9 Lesser-Known Ingredients You Can Eat During Navratri – Mishry
9 ingredients to have during Navratri fasting

9 Lesser-Known Ingredients You Can Eat During Navratri – Mishry

Here we list nine ingredients you probably did not know you can have during Navratri fasting.

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Navratri, when broken into two words, means Nav (nine) and Ratri (night). It is an auspicious occasion where people fast for nine days as a tribute to goddess Durga. During this nine-day of fasting, sabudana, kuttu, Amaranth, and fruits are common foods that one can consume. With limited choices of food items, it often gets confusing as to what is allowed and what is not allowed. Team Mishry has an answer to your dilemma.

Which vegetables can we eat in Navratri, can we eat khoya barfi during fast, and more such questions are answered below.

Here are some lesser known fast friendly ingredients.

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9 Ingredients You Can Consume During Navratri Which You Were Unaware About

Here we list 9 unique ingredients that are allowed during Navratri fasting. Let’s check out :

1. Kuttu Ka Dalia 

buckwheat recipes for navaratri
Kuttu, or buckwheat, has a good quantity of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Bored, of eating kuttu rotis or puris? Try having a bowl of kuttu ka dalia and thank us later. Made using buckwheat groats, this recipe is easy and quick to prepare, and will keep you full for longer. 

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2. Honey

Ideal substitute for refined sugar during fasting!

Honey is an ideal substitute for refined sugar. It further helps in satisfying sugar cravings during fasting.

3. Arrowroot Powder

Yes, arrowroot powder is a permissible ingredient during vrats! It is a fine white color powder that appears similar to cornstarch. This ingredient acts as a binding agent while preparing fast-friendly recipes, such as sabudana vadas or farali pattice. You can also use this as a base for frying chips and more.

4. Condensed Milk

condensed milk
This is another ingredient ideal for fasting.

Apart from curd, milk, and paneer, condensed milk is another dairy product you can use during fasting. You can prepare recipes, such as kalakand barfi, kheer, and coconut laddoos, using condensed milk.  

5. Khoya 

mawa barfi
Mawa Barfi made with khoya

Khoya is another ingredient you can use during Navratri. This ingredient can be added while preparing sweet recipes, including mawa coconut laddoo, lauki halwa, falahari mawa malpua, and others.

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6. Lotus Stem

lotus stem
Ideal snacking option during Navratri fast.

Did you know that you can snack on lotus stem, nadru or kamal kakdi during your Navratri fast? These are delicious and known for their nutritional value. To prepare a delicious recipe using Lotus stems, start by blanching them. After that, deep-fry these and season them with sendha namak, a pinch of black pepper, and a sprinkle of lemon juice. Delicious!

7. Yam 

Yam, also known as Suran, is yet another versatile ingredient, allowed during Navratri. A few recipes you can prepare with this ingredient are sabji, chips, or patties

8. Kachalu

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to potatoes, kachalu is a perfect substitute. Savor it as a kachalu sabji or fry these, we bet there is no stopping at a single bite. You can also prepare a kachalu chaat with these.

9. Raw Banana

banana chips
Banana Chips

Yes, you can have raw bananas too! Kele ki tikki or chips are a few delicious recipes you can try making during Navratri. Lip-smacking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about ingredients you can eat during Navratri fast

Sattvic meal is consumed during Navratri fasting. During this, one can have dry fruits, milk products, fruits, and vegetables along with flour such as rajgira, bhagar and singhara.

Food such as packaged foods, fried foods, fast foods and food prepared with onion and garlic are prohibited during the fast in Navratri.

Vegetables such as onion, garlic, mushroom, leeks, and shallots are not consumed during Navratri fast.

Yes, one can consume ginger during Navratri fast.

One can consume dairy products such as curd, milk, condensed milk and paneer in fast. Hence, Kalakand can be consumed in Navratri.


Prepare tasty recipes during Navratri with the above list of ingredients. The addition of these nine ingredients will help you create a variety of dishes during the nine days of Navratri fast.

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