined cottonseed oil
  • Mixed spices and herbs
6 months
Chilli Garlic Rs 60 140 grams
  • Peanuts
  • Refined Cottonseed oil
  • Green chilli
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Dry Mango
6 months

#1  Jabsons Peanut Spicy Masala – Mishry Top Pick (Spicy)

We ordered the 140-gram pack which was priced at Rs 60/-. The Jabsons Spicy Masala peanuts come in a non-resealable pink and red colored bag.

We liked how all peanuts were evenly coated with the masala mix. These peanuts had a bold dry mango taste and aroma.

Spicy is what we were looking for and spicy is what we got! The heat coming from the red chilli wasn’t overbearing and these medium-spicy peanuts would prove to be a great bar snack.

If you’re someone who likes spicy masala coated peanuts, these would be the ones for you. The above collective reasons are what made the Jabsons Peanut Spicy Masala our Top Pick.

jabsons peanuts review
Jabsons Peanuts - Spicy Masala


  • The Jabsons peanuts in the spicy masala variant are seasoned with a mix of Indian spices.
  • Ingredients like red chilli, salt, and dry mango have been used in this seasoning.
  • This flavor variant is available in a 140-gram pack which is priced at Rs 60/-


  • These peanuts are hand-roasted.
  • The masala evenly coats all peanuts.
  • This makes for a great snack for those who love spicy flavors.

Best Suited For

The Jabsons Peanuts – Spicy Masala are best suited for people who like to have well coated masaledaar peanuts as a snack. These aren’t extremely spicy and can be consumed by people with moderate spice tolerance.

#2 Jabsons Peanut Bharuchi – Mishry Top Pick (Classic)

Jabsons Bharuchi Peanuts come in a vacuum packed packet. A 150 gm pack is priced at Rs 60/-. Their shelf life is lower than the masala counterparts.

These Bharuchi peanuts are not peeled. These are hand-roasted and devoid of added oils, colors, or flavors. These are bigger sized peanuts which are wonderfully crunchy, making these Bahruchi peanuts our Top Pick in the Classic category.

The quantity of salt used in the Jabsons Bharuch peanuts is just right! These could very well be used to make chaats, in a sabudana khichdi, make peanut butter and an array of chutneys and dips.

jabsons peanuts review
Bahruchi Peanuts by Jabsons


  • These peanuts are vacuum packed. 
  • The nuts are hand-picked from the fields of Saurashtra. 
  • A 140 gm pack is priced at Rs 60/-.
  • Shelf life – 3 months.
  • Ingredients include peanuts and salt.


  • These peanuts can be frozen to enhance shelf life.
  • The salt seasoning is well balanced. 
  • They can also be used to prepare peanut butter/chutneys and dips as the salt content is minimal.

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a plain, mildly salted version of peanuts that are crisp, the Jabsons vacuum peanuts are something you could try.

#3 Jabsons Peanut Black Pepper – Also Recommended

Salt and pepper is a classic combination that pairs beautifully with most food items. These humble ingredients make for a great seasoning for peanuts as well. The black pepper flavor is appropriately delivered which is why we also recommend this Jabsons peanut variant.

Right as we opened the pack, a prominent peppery aroma covered the room. The Jabsons peanuts have a coarse pepper coating and look fairly oily. That being said, the oiliness wasn’t as intense on the palate.

jabsons peanuts review
Jabsons Black Pepper Peanuts


  • We could see a lot of black pepper specs on the peanuts.
  • The 140-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/-
  • These peanuts have a coarse coating of black pepper.
  • The peanuts look oily.


  • The black salt flavor is delectable.
  • Black pepper is bang-on! It is not too mild or too in-the-face.
  • The peanuts are not as oily to eat as they look.


  • Some peanuts still had the skin on or were only half-peeled. 

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for a peppery snack that is mildly spicy, the black pepper peanuts by Jabsons are worth a try.

#4 Jabsons Peanut Classic Salted

The Jabsons peanuts classic salted variant has a well-balanced salt seasoning. The seasoning is not little nor too bold. The Jabsons salted peanuts had a fresh aroma. 

Such an adequate seasoning makes these peanuts a ready-to-use option for a variety of dishes like poha, upma, sabudana khichdi or when you want to have them as it is.

jabsons peanuts review
Classic Salted Peanuts


  • These salted peanuts have a well-balanced salt seasoning.
  • The 180-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/-
  • These peanuts can also be used for a variety of purposes.


  • These peanuts can also be added to meals for a crunchy bite.
  • The Jabsons peanuts in the classic salted variant can be used to make homemade chaat
  • You can munch on a small handful of these peanuts with your tea/coffee as they do not have any other bold masala flavor.

Best Suited For

Have a fistful as it is, as a bar snack or to add in a homemade chaat or sabudana khichdi

Sweet and salty is a combination you can never go wrong with. These salted peanuts paired with a piece of jaggery? Yum! What’s even better about this combination is the healthy fats and iron content in them. When consumed in moderation, these foods help regulate appetite over a period of time.

Please note- there are no magic foods or no one ingredient that significantly improves your health. An active lifestyle, an overall balanced diet, combined with meditation, proper sleep cycles- all help improve the health markers over time.

#5 Jabsons Peanut Hing Jeera

For our Jabsons peanuts review, we ordered the 40-gram pack of this variant which is priced at Rs 15/-.

The Jabsons peanuts in the hing-jeera variant are moderately spicy. Though the hing aroma was not really sensed, these peanuts had an excellent jeera flavor. We could see a generous amount of cumin seeds on these peanuts as well. The cumin aroma was also dominant.

jabsons peanuts review
The cumin flavor was dominant in the Hing-Jeera Peanuts.


  • The 40-gram pack is priced at Rs 15/-.
  • The hing jeera peanuts come in a brown colored pack.


  • These peanuts have a mild spice kick, not too bold.
  • The jeera flavor is well delivered.
  • We could see a generous amount of cumin on these peanuts.
  • These peanuts had a dominant cumin aroma.


  • The hing aroma was missing.

#6 Jabsons Peanut Chilly Garlic

Chilli and garlic are a timeless flavor combination. Added to peanuts, they match perfectly. Sadly, this flavor doesn’t showcase itself as nicely as we expected.

The flavor combination left us a little confused. This was due to the fact that we couldn’t really make out one ingredient from the other. The flavors were not well defined. These are mildly spiced peanuts.

jabsons peanuts review
Jabsons Chilli Garlic Peanuts


  • These peanuts have a shelf life of six months.
  • The 140-gram pack is priced at Rs 60/-
  • These peanuts have a subtle spice level.


  • The peanuts are crunchy.  


  • You cannot taste chilli and garlic flavors separately. The flavors are not well defined.

#7 Jabsons Wasabi Roasted Peanuts

We would recommend these wasabi-flavored peanuts to someone who has tasted and liked wasabi. These peanuts had an exceptionally sharp pungent taste.

Wasabi is typically used to add heat and pungency to food items and these peanuts did exactly that. However, the pungency was too much for us to pick a second peanut.

jabsons peanuts review
Wasabi flavored peanuts by Jabsons.


  • The 140-gram pack of Jabsons wasabi-flavored peanuts is priced at Rs 70/-.
  • These peanuts have a shelf life of six months.


  • While these peanuts do deliver on the wasabi promise, the pungency was way too high for us to enjoy them.

#8  Jabsons Bar-B-Que Roasted Peanuts

A barbeque has a blend of four flavors that activates different parts of the tongue. Some sweet and salty notes with a little tanginess and spice.

These slightly sweet peanuts were completely missing the spice. The salt levels were comparatively on the lower side. We’d like these peanuts a lot more had they been crispier and were more flavor packed. 

jabsons peanuts review
The BBQ flavor is a bit muted in these peanuts.


  • These peanuts have a shelf life of six months.
  • The 35-gram pack is priced at Rs 15/-


  • The peanuts were not crunchy.
  • The BBQ  flavors are not pronounced.

#9  Jabsons Tandoori Roasted Peanuts

Tandoori flavors on crunchy peanuts? Yes, please! To put it in one word the Jabsons peanuts in the tandoori flavor variant are tangy and crunchy.

The only thing that ruined the overall experience was the fact that we could taste a lot of raw-oil which is synonymous with a tandoori marinade.

jabsons peanuts review
Tandoori Peanuts By Jabsons


  • They have a shelf life of six months.
  • A 35-gram pack is priced at Rs 15/-


  • These tandoori-flavored peanuts are tangy.
  • The peanuts are crispy.


  • The taste of raw-oil lowers the overall experience of eating a tandoori-flavored pack of peanuts.

Best Suited For

If you’re a fan of dishes like dabeli, Bombay sandwiches, pav bhaji, and others, try adding a handful of these peanuts as a topping.

Our Top Picks of Jabsons Peanuts

Nine peanut flavors, several flavorful taste tests!

Why did we choose Jabsons Spicy Masala as our Top Pick in the spicy category?

Our Top Pick for the spicy category was the Jabsons spicy masala peanuts. All peanuts were evenly coated with the mixture. Additionally, the raw mango flavor was a hit! The bold masala flavor was definitely loved by all. The heat wasn’t unidimensional and the seasoning was balanced. 

Why did we choose Jabsons Bahruchi Peanuts as our Top Pick in the classic category?

Our Top Pick for the classic flavor were the Jabsons Bharuchi peanuts. Great crisp and a great balance of seasoning, these peanuts can be used in so many ways!

Why do we also recommend the Jabsons Black Pepper peanuts?

We also recommend the black pepper-flavored peanuts by Jabsons. These peanuts have a coarse black pepper coating which is delicious. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Jabsons peanuts.

What are the other Jabsons peanut flavors?

Apart from the nine we reviewed, there are other flavor variants like nimboo pudina, lime and chilli, Thai sweet chilli, and unsalted. 

What are the main ingredients in Jabsons peanuts?

Hand-roasted peanuts, refined cottonseed oil, and other seasoning/flavoring ingredients are the main ingredients used.

What is the shelf life of Jabsons roasted peanuts?

Most flavors have a shelf life of six months. The Bharuch peanuts have a shelf life of three months. 

How to store Jabsons peanuts?

Bharuchi peanuts can be stored in a freezer. Other flavor variants must be stored in an airtight jar once opened. 

How many calories in Jabsons peanuts?

This varies based on the flavor. However, per serve (30 grams), you get around 190 calories. These are approximate values, please check the nutrition label before consumption.

Summary – Jabsons Peanuts Review

We reviewed 9 types of packaged peanuts by Jabsons. While some variants came through on the flavor promise, some lacked that punch. Some peanuts were crisp and had a pleasing aroma as well. Our Top Picks are the Spicy Masala (Spicy category) and Bharuchi peanuts (Classic category). We also recommend trying the black pepper variant. 

Which are your favorite flavored peanuts? Let us know in the comment section below.

Note – Peanuts are loaded with fats and proteins which makes them calorie-dense. It is advised to exercise portion control.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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